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just some websites and info I collected from this daily paul you may not have seen but would be good for you to write down

#1."Rules for Radicals" a book by Saul Alinsky- A good book to buy if you are a Ron Paul supporter, ideas about how to revolutionize the peaceful way.
#2. 1-512-461-0995 the phone number to www.constitutionpreservation.org . You can request this man come out and do a seminar on the Constitution in your city. Some awesome video clips on this site.
#3. Bill HR5036- Tell your Congressmen and Senators about this bill to end the Federal Reserve.
#4. http://nwtminbullion.com- a website that can help you to buy gold and silver.
#5. www.pointofview.net. I don't know what this website is, I haven't been to it yet but I am guessing it is important because I wrote it down.
#6. www.Stoprealid@aol.com- a website dedicated to stopping the real id coming soon to a theater near you- we definitely need to be involved in this.
#7. Whitten Printers phone # 1-602-258-6406, they sell copies of The Constitution. If you need one or you want to hand them out.
#8.www.downsizedc.org- a website to get to limited government, very good site, write it down.
#9.www.freedomrally.info- a website with march info
#10.www.libertypac.net- a website to find Ron Paul type people running for office, and a way to donate to them.
#11. www.wexlerwantshearings.com- a site dedicated to the impeachement of some of our favorite people in office who sent us to war in Iraq.
I have been collecting these up because I thought they were useful information for me to have. I hope you who may have not seen these or have seen them but did not write them down will get the opportunity now to do so. Keep up the great work everyone.

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I think the bill to abolish

I think the bill to abolish the Federal Reserve is HB 2755


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Good info

to have on hand. I utilize many of those sites.

A couple of other sites you will enjoy like-minded people are:





thanks + bump!

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