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Start your Week with Ron Paul--at WND! Texas Straight Talk column.

Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, the presidential candidate who shocked the nation by garnering surprisingly loyal and enthusiastic support in the Republican race, joins WND's commentary lineup today with a column available exclusively at WorldNetDaily each Monday morning.

While Paul's weekly verbal volley, which he calls "Texas Straight Talk," becomes available elsewhere later on, WND is the only place to go first thing Monday mornings to read his latest column. Kick start your week with a healthy dose of the congressman's thoughts on liberty, the Constitution and the proper role of government


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DIGG the article from the 16th (link below in one of the first responses).

About Time Some Capitalist

Why do they not realize there is money to be made off of us. Think of the new viewers worldnetdaily will get now. There advertisers will love it.

This is AWESOME!!


That's great!

Ron Paul's "Straight Talk" newsletter was how I first discovered this great man! A friend introduced me to them ... I believe they have been posted regularly on his congressional website in the past. I remember thinking at the time - "This guy is really spot-on; we need somebody like him to run for POTUS!" Imagine my delight when he did.

These are must-reads for RP supporters. Highly recommend :-)

I hope others see this post

and remember to read it each week and comment on it so it stays up on World Net Daily.

Well I'll bump it ...

Well I'll bump it ...