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I'm wondering if there is a way for the delegates at the convention or earlier in the process to pass something that the only acceptable form for voting will be by paper ballots that are hand counted in public view. I think this is an issue that needs to be addressed prior to the Novemeber elections. If we go through all the work and effort to get our delegates to the convention and get Ron Paul elected as the nominee at the convention we should make sure that voter fraud does not continue at the actual election because we will have no remedy as we do currently with these primaries. We will be stuck with the elitist choice for President and not the one decided by the voting publlic. What actions can we start making now to insure that the vote fraud does not continue? Does anybody have any ideas how to change the rules regarding the ballots and counting process? I read somewhere, I think on Devvy Kidd, about restructuring the pricincts smaller to make the counting easier. She also had a good article about voter fraud that she wrote in 2004, I'll look for the link and post it later if people want to read it.

I think we need to address this issue now, and not when it is too late.

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Check out Roberts Rules of Order. As long as there is a majority to approve (that's the tricky part), a motion can be made for secret ballots, In Missouri, our state GOP Standing Rules state that a representative form each side of a ballot, or more, can be appointed to count ballots. You can also appeal to fairness and the fact that Roberts Rules suggest secret ballot for elections from nominations.

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No question about it...

and I've been saying this for a long time in different ways, but nobody's really listening... don't know why, because it's so glaringly obvious.

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I'm not sure either

Thanks for the post back, I wish we could do something to draw attention to the issue. I think I might email Devvy and see if she has some input on a direction to go in to resolve it.