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The Ron Paul Campaign: The Glass is Half Full, by Rand Paul

by Rand Paul MD | March 17, 2008

Analysis of Ron Paul's success or failure seems to miss the mark. Many critics point to this or that ad or this or that tactic that prevented victory. I think such analysis misses the forest for the trees.

I believe that no candidate can win the presidency without day-in and day-out, constant television coverage. In other words, unless the media grants you first tier coverage, the electorate will not vote for you in significant numbers. A large percentage of voters will not vote for a candidate they don't believe can win and that belief in "winnability" is still entirely controlled by the MSM.
That said, I think we should revel in the extraordinary successes of the campaign.

Ron Paul began with nearly zero name recognition and was relegated from the beginning by all MSM media to the second tier. I believe pundits should recognize the great strides in achieving between 5 and 10% of the vote in almost every state and receiving 11% in a Rasmussen poll running as a third party candidate. Not to mention over 20% in several caucus states, including second place in Nevada, Montana, and Louisiana.

Ron Paul's name recognition nationally now likely exceeds 50% of the electorate.

Any analysis must begin by acknowledging that many better know US Senators and Governors received less of the popular vote. Many such as Biden and Dodd received less than 1%, even though they have been staples of the Sunday morning news programs for decades. Not to mention the fact that Ron Paul trounced candidates with far greater name recognition such as Fred Thompson and Rudy Guliani.

I believe Ron Paul gained nearly the maximum possible vote in a Republican Party primary. Polls in NH show that only 6% of Republicans believe in immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Nearly 50% believe in some in-between position or reassessment of war strategy. About 30% believe in "staying the course" no matter what.

In Michigan 37% of the Republicans expressed displeasure about the Iraq War and the vast majority of these same people voted for McCain. I believe McCain’s image as someone who will challenge Bush and the establishment blinded these voters to his public comments on continuing the war for 100 years if necessary. I also believe if the poll questions asked about "immediate withdrawal" that the percentage in the Republican primary is closer to 6% nationally.

After the last NH presidential debate, I turned around to Chris Matthews and tried to get him to host Ron Paul because Fox was excluding us the next night. His eyes glazed over a bit and he thought about Ron Paul and the Iraq war. You could tell by his response. He said, you know Ronald Reagan probably wouldn't have gotten us into the Iraq War. Trying to be agreeable, I nodded my head. He then followed by adding that if McCain had been president we also probably wouldn't have gone into Iraq.

I shook my head in disbelief and reminded him that the day before McCain had made the comment that he would keep the troops in Iraq for 100 years. Matthews hemmed and hawed and said, "Oh, he's just being a good soldier now."

My take, Matthews and the liberals in the media love McCain so much for his pandering to their global warming agenda that they simply give him a pass on the war.

In the final analysis, I believe about 5-10% of the Republican Party is ready for a non-interventionist foreign policy and Ron Paul got that vote. A significant portion of the electorate heard Ron Paul's chastisement on the huge federal deficits and nodded their heads in agreement. Innumerable Republicans come up to me and love much of the Ron Paul message but can't quite come to agree with the foreign policy of non-intervention.

On foreign policy, at some level, they listened to the message about the erosion of our civil liberties but could not escape the image of helicopters fleeing the embassy in Saigon in 1975. This image still bothers many Republicans and they can't embrace a quick exit from Iraq even if they know in their heart of hearts we need to leave.
My interpretation of the Ron Paul Revolution, though a biased one as the son of the candidate, is that we should rejoice in getting 5-10% of the vote given that we got 1/1000 of the media attention and did not get enough attention to enter the realms of winnability in the public's mind.

To me, though, the campaign remains an unqualified success. My prediction for 2008: an utter crushing defeat for Republicans. Not out of anger for Ron Paul's loss, I think he won, but because Republicans are failing on two fronts: not living up to the promises of limited government and balanced budgets and failing to understand how unpopular the Iraq War has become.
One last prediction! We will elect at least one Ron Paul Republican to Congress this year

Rand Paul MD
Bowling Green, KY

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This is Ron Pauls Son

In God We Trust!
For Kevin Tuma....I don't give a hoot who's son he is. If he's demoralizing then he ought to keep HIS mouth shut! You seem to be sympathetic to him because of who he is? He is flesh and blood as are you and I and not to be exalted. You ought to join the democrats. He should keep his defeatist mouth shut. He is doing the work of the McCain camp at great cost to the Patriot moral.
You can pat his back and lick his feet if you want. I will say what I will and if you can't handle the truth, then go cry somewhere else. Your attitude is cowardly! Get out of our way all you who are cowardly and apathetic. This is about our very freedom and liberty and we are in this to win at all costs no matter who gets in our way!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

***Aimee Allen sings

Amiee Allen sings for Ron Paul ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umhHEOXil1w&feature=related ........ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBCKMTo210k ......................
more music for Ron Paul http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVrszyW9dPE&feature=related ..... Supporters march for Ron Paul .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mz7GtoKMGA&feature=related
Inspiring videos and we all like to be inspired. Go Ron Paul.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

What Ron Paul’s Candidacy Means To Me

I copied this from a blog that I wrote a few weeks ago.
What Ron Paul’s Candidacy Means To Me
Current mood: inspired
Category: News and Politics

You hear SOOO many people saying such things as "Ron Paul is a fringe candidate at best.... He can't win.... Why are you wasting your vote.... blah blah blah"


I don't think that most people even realize THE POINT of this campaign! Sure it would be incredible for Ron Paul to take the Presidency! (and I for one am NOT giving up until it is totally over- if even then) I believe that Dr. Paul started this campaign to educate the public on what the government is up to and what "We the People" can do to change it! It was to inspire a new breed of Congressional Representatives who still believe in FREEDOM to step forward and run for office. It was a warning to the people who would listen that our monetary system and the economy are going in the toilet faster than we realize and personally we'd better stop spending like drunken sailors and start diversifing our portfolios with commodities. It was a message to the younger generations that America was not intended to be the Police State that they have grown up in and are sadly becoming accustomed to. (like when you can't smell the stench if you've grown up in a garbage dump) Ron Paul's candidacy was a message to the world that AMERICANS aren't ALL stupid, war-mongering assholes! That the idea of personal FREEDOM and RESPONSIBILITY is not lost on ALL of us.... just the maniacs who have seized control of our elections over recent decades. Ron Paul has done ALL of this and MORE!! He makes us think, question, see, hear, understand and FIGHT!

To me and many others the term "Ron Paul" is no longer just the name of the brave & brilliant freedom fighter we know and love, it has also become an adjective describing truth, wisdom, courage, responsibility, change and most importantly.... PERSONAL FREEDOM & LIBERTY!

I believe that Dr. Paul has relit the torch of Freedom that will someday grow into an INFERNO! This man will go down in history as the Father of America's new generation. Dr. Paul's campaign was a gift to every American. One that we will be forever grateful for.


"There are none so blind as those who will not see. The most deluded people are those who choose to ignore what they already know." -John Heywood 1546
Dr. Ron Paul is my HERO!

Rand, get with the program, man!

Rand, get with the program, man, your tone is defeatist What on earth are you saying, you don't believe anyone can be elected president without constant television coverage? This is the 21st century! - there are hugely successful rock bands that never get played on the msm because they threaten to sue any mainstream radio stations which broadcast their music! They don't want msm recognition! Why then are you whining about it?

If you think msm recognition is so important, what on earth were you thinking when you let those ads for Ron Paul run on mainstream radio and tv? Who the hell designed those ads? They were absolutely awful. Boring, uninspiring, uninformative. A complete waste of opportunity and money. There's no excuse either - youtube alone brims with fabulous ron paul videos!. Where did you find those advertising video makers you used - in the incompetent old fart's bin?

You predict "at least one Ron Paul republican' will be elected to congress. Pathetic, man. There is an old expression, "to damn with faint praise". You damn with faint encouragement.

Are you saying that Rand

Are you saying that Rand Paul was running his Dad's campaign? I was under the impression the awful TV ads came from the RP staff and campaign HQ...?

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

You agree the ads were awful!

I see you agree, Kevin Tuma, that those TV ads were awful.

I'm assuming, as Rand seems to speak for his father here, that he has been intimately involved in the campaign and would therefore have been privy to decisions about advertising. He certainly regards tv exposure as essential, so I would think the media ad campaign would be a foremost consideration for him.

If it wasn't, it should have been. Those ads were a tremendous opportunity to enlighten the masses and promote the ron paul revolution. It was a tremendous opportunity utterly, and at great expense, wasted.

Believe me, if I had been intimately involved in the campaign - and I gather you too - those miserable ads would never have seen the light of day. Who was the incompetent who organized and approved of the campaign advertising? We are going forward, and we may well need more tv and radio spots. Whoever was responsible for selecting the last ones should be sacked. We need to make sure someone with vision, creativity, energy and half a brain is in charge of this important function.

Also, does anyone know why the donation counter is no longer operative at the campaign website?

Right on

Truthout reveals that the regional campaign staffer who had to be asked twice to work for the campaign, has not contributed one dime to Ron Paul, only the GOP. When staffers join meetups and sabotage groups...this campaign has done everything it could to not win and destroy it's own rEVIOLtution. It's pretty apparent the Paul family never intended to get this far, didn't want to get this far and don't want to go any further. Daddy/Grand dad has his job back as congressman from craddle to grave to a generation and that's all they wanted...they didn't want this and now Rand here is telling us about the TV. And he calls this the glass half full? He's cracked, and that's why.

Half Full....

No one is perfect.... not sure we could ever demand perfection from anyone, but we do demand success. I had the pleasure of visiting HQ briefly last week and everyone was busy working for the cause, they were warm and polite. Hard working and friendly works for me.

In other news... the ads didn't work. Pickup the pieces and learn from the experiences and move on. Folks, one thing I'm very sure of and that is that a percentage of my neighbors are waking up on their own... sorta hard not to think something bad is wrong here. They are looking for a solution, so lets join arms and give them the honorable Dr. Paul, his family and his staff.

You all have my support. You won't get anymore money from me due to the very bad ads but that's another story... donating my monies locally at this point in time...

-Ramblin Randy
No More Constitutional Lip Service. They can blabber and steal Ron Paul's talking points... but they can't stand on them..!

Ramblin Randy

B Grade Ads

We needed "messages" that moved the heart and mind.

Instead of getting advertisements the likes of 750 Ton 4x4 Caterpillar Earth Movers... we ended up with drab, worn out... low on compression Moped Scooters.... leaking oil, blowing smoke... and why hell they stank too.

Tomorrow is a wonderful gift... let us work together and use it wisely. Go Go Go Ron Paul.

Ramblin Randy
Project Sunshine... Time to send the clouds to the McCain Camp...!

Ramblin Randy

Never Ever Give Up

In God We Trust!
How can any of us who are fighting for the very life of this country, our freedoms and God given liberties say it's over? We have come so far in such a short time and against such great odds. We have given our time and our money and our energies and we will not listen to any more negative speaches. I am very angry at Rand's defeatist message and he ought to be scolded for his weakening the spirit of good Patriots who are looking for encouragement.
Get the hell out of the fox hole Rand and go home with your tail tucked between your legs! We are in this to win! Put the money counter back on the site Rand!!!!!!!!! You do not speak for ANY of us. We are fighting this to the very end whatever that may bring and the good Lord is always with us, so good by to everyone who is willing to just roll over and die and let the black boots step on the very neck of your children because of your lazy arses and pathetic attitude of quitting while we are on our way to war with these hellish people who are opposed to us and our way of life. We will not be with you. Do you think that freedom and liberty are just going to jump into your lap? Pray to God that we continue!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~

This is Ron Paul's son

This is Ron Paul's son you're denouncing, you loudmouthed twit.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I think the evidence suggests

rather strongly that the turning point in the campaign hinged not on MSM coverage but rather on weak performances in the debates and overall lack of strategy.


Home runs

Well Mr. Daddy, For your information, Dr. Paul hit home runs in every debate.
Of coarse most of them went over the heads of most conventional; thinking morons. Obvuiously you are one of those.
Preforming is axactly what any of the so called front runners do.
Pandering and lip service preformances...
No thank you, I prefer substance and truth for Liberty.. even if it's a bit hard to swallow.
Brent Cole Sr.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


Brent Cole Sr.

"One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.”


Another plant....

Nice try whos ever daddy that you are.
It hurts dosnt it? Just to know that the heat is getting a little hot for you.
If you cant stand the heat. Get out !
Go play in the cold with the other cold hearts.
We the people are in this until the end.
We will prevail. You can count on that.

Bull Pucky...!

Poor debate performace... your opinon maybe ?

When 80 year old citizens walk up to me and quietly tell me that "Ron Paul is the smartest man on that stage" I'm inclined to think he's doing just fine up there. As a boots on the ground Meetup member I've seen 2 groups of voters: those that hear the message and quickly get it... then there are those who have never heard the message.

And let me not forget... of course there are those who try to divide us... easy to spot them...

-Ramblin Randy
50 States - 50 Marches

Ramblin Randy

Well, of course, its my opinion.

I certainly wasn't voicing someone else's opinion. I am, and have been, a supporter of Dr. Paul. I voted for him in '88. He gave a few great answers in the debates but, as many RP supporters have noted, overall he was not effective enough to gain votes. A hard pill to swallow, but true.

In retrospect, the good Dr. should have hired someone to help him polish his performance. As we know, he has the best ideas, he just couldn't package and deliver them.


Thank you Dr. Paul

Just in case you decide the republican nomination in impossible remember you are our leader, this video shows how you brought us together and your impact in 2008 can ( shall ) be terrific and more impressive than your best days of 2007. .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XpCGybmrFjw&feature=related
If the nomination becomes impossible then I suggest you continue this revolution this way. Dr. Paul

The revolution is just waiting for an encouraging word from Ron Paul....... before you started you were one voice but you are now hundreds of thousands or maybe millions .... see ... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0AzHrb54xOg
Songs are being created, & videos commercials created, ......we need a word from Ron Paul saying the revolution is in full force.
Lets see how much money we can raise and how large of an awareness we can make by advertising and make it obvious that the ""media has blacked"" out his message.
We can run the ads on the media that is owned by smaller company's and personally I suggest here that; msm does not deserve our advertising money or to even be in business.
Dr Ron Paul can say something like I am no longer seeking the republican nomination and am not seeking the office of president.
Launch a campaign not to be president of the world, he is now campaigning to make all people running for office to take these stands in their campaign literature and join this revolution to accomplish 3 things.
1. Make it clear that the reason he ran in the first place was ...........(the let him fill out the why??
2. To get the country back to its constitution, and
3. What ever he wants to say. .............................................. and say he will not accept the nomination unless they put a plank in the platform to uphold the U.S. constitution.
In his speeches make it clear that he does not believe in voting machines and the amount of time given him equaled a blackout by the msm from Xmas on to kill his campaign
In other words we run a non campaign. a what if campaign ...... and by doing a ""not for president campaign"" it would become an education campaign to raise the awareness of the public of the fraud in media and politics.
He needs to say to us ... via this and other support sites that he would be willing to run this educational campaign if we put together a new fundraiser to pay for that campaign by donating 100 million dollars. We can do it!
Donations from all of us can be as much as we want ...................even 100 million each ( as if any of us have that much ) if he is not seeking the nomination.
And we need more congressmen elected that will stand with him in the House of Representatives because the federal government ..........can not ..... can not ........ spend any money for anything without the House creating the spending bill .The Senate and the President can not spend without the house.
Let the supporters create 30 and 60 second commercials and let us vote on the best ones, and then he can spend the donations to air those commercials.
What I am really saying is that whither the nomination is possible
I want to join with all of you Ron Paul supporters and finance him to deliver his freedom message clear up until the November election.

Liberty is our campaigns gift to the world it is our manifest destiny.
Freedom is a movement who's time has come. Our campaign will lead world wide freedom.

Very good analysis by Rand

Very good analysis by Rand Paul.

Thomas Jefferson 1796, 1800, 1804; James Madison 1808, 1812; Ron Paul 1988, 2008, 2012; Rand Paul 2016.


Why do you give so much power to the main stream media ? People are waking up... seriously waking up. McCain and Romney on TV argued about about the same side of the issue. Obama and Clinton argue daily... like a broken record.

We CAN still wake up the population by becoming the media. Go Ron Paul...

-Ramblin Randy
No More Constitutional Lip Service. They can blabber and steal Ron Paul's talking points... but they can't stand on them..!

Ramblin Randy

Reality is

That the media RELISH their self-appointed role as winnowers of the field of presidential candidates. They literally see this as their JOB, and they do it well. And because the media is concentrated in the hands of less than half a dozen major media corporations, they are very effective.

Yes, it sucks. Yes, it makes me angry. Yes, I used to work in the media and was stymied every step along the way when I tried to break free from the Matrix.

But again, the reality is: THEY own 14,000 radio stations, 10,000 TV stations, 500 cable channels, all the cable systems, and 99% of the printed media based on circulation numbers. Yes, they are powerful. I wish I knew a surefire way to beat them, because joining them sure didn't work.

As long as the media explicitly believe and act as though their job function is to winnow the field of presidential candidates, this is the system we are forced to confront. Maybe in the future they will just lose all interest in the presidential races. Then, and only then, could we compete on a level playing field.

Sorry to disappoint. I know we still have a chance, but yes, the media *IS* to blame, and yes, we should point our fingers at them. Not that they care, but in the effort to wake people up from trusting the MSM.


Disappointed Heck NO

Our grass roots has been the most successful grass roots ever (given the short time we've been on the job). I'm just not so sure our job is finished.

Thomas Jefferson tells us the best way to prevent tyrannical government is to have a educated citizenery. We don't have have the airwaves ( they tell us they are public airways har har ) but.... we do have printers and dvd burners.

Many, I tell you many of the folks I work with in the school system are waking up. Many of the folks I brush up along side on the business side of my day are way past waking up... disgusted and not afraid to say so. The tide has turned... and it's running in our favor... seriously...! Now we just have to "shake and wake" the sleeping...

-Ramblin Randy
No More Constitutional Lip Service. They can blabber and steal Ron Paul's talking points... but they can't stand on them..!

Ramblin Randy

Invest in production

Take your money out of the bank and use it to produce something that you and your neighbors will need, don't depend on the Chinese anymore.

Great advice

because it's about UTILIZATION (not accumulation). You can have the same money working for you over an over again. Keep it in a separate account and deposit 15-20% of your paycheck (or whatever you are currently contributing to a 401k) and use and re-use it yourself. Forget the 401k where you have no control - it is the stock market, after all.

Rand KNOWS: Hillary has got it LOCKED up

Look at the MEDIA machine go into OVERDRIVE for her...

Bryan Maletesta is RIGHT - we might lose this battle - but what about the WAR!

The Revolution was from 1774 until 1781 - Yorktown happened!

(then the founders, Benjamin Franklin included, oversaw the first printing of the Bible in english specifically for use in our public schools!!!)

She will BEAT Obama down, then extend her hand and pull him up to be her running-mate and the crowd will go "wild" - then she'll start a war with Iran & yadda yadda yadda

While she's distracted running the world & obeying her masters -

we will - one by one - be taking elected office and committing acts of civil disobedience when they try to take our guns -

just financially support & get the Ron Paul guys elected to every level of government who are running for office RIGHT NOW

guys like me..


Maybe we'll have some individual state's get their budgets in order - and we can each RESIST chips in our driver's licenses

John E. Eleniewski

John E. Eleniewski

We want to educate ourselves and learn to stand on our own!

I've been involved in the Producer Revolution and highly recommend this website. You will learn how to Produce even in these troubling times. With economic production, comes economic freedom; with that economic freedom comes responsibility to assist others in accomplishing the same objective.

Go the this site and read current and archived articles and be prepared to become free. Included in this site are 13 Key Principles to Prosperity, and if we learn and follow these principles, same ones utilized by our founding fathers, we will be the ones who continue the r3VOLution Education is key to prosperity! It's not easy and takes time.

Just how badly do you want it? Turn your brains on and go to work!
Now that we are not watching TV and have turned off cable, this should be a snap.

Then come to dailypaul and post ideas to produce and NOT remain in the consumer mode and worry about "stuff".


Enjoy and tell me what you think.

Thank you!

Get your kids out of the

Get your kids out of the government’s socialist indoctrination mills, sometimes called “public” education, NOW. The Schools are funded by the filled seat. He that takes the Kings coin IS the Kings man. The “public” schools are the garden of the weeds we labor against! Home educate!

Culture is Religion externalized.

Homeschooling is the way

I agree wholeheartedly that homeschooling is the way to go. Also, another resource to read is John Taylor Gatto's, "The Underground History of American Education." It's lengthy but jammed full of information about the history of compulsory - forced - education.

Thanks for the addition

This is a must do! You can hook up with others who are home schooling and share your time, talents, and unique abilities! Kids can graduate at 14 and 15 and have more insight into the world not waste time "attending" waste-less hrs. at school. Then the forced vaccines should not be an issue either.

I recommend "A Thomas Jefferson Education" and the "Home Companion". This is a good start. It explains the history of schooling and offers guidelines on how to teach to the greatest benefit for everyone.

My Comment? Thanks Rand for

My Comment? Thanks Rand for the commentary... Now I can understand the jist of the message and I see a sort of "there is no chance of winning, we got our message out". I have to differ... It's not over, by far.... The key is in the delegates. Lincoln also had a 5% popularity vote, but his delegation made fruadulant tickets to get into the newly built convention center. In the end, they got there early, this left no room for the other delegates and Lincoln won the nomination. Use your head in what needs to be done in your county and state convention. If you are not bound in any way, vote your best candidate. If your state delegates are bound through any votes... fix that issue at the county and state.

Join the PPA for Free
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