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SAVE OUR COUNTRY ~Oppose the REAL ID & more. 394

Pass to your local meet ups at www.meetup.com

1) Go to http://ronpauldonatetoday.blogspot.com/ vote in the 2 polls. 394 people voted.

2) Write congress at www.congress.org Also, save to your favorites and check in to www.usbc.org (United States Border Control) to fax congress free.

3)Sign the petition, to OPPOSE the REAL ID and become informed about what it will do to our FREEDOMS! RFIDpetition@gmail.com (this ID will have medical records, financial records, you will not be able to enter a Federal building or be on a plane without it) Go to http://action.downsizedc.org/wyc.php?cid=30

4) Go to your local GOP office and find out the rules for becoming a delegate, attending the conventions, or getting a list of delegates to do a mailing, http://www3.webng.com/ronpaul/delegatestates.html
Go to http://gopconvention.com/ and get prepared for the convention.

5) Sign up as a precinct leader, call for Paul, and watch training vids at www.ronpaul2008.com

6) Go to www.senate.gov, www.usbc.org, & http://votesmart.org/
to become more informed about voting records of other candidates.

We are all working hard to get Paul's name on the ballot this Nov. & I believe it could happen. Supporters of other candidates are still searching & we can keep growing our #'s with these forums because we ARE committed to our candidate & they are not always so informed about theirs. We know his voting record & they do not necessarily know the others, just what the MSM is telling them. We have close to 1,700 meet up groups at meetup.com across this nation and this should go to each one of them, Thanks for the assist.

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Have not been on in awhile

Have not been on in awhile and hope that the daily paul is growing for more people to see this and pass it on. Thanks.

thought this was a good thing to do for Nevada


Dear Mr. Pearce:

I was wondering if you knew that the GOP had the Peppermill's Tuscany BallRoom for two days, Saturday and Sunday. I contacted several employees and they confirmed the Republican National Convention was happening for two days. Paperwork went out confirming the same thing.

I was wondering if you had been curious as to why the rumor of paying a person $70,000 to organize this event and why Senator Bob Beers did not choose to reconvene on Sunday?
I have noticed that in Texas, Montana, Missouri, and other states they have their state convention set up for two and three days.

Would it not cost a lot more money to reschedule such an event? Does this cost us the taxpayers? Senator Bob Beers has stated that it would have cost a lot more money to keep the stage hands, videographers, etc. What about the cost to the delegates that are representing the people of our state, is this not an enormous burden on them as well. However, I feel that it would cost a lot more for a do-over event. Why were the preceedings not finished?

I thought as a journalist you would be interested to finding some of these things out and reporting them to the public. We the People would like to know.

Thank you for all your forthright reporting for all these years.


An a American.

Hello its you again, thanks

Hello its you again, thanks for the bump!!

Keep supporting Ron Paul

Become a delegate, vote for other Delegates to go to the Nationals, donate to get those delegates to the Nationals. Do Not let anyone stop you!!

This was a STUPID WEBSITE and didn't take my

email after jumping through all kinds of hoops just to send them an email. Not a very appropriate forum to speak out through.

What are you

talking about, which site??

Here you go.

I'll give the post a bump.

Thankyou for

the bump.

i posted this with a few intentions.

One was to see how many would do a write-in
two was to see how many are opposing the REAL ID
three was to give info on how to contact congress and keep up to date on what they have scamming through.

Posted earlier by phoobar worth a paste

Whereas the candidates Clinton, McCain and Obama are each guilty of treason[1]...

Whereas a vote for a treasonous candidate would be accessory to treason[2]...

Whereas the potential penalties for treason include death[3]...

I shall vote for candidate Paul.

[1] As per Senate voting records available at Project Vote Smart.

[2] As per definition of treason at Article III, Section 3 of the US Constitution.

[3] As per USC Title 18.

Liberty for Dummies


this up .

We are having media

coverage at our State Capital at noon and if noone is there it will make Dr. Paul look pretty bad, also, he and Carol are said to be speaking at the Rally in Washington on that day. Go to your state capital or Washington D,C, at 11:00 a.m. and if that is impossible meet at your Main Post Office...rally for freedom,

websites grannywarriors.com and renorevolution.com are two, anyone have any others, please post. Thanks.



Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

Do all of the above and also

go to http://gopconvention.com/ and get prepared for the convention.

Do it all

My life is but upon the hands of others either you give me my Liberty or you help to plot my death.

Remember voting for the lesser of two evils

is still voting for Evil. Vote Ron Paul 2008!

hey i

contacted the national convention today and the $5,000 figure is way over the top to attend. There is no fee to attend, the fee is the travel and the stay and the meals to get there. The rooms are quite expensive but you can share the cost or stay with friends or family. I calculated it ou to around $1600 if you share a room.....so all delegates need to go.



for the bump

I thank you. We have 343 people thus far that voted in the polls, a large majority said yes to a write in, i hope they all wrote congress about the paper ballot and opposing the REAL ID.


no unconstitutional war!!!!!

Several steps

I hope all RP supporters do each step and more.

More of the illusion!!!

Our research staff just uncovered another reason why your petition
is so vital. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is once
again inflating its numbers of the amount of border fence that
has been built. They claim over 300 miles. Reality check:
less than 10 miles of double-layer fencing has been built
since the Secure Fence Act was passed 18 months ago.

It's basically another border fence hoax. See our full report here
of how DHS inflates its numbers to claim over 300 miles of fencing:


And progress has slowed to a crawl. Since last September, DHS
has only built 6 miles of pedestrian fence and 35 miles of vehicle
barriers. And their "virtual" fence test was a total failure.

So with the "sunset" clause set to go into effect in just nine
months, it is clear that DHS is doing nothing more than playing
games and juggling numbers. Even worse, DHS is counting so-called
"vehicle barriers" for half of its claimed progress. Just one
problem -- illegal aliens can walk right through the vehicle barriers!


Be careful what you wish for. Remember a fence to keep others out might also keep you in. Something to think about.

Yes I hear you

as all the MSM and the current candidates (chosen) like to tout about the "WAR ON TERROR" and the "WAR ON DRUGS", but will do nothing to secure our borders, does not make much sense does it, in fact we are getting a REAL ID to track us, and GPS everywhere, but we do not have borders protected, hmmm, makes one really wonder. I mean what would common sense tell us. Maybe NAU, value of the dollar is being driven down all at the same time prices going up, and we are in these "WARS".

Posted by Davy C Rocket earlier.

Urge your Congressmen and Senators to Repeal Real ID Act, or you will not vote for them in Nov. 08.

Spread this to as many friends and family members as possible.


Davy C Rockett


Davy C good info

thanks. I hope all the RP supporters do all the above steps.

Lots of info

and I know this takes a little time to do all of this, but please do and pass it on to at least 12 meetups across this nation!!

Hope you don't mind, giving

another bump..

I have contacted everyone I can...LOL

I have corresponded with a couple state senators about real ID
and have contacted my congressman, senators and my Governor.
I have tried to inform as many people locally as I can so they understand what we are facing.
I also included the Real ID agenda in a couple of my You Tube clips.


DID you go to the polls and vote?

Check out usbc.org as well, great info on Ron Paul and border protection.

If we are continually being bombarded with the "war on terror and the "war on drugs", why have the chosen MSM candidates done nothing to protect and secure our borders.

We get a REAL ID, but they will do nothing for our borders??? There votes do not make sense. Ron Paul received an A in his voting record to do this from the www.usbc.org, everyone else received an F, (the current candidates, Duncan Hunter also received an A, Fred Thompson a C)

Please do not only sign the petitions

and I mean all of them you can find, but write your Reps and call them, it honestly only takes a few minutes to call their offices and you can get their numbers at www.congress.org or www.senate.gov and let them know "we oppose the REAL ID"

Read the petitions to find out exactly why!