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Fight or flight. What is your plan?

There is much apprehension that the frenzied efforts of the Federal Reserve to stave off a huge market plunge this week will actually exacerbate the problem. Repeated prime interest rate cuts, which electronically expand the money supply, are not working. If there is any bounce, it is only for a day or two. Confidence in the Fed's ability to stabilize the market and inflation simultaneously has been shaken by overnight jumps in commodities (oil, gold, grains, etc.) and further drops in dollar value versus, Yen, Euro, and other currencies. The prime stands at 3.5% after a first-ever *weekend* cut of .25%. Another .75% is expected on Tuesday, bringing prime down to 2.75%. This rate is a mathematical absurdity given the dollar's steep demise and is more than anything a sign of sheer panic.

How long will the decline continue? Consider that most commentators agree that the sub-prime mortgage defaults are nowhere near run out and that the secondary markets built around these bad investments are teetering and on the brink of collapse as well, including financial sector insurance companies. The problem is worldwide. It was ostensibly caused by the Fed bowing to pressures to ease interest rates so first-time home ownership would be available to more people. Easy credit makes for bad investment and now the chickens are coming home to roost, a *lot* of them! Now, as the Fed tries to put off a long-overdue market correction that's needed to clean out the bad investment, it simply makes things worse in the end by *further* easing credit and devaluing the dollar.

There are those who believe the dollar is going down for the count, that it will not be accepted in trade, first internationally, then domestically, causing vast economic dislocations, shortages, rationing, hunger, rioting, lawlessness, and ultimately a prolonged state of martial law. I have no crystal ball, but these are the conditions I have been preparing for these past three months. I tell you so that, even though you may be starting behind the curve, you will have a list of actions to pursue should you take heed of the warning signs this week is likely to yield.

Also, you might have ideas that I haven't thought of, so I'm hoping you will share them.

Here is my action list:

Move most savings out of dollar-based investments. For me this meant withdrawing the bulk of my simple IRA, buying gold and silver and a mixture of foreign currencies. (This initially included Canadian dollars but I have now switched those to Swiss francs in my Scottrade online brokerage account.) On a hunch I also bought shares of a Brazilian gold mining company that, although dollar-based, have done very well. With gold gaining about $115 an ounce since I bought in three months ago, I am beating inflation by a very wide margin while the bit of value I left in my Simple IRA is suffering badly. I do not expect the stock market to rebound for at least one year, more likely two or three, due to the dollar's woes.

Yes, I do have a large, fireproof gun safe, but my precious metals are in several off-site buried caches made of heavy PVC pipe sections capped off at each end.

Buy extra food items. I've been loading the grocery cart with extra beans, rice, and other storable foods to beef up my normal two months' reserve. I tried to buy 600 lbs of whole wheat (hard, red, winter wheat berries) last week but only 150 lbs was delivered. If I have to drive for a day to get it, I will -- this week! Meantime I'm signing up with a wholesaler so I can receive deliveries and help neighbors acquire bulk foods. See http://www.dailypaul.com/node/43013 (It's better for you if your neighbors are not starving and desperate.) I've bought a very good flour mill that can be easily mounted with a motor, cranked by hand, or adapted to pedal power (my favorite). I've bought a welder so I can fabricate these for neighbors using old bicycle or stationary exercise bike parts.

I bought garden vegetable seeds for in case the need for a garden is indicated. If I'm working regularly, I'll probably skip it because a proper garden takes a lot of time.

Store water. I live in rainy New England so I've stowed only 23 gallons of drinking water in my closet and bought a one-gallon pump garden sprayer that will serve as my shower should water service be interrupted. (Also, there's an irrigation-only well on the property that can be accessed via bucket and rope, further diminishing my storage needs.) I also purchased a roll of 20-ft.-wide heavy plastic sheeting that can be a rainwater collector as well as emergency temporary shelter. Another acquisition is my backpackers' pump-action water filter.

Alternative cooking: For in case of longterm power failures I bought two Coleman-type camp stoves and fuel supplies. Regular unleaded gasoline can be used in one of them. I also stored 55 gallons of gas for emergency relocation travel . I bought a large supply of wooden matches too.

On site electricity: If the oil furnace has no electricity for fan and pumps, it will not run. I purchased a 3kw gasoline-fueled generator for wintertime use during any longterm power failure. I plan to buy a battery bank, inverter, regulator, fold-away solar panels, and make a pedal-powered generator. (Many of my survival purchases are of items I will need in when I move to Ecuador in a few years, assuming I am going to be able to make that move.)

Security: In a worst case situation, after the stores and warehouses are mobbed and looted, armed gangs are apt to invade neighborhoods looking for food and gas. Police services will be over-taxed and probably depleted as cops stay home to protect their own families. Any security you get is likely to come from your own gun. I bought a rifle and a pistol, plus lots of ammunition. I think I might buy a shotgun next. There are a couple non-lethal security measures I want to employ but they need some R&D. Guns are an immediately available solution.

News sources: Phones, Internet and most broadcast media may suffer during an economic collapse, not to mention the electricity that powers them. I have two hand-crank radios, one with a shortwave/Air Traffic/TV/AM/FM tuner. I plan to get a CB radio and license as well.

Finally, I have prepared to leave the house and most everything in it if conditions warrant. I have an all-season "bug-out bag" or BOB, actually a backpack stuffed with survival gear, including zero-degree sleeping bag, sleeping pad, snowshoes, mosquito-netted hammock with rain fly, and a very fat first aid kit. I also have a number of survival caches containing folding money, real money (silver), rain poncho, extra socks, food, cap light, first aid supplies, and other items. These will be buried along potential escape routes should I need to flee on foot.

If the signals of economic turmoil are not strong enough yet to make an impression on you, you might logically suppose I have just succumbed to paranoid delusions. But if I am mentally sick, then I think mental illness has gotten a bum wrap because I'm enjoying every minute of my survival scheming and preparations. In earlier years I would have been motivated by fear of death. I no longer fear death. Instead, my motivation is curiosity about what it would be like to survive in chaotic times and whether an opportunity might exist to reshape American society in their aftermath, returning to the principles upon which our nation was founded. You can have a healthy attitude about it too. It should be no difficult task to meet up with other survival-minded people in your town, precinct, or neighborhood. You can trade ideas and resources and help educate others just arriving at survival awareness..

Some reject "hoarding" as a selfish act that may deprive others of the food they need. Hardly a helpful outlook to have. Consider that not only do you prevent yourself from becoming a burden on strained charitable and government food lines, you can provide food to others in exchange for their help as night watchman, garden worker, repairman, etc. In fact, the more people you can gather around you, paid in food, the more secure you will be. There is safety in numbers. So buy as much food as you can. Don't wait till it's super-costly or in short supply.

Jim McClarin

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Need Any Used Car/Truck Parts ?

Had grandparents who lived thru the depression... won't be going thru what they had to do ( sparrow sandwiches for lunch ) so i got involved in the auto salvage biz about 7 years ago.

Have put my business on hold this year to devote the time to wake up as many of my neighbors as possible over the next 5-6 months. Current project is a series of educational marches planned this summer: 50 marches, 50 state capitols...

Ramblin Randy
Project Sunshine... Time to send the grey clouds to the McCain Camp...!
( more info to come )

Ramblin Randy

I asked the owner

of a salvage yard I visited recently about how his industry fared in a recession. He said business was never better than when the economy was in the dumps. I know someone else who has a chainsaw repair shop and he will be plenty busy as oil prices rise, shortages of natural gas or propane occur, and everyone switches to wood-burning heating systems.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

wow, looks like your all

wow, looks like your all set.
I seriously hope you don´t need all that, but no harm in preparing for the worst.

I think I found

Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!
a good place to start. I found a ruger 10/20 rifle(small barrel, only 5 pounds. Supposedly not as accurate when firing quickly), a ruger 25-round clear magazine, and a cheap, but effective, 4x scope. I could read signs on the opposite side of the store (width, was about halfway in, big store.). There was also a 50-round magazine, but it was not clear. I think knowing how much ammo you have left would be more advantageous.

Total estimated cost, with ammo, will be about $320. It should be great for sarting out. Hopefully my years playing FPSs will help out a bit... >^_^< I will take it to a range so I can practice. It will be my first time firing a "real" gun. I have fired paintball, airsoft, and BB guns, though.

I learned a bit about tactics playing paintball. I have had some pretty spectacular moments. Like when I gradually creeped up on a few people. It was a cool field, heavily wooded, and there was a big raveen through the middle. The enemies were in bunkers along the top of the far hill, and I was on the opposite hill. Thanks to some distractions, I was able to make my way around behind them, and I got one to surrender, and I shot another who spotted me. Good times, good times. There is a reason why I call myself a stealth ninja master lol

Paintball Massacre

The guys at my office went to a wooded paintball range wearing woodland cammo and face paint... we had 2 former vietnam vets on our team ( one a combat Ranger ) as they directed the operation. The owners of the range pitted us against a team of guys from IBM. They were wearing matching IBM bright blue sweat suits... I've never had so much fun.... LOL

Ramblin Randy
Project Sunshine... Time to send the grey clouds to the McCain Camp...!
( more info to come )

Ramblin Randy

Woodsball rocks!

When I played regularly our group of friends routinely wrecked the competition. My favorite was when the opposing teams would occasionally have 'snipers' show up in full ghille. Somehow, they never could figure out how we'd spot & take them out so easily. Our secret? I'll never tell...

Good pick on your gun. A Ruger 10/22 has practically no kick so you should find it pretty easy to shoot. I'd suggest you ditch the scope in favor of learning to use the sights. Trust me...learn to shoot with the sights, you won't regret it. You can thank me later.


Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!
Sounds like you would have had a fun time. I can't believe the IBM guys would be that stupid! I break out the cammo when I go paintballing.

LOL it really sucks to get shot in the mouth. The mask keeps you from getting hurt, but all the paint goes straight into and around your mouth. Apparently green paintballs taste like green... wierd.

oh yeah

Razorwind Studios is an official endorser of Ron Paul, and we will live free or die! 14th alternate to MN state!
I was amazed at how expensive the handguns were! You could get a rifle for half as much as most of the handguns. I saw a lot of cool looking ones. I saw one with a gigantic clip. It looked like an uzi and a glock had a baby.

There is a gun from a game called counter-strike that I love. It is the 9x19 mm glock. It is semi auto, and it has the option for a burst of 3 bullets.

Anyways, on the comment about the 22 not being able to do much damage... IF I have to use it, I would try to use it as a sniper rifle(hence the scope). Hit 'em in the head and for sure they're dead!

Apparently armour is mainly worn on just the chest. The reasoning for this is that someone in a panic is going to shoot for the largest possible target(the chest). If you know what you are doing, and you can aim quickly, you can shoot the enemy in the head. If you know someone is coming from around a corner, aim a little bit past the corner at head height. By the time they get there, you are pre-aimed and ready to kill...

Don't buy into gun magazine

Well, it's a small caliber, but don't buy into gun magazine stopping power B.S. too much.

A .22 is still highly lethal, especially from a rifle barrel, where it will attain velocities almost comparable to those of a .357 magnum.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I recommend buying the

I recommend buying the ten-round Ruger magazines, which are readily available everywhere (my Wal-Mart sporting goods section sells them). They are 100% reliable, small, and easy to tote. The jungle clip style mags are much larger, less reliable, and nobody that I know of makes ammo pouches for the belt that fit them.

You have chosen wisely, in choosing a Ruger 10-22.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Ditto on the 10 round

Ditto on the 10 round facotry magazines. I've had problems with all three hi cap 10-22 mags I've had.

If You Want Cheap Guns - Read

I posted a couple of responses below about this, but everyone who would like a gun but doesn't think they can afford it should read this.
I just bought a brand new High Point .40 Cal. handgun for $180 (list price $186). Works great, is made in Ohio, and has a lifetime warranty. I have only heard good things about these and you can't beat it for the price. I also bought a Mossberg 12 Ga. pump action shotgun from Wal-Mart 2 months ago for $165. This also seems to work excellent.
The more people that have firearms, the better for all of us. Therefore, don't wait around - if money is the holdup, get one of these. If your Wal-Mart doesn't sell guns, you won't pay much more at a dealer.

Link to High Point Firearms to find a dealer near you. They have all sizes of handguns for Cheap:

To answer your question...


...and enjoy what 26 RP supporters have provided you. A Ron Paul FiGHT NiGHT! www.RingsideRevolution.com

Does my burka make my butt look fatwa?

I agree,

not to mention, I don't know how to fly.

"the only thing that keeps the banking system from failing is general ignorance about how the banking system works."

used to have a flour mill, flour dust attracted the rodents

and they set out shop in the bags of grain... I know, duh. Hey, I was young and unlearned. We thought the room was secure from rodents ROFL We got a cat right away and things returned to normal

Make sure you have metal/plastic containers with tight lids to store the grain and keep the lids on.

Other ideas? I am looking at a dwelling a few hours from here in a small town the the mountains, I expect my ATV to be very handy indeed. Also plan to get a skidoo if I get it. People drive these things right up to their doorways. What a life. Can't wait. Suddenly this seems like a really smart move. The whole world is a road unless you are driving a car/truck, in which case the mountain roads in winter are rarely passable. Wooohooo! The dogs are going to love it.


choose plastic containers carefully

garbage cans are often imbedded or sprayed with insecticides that you don't want absorbing into your food.

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

Here is my action plan:

I rent a house, so if it gets bad and the banks close I doubt the
owner would let me stay.
I have one acre of land on the Big Island but the IRS is taking that, or I
would go there and try to farm it.
I have a tent and sleeping bags. I'd rather go camping than stay at any
public shelter(like the superdome). If things get too dangerous,
I'm heading for the mountains as far away from
any road as possible. I believe the gangs would stick to the cities,
towns and farm areas.

I have a few months supply of food stored for my daughter
and I. I have a suitcase with wheels so I can pull as much food as possible with me if I have to go on foot and I have a berkey water filter. I have bags of rice,sugar,and pancake mix stored, but if
I have to go on foot I would just take the canned food and water.
I dont know anything about guns, but I have a can of mace.
I have a little bit of gold and silver to help along the way if needed.

Thats about it for now,I'm watching the news everyday, as soon as I
hear anything bad starting to happen, I'm throwing the stuff in my car
and heading north, hopefully there wont be any road
blocks yet.

But thats the most important part, to be ready to leave the minute
anything chaotic starts happening.

North? as in above the 49th?

I expect my fellow Canadians will be very welcoming.

Food suggestion: dry foods, I am stocking up on jerky (yummy good easy to carry), and drying my own veges in the oven on low, off, low, off

I am seriously thinking that a business making jerky might be a good thing in the future.


Learn which wild plants you

Learn which wild plants you can eat and how to do that.

Flight is not a reasonable

Flight is not a reasonable option with modern technology.

The best thing to do is moderate your behavior and endure. Everyone eats food and drinks water. They aren't going to imprison you for stockpiling or growing food. That some people will actually put down such an idea just shows their own levels of survival preparation. (Zilch, aside from a few guns.)

Hunker down and homestead.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Which "modern technology" in particular?

Are you referring to radar/thermal imaging detection methods? Anything else we should know about?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Not only those but satellite

Not only those but satellite surveillance, and just general control of land, sea, and air. If there's a lockdown I am assuming the latter will be used to control human traffic in/out of the US.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Border security at last?

How ironic that they might get serious when it comes to blocking *exit* from the US.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Well, there's no question

Well, there's no question they could seal the borders as tight as a ziplock bag, if they wanted to do so.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Since I can't board a plane

Since I can't board an airplane without my RealID, I guess that only leaves fight? (j/k)

You can if you have a second passport.

Get one before it's too late.

Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

Can you explain the idea of a second passport?

How would it enable you to travel more freely?

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Well said ajze. I am packing

Well said ajze. I am packing heat and am locked and loaded.


There's no way you're going to be allowed to stay in one place long enough to grow a garden.

It's not "hoarding'

when there is no emergency.