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Nashua Preparedness Group.

I've just submitted forms to Associated Buyers, a New Hampshire food coop supplier, in order to create Nashua Preparedness Group, a member buying club for my neighborhood. I thought I should get this in place first. Next I plan to publish an opinion piece on survival preparedness in the local freebie newspaper and then canvass my neighborhood talking to people about preparedness options.

Call it enlightened self interest. The more people in my neighborhood who prepare, the less problem they present to me when the need is greatest. In fact, the more prepared, the more they are apt to cooperate on things like security and trade.

Although I don't plan to discuss politics at first, I will be making important connections for eventual precinct work. I should have a receptive ear from these people once the economic chaos begins. (Maybe then the delegates will revolt and give the nomination to Dr. Paul.)

I recommend this approach for Paul supporters because it not only fosters preparedness, it also establishes you as a neighborhood leader to whom others will turn for guidance as conditions worsen. This will ready us for helping rebuild in the aftermath, restoring liberty and the Constitution as guiding principles for America.

(How does this fit into the bigger survival picture? See http://www.dailypaul.com/node/43033)

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Got 1st order Friday: 500 lbs. of wheat.

Today I built a square, low corral of 2x8 lumber, lined it with heavy plastic sheeting, dumped in 100 lbs. at a time, and mixed it with diatomaceous earth as a physical insecticide (safe for people and pets to eat though) before loading it into my scrubbed-out drywall joint compound buckets. It takes about 3 and 1/8 of these buckets to hold 100 lbs. of hard, red, winter wheat. As long as it's kept dry it should last thousands of years. Whole wheat kernels are a perfect storage food.

Next bulk order for myself will probably be whole soybeans. I hope to interest some others in bulk food orders too before I place another order.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Placed my first order Tuesday. It will arrive Friday.

That will be ten 50-lb. bags of hard, red, winter wheat berries, the best kind for survival food storage. I've got 20 scrubbed-out joint compound buckets with lids waiting to be filled. Along with the three bags I bought previously that will be about 2.3 person-years of grain. My flour mill should arrive by UPS any day now and I will attach it via fan belt to bicycle pedals for easy milling. Gotta buy bread pans and lots of yeast and 60-lb cans of honey! I used to make all my own whole wheat bread but fell out of the habit. Time to get with the program again!

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

How does this fit into the bigger picture?

See http://www.dailypaul.com/node/43033

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Grand idea. We've done

Grand idea. We've done this and published a neighborhood newsletter too.

Great way to get to know folks, network, and 'love thy neighbor.'

Although, beware ...don't disclose or advertise everything you have in your 'stock'--or even where you stock is housed, because, when things go bad, evil doers will come to try to get it...and you!


buried off-site caches for valuables. Have several food storage locations. Advise others to do the same.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.