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Two posts in one: 100 Things to Stock Up On in a crash and Just Got my Pink Slip

I just got my pink slip. They say it is a recession til you get one...Now it is officially a Depression! But Bears and Stearn's crash has actually upset me more than losing my job. It is now a domino game, banks falling and hitting each other----with the Feds not able to print up money fast enough. I am just in awe of what is happening----haven't seen anything like this in my life, nor has this 65-year-old.


Even Wall Street admitting we are hitting a depression.


Someone suggested I post this on a major post instead of just hidden inside someone else's thread. It is a list of 100 items to disappear first in a panic. Useful for barter even if you don't want it yourself.


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sorry about the pink slip

but it will go nicely with the "legal tender" that soon will be about as valuable... As toilet paper they are all good. Which, as that list points out, will actually BE a valuable thing by then!

Truth exists, and it deserves to be cherished.

LOL, yes, we are in unchartered territory.

This thing will go global. I am sure they had this thing all planned,
as I said in a previous post. They let nothing go unplanned. They did this to make us cry out for a solution, which would be the Amero. I even had a friend that ran with big bankers (offshore) that warned him, "The USD is scheduled to fall in 2008." See my previous post for more info.