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Are the Chickens getting ready to roost?

In Ron we Trust... "where is my sleeping bag?" :-)

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It's amazing

Fortune Favors the Bold

Today was bulk garbage day, and somebody left a FULLY WORKING COMPUTER with keybord out. It was about two years "out of date." My music venue is all equipment, soundboards, mixers, from the late 90s that people just threw out because it was "out of date." I picked up the computer and brought it home. Even with all the warning signs, decadence rules.

Fortune Favors the Bold

It is funny the word Consumption comes from

tuburculosis. It means to WASTE.

We are a consumer society. Wasteful.

We deserve to be financially destroyed. It is a good thing. I'm totally psyched.

Hope you all are ready for the...

ride. I strongly believe we are headed for a meltdown economically, financially, and most definately morally. Make ready, have food, water, shelter, and guns. Stay close to friends and those that you trust.


And someone please find out where betterhalf/onevoiceoftreason lives, so we can at least support his family when it all goes down.

I'm all for helping out the ~special~ people... and he seems to be a prime candidate.

~Live life to its fullest, with an open heart, open arms and most important... an open mind~