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Congressional debate- what questions should I ask?

In our "R" congressional district, a "D" got elected in 06. I failed to get a RP republican ballot access, so we have two Neo-con republicans running.

They have a debate tonight, and I'm wondering what I should ask about, If I get the chance to ask a question.

I thought about NAIS, as it would put most of our CD's farmers out of business.

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ask them their ideas of

ask them their ideas of fixing the falling dollar. make sure you study the subject yourself so you can catch them in their bs answers. make them look stupid in front of everyone.

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - Bill Hicks

Hey Daniel

I'll be there too. I don't think they are taking any questions from the floor.

I'm going to be there at 6:30 passing out a flyer for our Delegate candidates. I have a load of student slimjims with me, would you like to pass some to people as they enter the debate?


I'll try.

I hope to talk to one or both after (or before) the event.

Will you hold

If elected will you hold the Federal Government accountable to physically secure our borders, end the war in Iraq, end the IRS and otherwise follow the constitution?

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

The Revolution Continues at http://nationbuilder.org

that would be "No"