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Latest Message From Rand Paul

This message says to me that we give up. I don't understand why he would write such a message. What do you guys think?!?

The message is posted on ronpaul2008dotcom

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1 or the other

Either the overt message is sad but true ... Ron has given up on executive election this go round ... OR ... its a veiled but strategic message meant to throw anyone lurking from the RNC completely off the trail of our converging delegates.

I dunno. The Revolution Manifesto gets released, a series of rallies and marches across the country occur suggesting that the Revolution is not quite dead. Then we see thousands of patriots descending in mass on St. Paul seemingly from nowhere in the midst of a moral & economic meltdown.

And from the ashes Ron Paul courageously stands up and says, "I graciously accept the nomination of our party because it's long past time we restore freedom, peace and prosperity to this great Republic once and for all!"


me likes how you think......

I have no idea what message you're referring to.

I read a message from Rand Paul that's posted on the front page of the
official campaign web site and it was not about giving up.

I'll second that....

Yeah, keep those thoughts to yourself Rand, we don't want to hear them, thank you very much.

That was a bit odd

my thoughts are - keep those thoughts to himself....
we are working our asses off now - I spent time sitting in an awful
Republican caucas - something I've never done and never thought I
would ever do - I have given lots of $ donations....
I am now listening to RP radio to the creator of High Tide video -
and it is awesome hearing about this labor of love to the Freedom
Message! Dr Steve is coming up next to speak about delegates and
all things related... bottom line - we don't feel like we are spinning
our wheels - we are going for it!

don't worry about it. Listen

don't worry about it. Listen to the last two minutes of this video.