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__implosion is accelerating__

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50000 on one, a good use of assets?

Remember the past as you look forward to today...

What you believe to be true, is true to you... "until you change your mind"

Sierrahpbt and Davemac

i like you guys very much and i usually stop to read your posts so with that in mind while i was reading this latest exchange between you two and "voiceofreason" it finally dawned on me what his job is here,,,,,to cause dissent and constantly derail any of us from sharing information with others,,,,he baits all of us constantly to distract us ,,,,,,we ve absolutely got to start ignoring him no matter what he says to us, its the only way to stop him,,,im really sure of this........take a breath and dont let him succeed anymore

I for one

competely agree with you. The legitimate discussion gets stifled when people respond to that constant caterwauling. If someone enjoys it, well have fun. But I think it can be distracting and I'd rather not encourage it.

Engaging trolls in debate

can be good and will point out to others how wrong they are, so sometimes ignoring isn't the best! Just use your own judgement!

good point! i just have fun

good point! i just have fun proving him wrong is all...and hopefully others are learning! they can see both sides of the argument! I have no ill feelings for this gentleman! he's just plain wrong is all!

okay sierrahpbt

just as long as you see what hes trying to do and its not getting to you,,,im assuming this is betterhalf as that name disappeared about the same time voiceof reason showed up,,,im wondering if it isnt even the same troller we use to know as saul4paul,,,,remember him? anyhow, happy st.pattys day yall....

but...... not dumber than

but...... not dumber than you!

Obviously Dumber than you

You could have at least replied to him personally instead of clogging the thread up with an obviously unlinked reply.

need some exlax or a stool

need some exlax or a stool softener by the way????


Sounds like you are imploding

not me... i'm cool, calm,

not me... i'm cool, calm, and collected! anything that happens now is beyond my control.. but my families wellbeing is my responcibility. I have no understanding of people who sit and criticize others because the take steps to protect themselves.. if you don't want to fine.. just keep your mouth shut.. by the way onevoiceof TREASON..... are you a delegate??


what are you protecting yourself from, some imaginary event..And I'm prepared for anything anyone can throw at me

bank failures,,,,cascading

bank failures,,,,cascading cross defaults.. decline in the value of the dollar.. interuptions in the supply chain because the credit markets have dried up. bank holidays etc etc etc. possible social chaos from people like you who have nothing. when they lose there jobs and there money in the bank is worthless paper! I will watch people like you go crazy... you do not understand the underlying structure of this economy.. if you can't see what happeneing and you get your information only from the government and the main stream news media your a fool!


You've gotten your ass kicked on this forum for weeks. You have been DEAD wrong over and over. You are not prepared and you can't handle a damn thing. Pathetic.

really please explain!!!

really please explain!!! share with us what you have done... by the way are you a delegate??

lol well

lol well exxxxcccuuuuuuuuuuussssseeeeee MEEEEEEEE!


Gregg Evenson is a lunatic...he is dumber than Bush

Feeling Like A lunatic

...for being one of many who responded to your little "wha wha wha" they didn't like my Ron Paul painting at art school. "I'm just a freshman."

Tons of good people who actually stopped what they were doing to respond to you.. give you encouragement, try to get you to post your painting, etc. There was a different, humble, hurt tone to your posts that day. And, I went back and checked that thread you started. You didn't even say "thank you."

Guess it was just a set-up for your more recent posts. Now, that is irritating. Playing on good peoples' emotions to gain temporary attention or trust is ....so faux. This voice of reason will ignore yours and advise others to do so as well.



you are a lunatic, that was not my post....ROFL

One Voice...A Voice

....sure seems you knew what post I was talking about. ROFL as well.

I'll just go back to enjoying the exchange between you and Sierra and others. No more commercial breaks from Fonta. Did a little review on your posts tho while checking one voice/a voice etc and I can't for the life of me figure out "any voice of reason" why you are here. If you are also "a" voice...please emote again. If "one" is someone different...hope he/she changes their name so as not to be confused with you...whew.


Right, and Y2K brought us to our knees too!

This is a little over the top for me. Y2K was not that long ago and people were saying the same thing. My preparation for Y2K was to ignore it. Worked out real well. Didn't spend a dime or worry for a second. Kept my peace of mind too.

The fun part about Y2K was the New Year's Eve party where a friend tripped the main breaker to his house at midnight. Everyone that was all worried ahead of time freaked out. Funny as hell.

that 2000 thing had NEVER happened in history...

complete loss of a currency's value has happened many times in the past.

Some believe that we are so far advanced that this could never happen here, the same thing the Germans were saying years back...



apples and oranges. y2k was

apples and oranges. y2k was a myth with no grounding in reality.

the economy collapse is an inevitability firmly rooted in the history of fiat monetary systems.

one need only look at what is going on in the currency and resource markets to see where we are headed.

you can keep your head in the sand for as long as you like as you are an individual with god given rights to do as you see fit as long as you do not hurt anyone else , but your vision and hearing capabilities have become seriously compromised.

Good luck to you.

How did this end up being a

How did this end up being a thread about y2k, anyway?

I am talking about the Panic Crap

Not the economic issues. When someone starts saying your only hope is to get a farm far away, get of the grid, don't talk to people, keep a low profile, etc.(from the article), then I think they have the same mindset as the panic pushers for Y2K.

I fully agree with the serious risk with our economy. I am not blind. But, sell all you have and go by a farm to ride it out is pure panic crap way off the deep end.

don't you get it... the

don't you get it... the downward spriral of the economy is causing and going to cause panic! what do you think about the guy trying to make changes in his 401k and the broker won't answer the phone... thats PANIC!

No small undertaking...

Y2K was no small undertaking. I worked at a hotel across the street from Boeing in Kent, WA in 1999, and the big wigs all stayed there in the months leading up to Y2K.William Cohen in particular was there for an extended stay, as were many DOD personnel. There was a lot of hand-wringing going on until early December.

A friend of mine who worked at the same hotel in Redmond said the same thing about Microsoft. It was a big deal, but I'm glad that you didn't lose any sleep over it.

Someone once said, "Tough times don't last, but tough people do". I am reminded of that saying now. The people of this country are resilient, and I believe that, with God's help, we will overcome whatever hardships are dealt to us. I used to be an atheist by the way. I'm not born again or anything, I just realize there is something bigger than me out there, and I pray to that something every day. We'll get through this IF we prepare.

Wow liberty,

I guess the millions of dollars spent on computer programmers, etc to help lessen the impact of Y2K means nothing. There were many folks who PREVENTED Y2K from being a major event. We do NOT have good people trying to prevent this. They have made a miscalculation and we will pay for it.

Waste of Time and Money

My computers did fine without patches. I talked with the IT guys at work, no big deal, nothing really to do. Called the bank, same answer. My neighbor was a software developer gave me the same, it's no big deal, just hype. In the end it was a bunch of hype. I don't doubt a lot of programmers worked liked hell. But they were working hard to prevent a phantom problem.

But if you remember, people were giving the same panic advice. Get off the grid, get a generator, plan for not have your meds, store up food that doesn't need refrigeration, and on and on.

Too much panic, not enough clear headed analysis.


That is bullshit. Y2K was prevented.