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"Join or Die"

Day 1:
Do you remember the first time you found Ron Paul? Not the time when you were told or just heard of him, but the time when it clicked? The moment you read or heard his message and you got the chill?

There is still so much unrest with the media picked candidates. Now more than ever I am hearing people fighting back and fourth about Clinton and Obama. McCain is almost a non issue. The WAR (5 years running) is more unpopular than ever before.

The reason I am asking about day 1 is, I want us all to come together and reignite the fire we all had. When we all fed this campaign underground and made huge waves in the medias plans. Now is the time. I don't know if that means a money bomb or a march, but I do know that we need to get Ron Paul's name back in the media. If we can re kindle the fire, I truely believe we have a hell of a shot.

WAR = people want it to end
DOLLAR = losing tremendous value

These are huge key issues people (everyday people) are just now waking up to.

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For some of us

the fire never went out.I don't have a car but I am hitching a
ride and going across the mountains to go to the state
convention next month as a delegate.My brother in-law is
spending thousand to go to the national convention as he was elected in Alaska last week end
and will be taking my sister with
him to help out.Today we all got an email from my daughter
telling us how proud she was of us for fighting for this country.
Heck,we are just getting started!!

Everyone I know is a Ron Paul supporter!

No one likes McInsane.
The choice is destroy the GOP for Ron or support McCain and the sickly GOP.
Support the guys who gave us Bush.
Gotta think about that!
Support the destruction of the Constitution.
Support the destruction of American true values and history.
Screw'em, they're toast!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Watch and feel the power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i can attest to the fact

i can attest to the fact that over the past two weeks people have been coming to me asking about Ron Paul and what's going on. it feels good to be honest.

i can't put into words how happy i am i found Ron Paul. i suffer from a pretty bad case of ptsd. i honestly only leave the house to hit the gym. then it's right back here where i feel most comfortable. the one thing that gets me out is the events my meetup group puts together. there's just something about Dr. Paul that makes me feel like i have to do what i can. after the army i truly hated politicians. i wasn't paying any attention to the race at all. then around September i stumbled upon Paul. by November i knew i had found a politician who proved me wrong. they aren't all the same. and i plan on going down fighting to get that man elected.

No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in - Bill Hicks

I'm experiencing the same

I'm experiencing the same thing with people who didn't seem interested in Ron Paul previously now asking me more questions about him. Those two people are Democrats, not sure which Democrat they support - but they not seem incredibly interested in our champion RP. These are good things happening.


I remember

And I am ready!!!

I am here

I talk to people about Paul every day. I don't even initiate the conversations. People come to me. Meanwhile, I've been glued to the internet watching the markets.

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