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CNBC Jim Rogers: 'Abolish the Fed'

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Jim Rogers was on Bloomberg this morning

He mentioned

The Fed is debasing the dollar (sound familiar?)

The 30 bn loan to Bear Stearns by the FED is now the liability of the taxpayers he said the should have been left alone to file bankruptcy...this move to back the debt by the FED aloows the higer ups at BS to keep millions of $$$ in bonuses paid out a few weeks ago. If the filed Chapter 11 those SOB's would have had to pay back their bonuses.

He also said he is trying to sell out of all his Fed reserve notes.

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How do you think he will do this?

He also said he is trying to sell out of all his Fed reserve notes.

I watch this about 4 times a day

ever since it came out. It is one of those things that makes me feel like Nero, though. I really do NOT enjoy watching the world as I know it come unravelled, but there are certain adjustments that are inevitable. After having been called some VERY unflattering things by the media and by loved ones, I do revel a bit in my vindication. I try to emulate Ron Paul, but I can only climb so far out of this gutter I call home! (You will note I frequently and vociferously object when people want Ron to be held personally accountable for his supporters...)

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.