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A poem for you all

I am actually working on music for it, a lounge-lizard piano blues thing. I call it the "Pole Dancer Blues." (For the love of Pete, I am NOT a pole dancer!) I hope you like!

I work all day for my food and rent
Then a job at night for the government
No time to pursue happiness
I owe my soul to the IRS

*Well, buddy can you spare a dime?
If you please would you make the old silver kind?
A dollar bill in this girl’s g-string
Ain’t gonna buy you anything.

I put my money into the bank
Watched the balance grow while the value sank
Go ahead and call me a 2-bit tart
But a sack of silver quarters really warms my heart.


Now that I’m a slave, can I seek restitution?
No check for me, I’ll take my Constitution.
It all makes this truth self evident:
We need Ron Paul for President

Well, buddy, can you spare a dime
Something circa 1959?
That fat pile of legal cash
Has been reduced to smoke and ash

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bravo bump


"and the truth shall make you free"
John 8:32