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Stock Market and PPT question/observation

Hello all. I have a question/observation that I would like to share and get some info on.

Last night I was watching as the opening average was down over 200 points.

On the way home from work I heard the stock market report on our local radio station and this is what she reported.

(1) Dow-up 29 points
(2) HOWEVER Losing Stocks outnumbered gaining stocks 3 - 1 !
(3) Trading Heavy with over 2billion
(4) NASDAQ and every other stock market lost their butts.

Normally when the DOW closes this close the losing and gaining stocks are very close to even.

So is this the PPT at work here or what? So I am assuming that these chumps spend tax-payer money to boost only "DIA" stocks and let everyone else sink, right? Any thoughts or help here.

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This is a great question and I also want to know more

how do they operate and shouldn't we be able to see what they are up to?
I mean someone must have noticed a massive investment like that right? how can they hide? The dow was down all day long and then in the last couple of hours it had a massive rally. I hear this all of the time now, is this normal? I was assuming that some traders are just vultures and are looking for short term opportunity, but can there really be that many vultures?

I heard last night or this morning,,,,,,

That the ppt makes purchaces from off shore account

Check out the markets in Europe

They completely tanked today (3/17). Usually this would cause our markets to go down, but we are in the twilight zone.


In a free and open market

would the Dow close up when gold, silver and oil are skyrocketing, the dollar is dying, and the Asian and European markets are getting hit? Add Bear, Carlyle, and the rest of them to the mix. What do you think??? Does the close seem logical to you?

The PPT is not a secret organization. They exist for days like today.


Good luck to us all,

Lisa C.


Ron Paul "Sign Wave Across the USA" -- November 5th!

You know ,,,Back when i was playing in stocks

I would often get into killer arguments about how i thought the dow was manipulated. My goodness how far we have come in a short time. the PPT is now not only not secret but excepted,,,,,

Plunge Protection Team has to do *something," right?

Buying up the Dow would guarantee that the always first-reported Dow-Jones Industrial Average would mask the bad news with a dose of good news.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.