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Will We Reach 2 Million This Month

What happened ,is everybody waiting for Nov. 5th ?

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Lets do

Lets do it!

Helping America understand why freedom matters.
support it!

Helping America understand why freedom matters.
support it!

I'm sure.. we'll get the offical word soon.

Mike, any word? :D


I heard a radio interview with Jesse Benton yesterday saying that they had raised 200k through non internet donations but I don't know if they added it .

Something odd is going on with the 2.2M

The 2.2M figure does NOT jive with the feed from the LadyLiberty thing... something strange is going on here.

Best Case Scenario -- they have started adding the NON-WEB money into the total shown on the widget, but that they are NOT adding that to the feed in order to not disrupt the web-trend graphing. (This would match u8p with the concept that 70 to 75% of donations are via the web. Taking the feed total of 1.78M and add the extra 25% from offline donations and you get around 2.2 -2.3 M)

Worst Case Scenario -- something is screwed up with the Lady Liberty widget programming.

So don't get all excited yet folks.

oh yeah

i just saw the jump too, it was at 1.8 just 3 hours ago... i was down all day cuz the numebrs were slow but this is a nice surprise.

Calm down guys...

Remember that the FEC can be fickle, maybe that $400k jump were just until recently just unconfirmed donations.


Mb I just missed your point, but whether the reason is that they were previously unconfirmed or not.....why should we calm down about the jump??? lol It's a jump either way....so the reason doesn't really matter..... ; )

Don't get me wrong!

I'm not saying to not get excited (I'm giddy myself), what I meant is that people shouldn't think that it's an error on the website.

hollywood fundraiser

it said on the ronpaul2008.com site that there was going to be a hollywood fundraiser after they filmed for leno.


visit fdassault.com

Tom Cruise

Maybe Tom Cruise will become a fan on the show, come to the party, and buy a Ron Paul T-shirt for 50 grand....or do something really good. After seeing all those flowers and hearing Ron, how could he not?

Come on Tom, we need ya.

Bob W., Naples, FL


For all that don't think this is crazy, how about we envision lady liberty lighting up to 4 million on the 31st.

It will be a test to see if it just may work in envisioning Ron in the Whitehouse. Let's have some fun with this as Ron insists we do.

Bob W., Naples, FL

We just may reach our goal

Whatever the reason we jumped to 2.2mil., very encouraging. With Ron's appearance on Lenno before month's end and only needing 1.8 mil., we can do this. It will take approx. 260k per diem.

We need a money bomb this Friday (payday) if one is not scheduled. There are no more weekends this month.

Bob W., Naples, FL

Disparity between RP Site Ticker and DP Ticker?

Is there a reason the jump hasn't shown up on the DP Ticker??? I'm hoping this doesn't mean that 450K jump is a mistake....

'Hope Across America'

We need new blood directed to this site , It is the only way! Check out "Hope Across America Radio Initiative" it will do just that.

Again, relax.

Again, relax.

Tuesday is the slowest day of the week. And we only BARELY missed last tuesday's numbers.


Ron Paul at 2.2 Million

How did Ron Paul get over 400k$ today?!


I saw the 400k jump and was like wtf? ... so I rebooted (link pinchin' youself) and its still there... W00T !! that put us within reach of the monthly goal. how sweet would that be to get the 4 mil monthly goal then after ...get nov.the %th and 11th and the money bombs ... wow money is such a motivator :P

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Holy Money explosion

I just saw the same thing....unbelievable! It was well under 1.8 mil earlier today. If this is not a mistake............WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!!

You are awesome Revolution.

Bob W., Naples, FL

1 of 2 things

1. They updated it with the offline fundraising
2. They audited their cash and found some pocket change

My guess is #1.


Um, I just checked the official site because I wanted to see if funds had picked up for the day. Everyone's in for a surprise. We're up well past 2.2 million, so either the ticker was broken and only just updated in earnest, or some serious funds were raised all at once.

"People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people." - V for Vendetta

Increase maybe the mailed in checks???

yeah i saw it at 1.775 at 10:00......4 hours later 2.2 million....that's over half a million today....mb they hadn't cashed the mail in contributions until today for the month and added it as a lump sum????

I sincerely hope not.

I really hope it's not a mistake. How amazing would it be to have $400,000 in one day. And it's not even November 5th yet!


The feeling of excitement I just got from seeing the number jump 400k leads me to believe the 5th is going to be incredible.

"People should not be afraid of their governments; governments should be afraid of their people." - V for Vendetta

Yeah ... me too!

I'm personally in for _way_ more than $100 on the 5th. I think I can swing about $300-$400 and my hope is that many of the current 8000+ "subscribers" to thisnovember5th.com will do the same. If the subscriptions track as they have for the next 11 days we might be well over 15,000 strong--even if everybody "just" donates $100, that's 1.5 M cool-ones in a single day!--much more if the majority or even a large percentage of us can dig deeper than $100. This is going to be fun to be a part of ....

Keep In Mind

I'm sure there are a lot of people who didn't subscribe to the 5th of November who would love to donate on the 5th, but would rather do without the e-mails every day.