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Got friends in Idaho? PLEASE CALL THEM TODAY

Our process begins by filing to become precinct committee person. The deadline is Friday. I dial till my fingers are sore, I talk until I am hoarse, I am not going to make it through my list. Please call your friends in Idaho and tell them to help with the call list. Idaho has the potential to get the popular vote, but first we have to get people in the delegate pipeline. The news has been rough the last week, morale in the meetups is shot in my area. Seriously, if you know people in Idaho, call and tell them to sign up to become a PCP, and to start calling to sign up other people. Someone in their meetup can give them the email that has the form and all the instructions to file, and instructions on how to start helping with the call list. Thanks for any help you can give - this is truly becoming a dire situation.

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Idaho here

I don't live there anymore nor visit too often (military)...but I still vote there...and patiently waiting for my absentee ballot...can't wait to vote for Dr. Paul!

I live in Idaho,

and most people here are going to vote for Mcnuts. People here don't know who Ron Paul is. I tell everyone and try to educate them about him but they think Mcnuts is the only Republican that can win. They are going to vote Republican here no matter what. They believe they are conservative, but they really are neocons, and they love the wars we are in. You have a hard time using the economy because the housing crisis has not hit us here yet! People are still developing land and real estate is still going strong. I try to educate people every day, but things are to good here in our little bubble. I live in South Eastern Idaho, so this is only representative of my side of the state. I don't know for sure what it is like everywhere else, but I can't even count the times I've heard " you know Ron Paul doesn't have a chance." or "I would vote for him, but we have to vote for McCain, or Hillary will win."

Let them know McCain has no chance

Let them know McCain has no chance, because conservatives won't vote for him because of his liberal policies, he is no better than a democrat.


tell them that all the time, but they believe that anything is better than a democrat. They vote republican by tradition, not because they really know the issues. If Romney were still running they would vote for him in a Landslide because of his religion being the same as theirs. This is a prominently LDS area. None of the Romney supporters here knew what his stand was on the issues, they just have something in common with him. It is very frustrating.

Idaho here.

Today I was just looking around the net for information on the caucus date, and such, but no luck. I used to do these things in Colorado, but not here in Idaho, so I don't know the procedure. What's a precinct committee person?


Take a look around that page. You should be able to find out what you need.



Fortune Favors the Bold

send the news out of missouri to the meetups. We need to complete our database info even for states that have already completed voting. It's an invaluable resource for future elections with congressional and local candidates.

Fortune Favors the Bold

Can't Forget Any State

We need to keep anything about states coming up bumped. All the chatter is fun to read but people on the ground in states still to caucus or vote need all the attention they can get.

Do you realize how much winning a states popular vote would help this revolution. It would force the media to take notice. Then they would start reporting of our winning delegates around the country.