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$432,000 jump in Oct fundraising numbers!

You may have seen the extra $432K in Lady Liberty on the main site by now:


I decompiled the flash code, and they literally add a hard coded 432000 to the online donation total. Why didn't they just add the numbers directly to the database instead of update the Flash app? Weird!

I don't know why they did it, but I assume they're adding in the offline donations. Although, it would be nice to get an official answer.


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Just wait....

until RP hits Hollywood. He will probably raise $200,000 in one day.

that's not what the 432000 means...

I'm looking at the flash code too and first of all, the number is 432000000 not 432,000. Secondly, it looks like it has something do with the date. You'll notice that in the other sprite lines with the exact same script, other values are added including 1641600000 and 259200000 among others.

In addition, if they WERE to add an amount from offline donations, I seriously doubt it would be such an even number as 432000. It would be the exact value raised.

This way they didn't "throw off" the ronpaulgraphs.com stuff

If they had added the offline total to the "feed" they would be screwing up the trend graphing for the ronpaulgraphs.com website and stuff.

I suspect it was a hasty "decision" to make certain that the offline dollars were reflected in the main site widget... to counter the "sadness" of the donations the last few days.

Hopefully they will do something to reach a better resolution with the offline and online donation totals, one that won't screw up the feeds and graphs but will still reflect the FULL total raised so far in the 4Q. (If you notice, the widget on DailyPaul and other sites does NOT include the $432K offline totals.)

True, true, true..

But surely the off line total is WAY more than that..
Personally, I think you've got to leave it all separate, online & off line. When we raise as much as we damn well can. And may feel a bit dejected if we don't make the goal. The offline donations come flowing in! :D

Well, it appears we have an offline job to do!

Well, it appears we have an offline job to do! It seems we need to help get people motivated to donate.


They added the radio donations, into Lady Liberty...? The no. seems familiar does it not?

that's what I thought, but...

I thought the same thing, but they asked for $430K not $432K. Plus, at least the online portion of that goal was already accounted for as could be see at ronpaulgraphs.com. They wouldn't go double adding it - or at least they should not.


I was wondering if they were ever gonna show offline totals on here. It is encouraging to see that Dr. Paul raised enough I think we're on track to break 12 million.

Task for tomorrow for me - Print out some RP posters to put up around campus.. now to find a good poster...

"we fear change, especially nickels"

RP Posters, Jedi

If not aware, there were some nice flyers to download on the site a couple of weeks ago.....look back in archives. They have a bunch of tear-offs at the bottom with the website name.

Bob W., Naples, FL

well, not so fast...

We're still a bit behind on our fundraising goal, but this is a good development.

For sure......

I'm very curios as well. And pleased.