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Write-In Ballot

We are all working hard to get Paul's name on the ballot this Nov. & I believe it could happen. We just have to keep going to represent him at the caucus;becoming delegates, conventions; putting the platforms through, & the meetup groups; to share our ideas. http://ronpauldonatetoday... has put together 2 polls to see the numbers. Great videos too! If for some reason his name is not on the ballot, & we could get our paper ballots back by signing the various petitions & writing congress at www.congress.org, would you consider doing a write-in for Ron Paul?

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How do you write in a candidate?

First, middle and last name? I'm sure a lot of write-in's will be thrown out because of errors in spelling or improper title.

That is funny

But true! and really not so funny! Never thought of that. They do actually have a place you can write in on some ballots, but in the case of the Diebold voting machines, I do Not believe you can, plus as we all know you can just make up a nice skewed computer program. I think we really need our paper ballots back and we need to have them all display a place to "write-in" our candidate. We need them to be in more than triple custody. We must believe that Ron Paul's name will be there, I think we have to do a mass amount of visualizing!!

last fall, some position in

last fall, some position in our area (Constable?). one candidate got 10 votes, another got more, but to several variations of his name. If he'd wanted the position, he could have gone to court and shown that all of those names meant him.

around here, you can win on a write-in, but not as a democrat.