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Black Powder Guns

Howdy all!

Live in a 2nd Amendment hating state like I do (CA)? Well, in several of those, and for the Federal Government, black powder guns aren't considered firearms. You can buy them without jumping through umpteen hoops. This includes black powder replica revolvers. They can be pretty cheap. Look them up, order online. Another advantage is that you can make your own black powder from relatively common ingredients, and with a few simple tools you can even make your own lead balls. For really, really cheap. No, the weapon will not have the accuracy of modern pistols, and reloading is rather slow, but it's a damn sight better than nothing, and you can keep another cylinder handy to trade out when you empty one.

Please do note to study any instructions that come with your gun first. Black powder is no toy, and you can end up blowing up your gun and your hand with it. Be especially careful if you try to make your own powder.

Still, good stuff.

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I'm very interested in

I'm very interested in starting a historical pirate reenactment group, and I was wondering if you know of a GOOD big black powder website that covers a lot of territory and perhaps even a black powder gun selling and swapping marketplace?

If you have a link please email me at kevintuma@yahoo.com, thanks!

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

Air rifles are another possibility.

These are not BB guns. They use a lot more air pressure and larger projectiles and are quite lethal. The French used them in at least one war. I don't know if anyone makes them currently but it's something to investigate. One benefit: your "gunpowder" supply never runs out.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

Remember to clean them often

They can be enjoyable to fire. For anyone interested, remember to clean them after use, as the traditional black powder is more corrosive when it burns. It can make for an interesting load in a shotgun shell slipped into your companion's holder when on the trap range though.... or so I've been told. :)

What about pyrodex? is that treated like traditional black powder?

Alex Plewniak
Bonita, CA