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Bloomberg's Naked Short Selling Special...HARD TO FIND!!!


I believe you can download it from a mirror site here:


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Thanks for posting this

I was not aware of the naked short selling and its affect on a stock price. Now I understand what Jim Sinclair is talking about when he accuses the hedge funds of pounding the gold juniors. But the important thing to realize is how easily it is for the PPT (plunge protection team) and others to manipulate stock prices, up or down. The key word is manipulation, which seems to be pervasive in our culture, and it is cancerous.

Brief overview?

Can someone give a brief overview of what's on the video for those of us who can't watch it 'at our current location'? ;)

This sums it up

The modern history of counterfeiting of commercial securities began over 80 years ago. It started with the wholesale traditional counterfeiting of stock certificates to support the short selling activities of more than 500 pools comprised of the assets of the wealthiest individuals in this country at the time, over a 3 year period leading to the October, 1929 Raid-related Crash. continued...


The Depository Trust &

The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), a holding company that clears and guarantees almost all trades in the U.S. The DTCC itself counterfeits shares through its stock borrow program. This program has been around for more than 20 years and helps guarantee transactions when one party fails to produce promised shares. While the DTCC itself doesn't own shares, a network of participating broker-dealers lists shares available for borrowing with the program, and these are called on to complete failed transactions.

Lawsuits claim that the DTCC loans out shares it never collects from participants. These, in turn, presumably show up as new "fails to settle" transactions, but from the point of view of the market, they appear to be new shares floating around -- in electronic form, that is, without stock certificates to back them up. These can then be relisted, the theory goes, as available for borrowing, and the process repeats itself, allowing the folks manipulating the system to essentially manufacture any number of phantom shares.

Stealing $6 Billion per day from the investing public and driving thousands of companies out of business. No new start-ups=no new jobs

The SEC continues to do nothing to their rich buddies (market makers)

Here ya go

Overstock.com CEO got scammed and he has the bloomberg special on his site



I think this is the one:
Phantom Shares

I believe I found the video:

I believe I found the video: http://internetplays.vodpod.com/video/971738-phantom-shares 25 minutes long and is titled "Phantom Shares"


If anyone finds a link to

If anyone finds a link to the Bloomberg video on naked short selling, please post the link. Thanks.


This was produced and never aired on television because of backl

This was produced and never aired on television because of backlash from the likes of Bear Sterns and others.


Trade processing has no paper trail=fails to deliver of $6 billion per day.

How can we in the United

How can we in the United States compete when start-up companies are not allowed to grow and flourish.

A Concerned USXP Shareholder

A Concerned USXP Shareholder Weighs in On Honorable Chairman Cox with a BOMB.
Location: Blogs Bud Burrell - Front and Center
Posted by: bburrell 1/16/2008 3:50 PM
Dear Honorable Chairman Cox:

As a representative of the "Concerned USXP Shareholder Group" (see attached), I urgently request that you instruct your staff to make available to our group all trading data for Universal Express, Inc. (USXP.PK) that could shed light on the naked shorting that is alleged to have gone on unchecked for at least the past seven years. We have reason to believe some selected sections of the SEC, in collusion with Judge Lynch of the U.S. District Court, S. D. of NY, and the court appointed receiver Ms. Jane Moscovitz, are deliberately targeting the company due to its vociferous and brave stand on the subject of naked shorting. We have alerted our representatives in Congress who have promised to help and the case is now under review in the 2nd circuit court of appeals. It is incumbent upon you as the Chairman and Chief Protector of people's rights to a transparent market to lay to rest the mounting suspicion that the SEC is intentionally attempting to destroy this company since its erstwhile chairman and general counsel acted as the chief whistleblowers on the subject of naked shorting in general and naked shorting in USXP in particular. The company has been brutally attacked by the SEC with full cooperation from the Judge and a Receiver brought in to replace the company CEO in total disregard to judicial norm (see the appeal in the 2nd circuit court). The receiver has promptly liquidated for farthings all of the company's holdings while refusing to budge an inch to repeated requests by shareholders for an “independent third-party reconciliation” of the stock transfer register of the company.

We request that the SEC provide to us all documents in possession, control and custody of the SEC showing all naked short selling or failures to deliver shares on settlement dates of Universal Express's shares of stock on a daily, weekly and monthly basis from January 1, 1997 to and including September 4, 2007.

We, the shareholders have limited evidence of our own that shows that naked shoting was rampant with this equity over the past seven years. Prior to that, this company had already sued some naked shorters in Florida and two separate juries had awarded the company with over 700 million in damages (see attached files for details)

I and others have followed this saga for over 6 long years and I can verily write a treatise on the corrupt and unlawful trading that has gone on at the expense of thousands of common, hardworking, generally upright investors, the common man of this country. Whether the repeated mantra of rampant naked shorting is 100% true, 80% true, partly true, or even false, there is clearly enough evidence out there for one to make an intelligent surmisal that inordinate manipulation has gone on in this equity. We, the common shareholders and citizens of this country, had hoped that with the SEC's involvement, then the judiciary's involvement, the truth would become transparent. Instead, what we see is a government body (the SEC) run amuck, and officers of the court taking drastic and unorthodox steps without ever addressing the quintessential and central point in this seven-year long battle, namely whether or not the equity USXP has been severely naked shorted. The proof of this is in the SEC and DTCC's hands. I am sure you are aware of this. We humbly request that you use your considerable power and authority to instruct your staff to open the books on USXP and expalin this mystery to the shareholders once and for all.