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CHINA ... the global monster awakes !!!

Our desire for plastic garbage and techno gadgits has given birth to a global monster. Just to see the terror and distruction being rained on the defenseless people of TIBET. May God protect them.

Well folks...here in a sample of what happens to an "unarmed" and poor population. Can't we all see a pattern here. Is Taiwan next ?

If the highest court in the land ( now in control of the neo-cons ) find that we have no right to keep & bare arms...we the next Tibet.


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Buy or barter American, keep Americans employed.

I don't have any problem with trading with China either, but this isn't happening. We are buying their goods and they aren't. This makes America weak. Eventually they will want something in exchange for the money they are accumulating, which is what they are doing right now. They are buying up oil reserves and other commodities. Not from us however, they are buying them from the Middle East and simulating their economy. When they start trading with us I am happy to do so, on a fair basis.

too bad we don't produce anything they want...

Our manufacturing industry is in shambles. At one time the US produced many things, usually with a surplus. Just not the case anymore. From the push in the late 70's/early 80's for everyone to get into 'computers', there just isn't the workforce out there willing to do manufacturing jobs. It's easier to collect welfare and get state aid for food, medical, etc. I know people on welfare who don't work, yet drop their kids off daily at a state-paid daycare! But then you have single moms working 2 jobs to support kids and they can't get any help, and pride won't let them take the welfare way out...all they want is some help with food and day care...

We just have to wait until the system collapses!

Personally I don't have any problem with assistance, but certainly not a handout. It just doesn't make sense that we keep a blind eye to slave labor conditions in China, but we can't require that people on welfare work for the State. Of course I am not suggesting that this is how we should do it here, but it certainly is better than the situation we have now. Now we allow some people to collect benefits while others are enslaved and have to pay the bill.

Don't forget slave-labor

Don't forget slave-labor for:

-- Chocolate from africa
-- Bananas in Haiti
-- Coffee in south america
-- Apples in Chile
-- Nearly anything grown in Mexico
-- Kola nuts for our precious fizzy beverages
on and on and on ...

Good American Sites?

Are there good American Made Online sites that we can buy from? We should start one otherwise.

If you listen to Dr. Paul...

... he is ok with our trade with China. Trade with other nations tends to make them second-guess bringing harm to their trade partners. Dr. Paul is against our selling China gobs and gobs of government bonds which are nothing more than "funny money" that devalues OUR currency.

The Chinese yuan is pegged to the dollar which means if the dollar goes down or up then they yuan goes down and up with it. The Chinese want to protect the American consumers ability to buy from them or their system goes down in flames too.

We can't blame China for a our troubles. Put the blame where it belongs. On OUR own leaders! We beg them to buy our government bonds then we turn around and devalue their holdings by printing money? Who is the bad guy here?

Besides, as far as boycotting goods you will have to throw out all of your coffee, chocolate and most of your fresh fruit also because they are all grown in slave-labor conditions.

Again, put the blame where it belongs. On OUR own leaders who WE chose/allowed to be in control!

Slave labor fruit?

Slave labor fruit?


American corporations have

American corporations have controlled the south and central american fruit production for well over a hundred years...

#1 Thing to Do is Put Your Money in

Small local banks and Credit Unions. That's unless you like giving your money to the global elites. Also, buy your fuel at independent gas stations, though, the fuel comes from the same place, it still insn't going directly into the elites cofers. Spread the word, this can make a huge impact against the global elite plans, if enough people take these actions.

Buy American, buy local

Stop financing the globalists. Stop making excuses for your consumerism. Learn to live with less.

Read up on what our government should be, and should be doing. Get involved. Help us save our country.

You know, the old

buy American auto promotion lasted for a little while. However, when you drive by a parking lot of GM employees, you will see as many foreign made vehicles as domestic. Not look how they are suffering.

We should all have supported our products, without question. So you pay a little more - so what. People have had plenty of money but still lived in 'scarcity'. Now they will have not choice if push comes to shove.

We are throwing

out all made in "china" crap we can. That's it. Sick animals kill monks and patriots. The Olympics will also be ignored.

And they kill pets, too!

In our place "Made in China" is becoming landfill material.

And no food from there, ever!

Check the labels on Canned fruits and vegetables,

I haven't been able to find canned mushrooms in my grocery story that aren't from China!

Be sure...

.. chunk all your coffee, chocolate and most of your fresh fruit also. Those are produced in slave labor conditions too.


if you're a cheap ass

We buy organic products that are produced by co-ops. They are owned by the villages and spread the wealth around. Cost more, but better for the world.

Buy or barter American, keep Americans employed.

Buy locally produced food at your local farmer's market. You can also join a gardening club in some areas. Or plant a Ron Paul Liberty garden in your yard. You get good exercise, and the seeds you plant usually give you a better return than the stock market. This is a great idea for summer since with the price of gas going up to $10 dollars a gallon you won't be travelling much. What is going to drive up the price of petroleum if American's aren't driving? Probably the Chinese, since they have over 1.8 trillion dollars in reserve, of course this money will go to the Middle East and drive their economy. Meanwhile our government will protect the dollar so that the Chinese can still buy oil, go figure. Let the Federal Reserve dollar dive, so we can go back to "Real" dollars backed by gold and silver.


This is soooo important, we have got to stop buying goods that are made in China. Check everything you buy. Even if it costs a little more to buy American made, we have to stand together and do this. I don't think people realize how much of an impact this would make.

Thank God My Food Is Not From China

Because all I can afford to buy anymore these days is food and gas.

Check labels on

Canned apple juice, canned mushrooms, etc. Canned has to be labeled due to a Commerce dept. regulation. Fresh fish has to be labeled as to COOL, but cooked fish does not!
Did you know that chickens in china are raised in pens above their fish ponds? Guess what farm fish from China eat?! Yummy!

Don't be too sure

about that. There are lot of food products coming from China. There are a lot of other products whose sub-assemblies come from China and are "assembled" in the U.S.; check the labeling.

"An economy built on fiat money is a society on its way to ashes."

Are you SURE your food isn't from China??

I am working with R-CALF USA to get mandatory Country of Origin Labeling implemented in the United States. It was made into law in the 2002 Farm Bill, but congress, due to pressure by the huge multi-national food conglomerates, has delayed implementation for 6 years!
Right now, you have NO WAY of knowing where your meat, fresh fruits and vegetables and peanuts come from!
The only foods that have to be labeled as to COOL, are foods canned in another country! Speaking of this: Try to find a can of mushrooms NOT from China! Some stores, even some health food stores have what they call ORGANIC produce from China! I sure don't believe that one! Read labels on Everything! You will be surprised.

Is there supposed to be a

Is there supposed to be a link?