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A friend sugested I post this here - Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Consider Ron Paul

There is virtually NO difference between the majority of Republicans or Democrats when it comes to selling out our country to foreign interests. Of the presidential candidates which ones are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR): Rudy Giuliani (R) John McCain (R), Mitt Romney (R), Jim Gilmore (R), Newt Gingrich (R), Hillary Clinton (D), Barack Obama (D), John Edwards (D), Fred Thompson (D), Bill Richardson (D). In fact, all of the “mainstream” candidates, Democrats and Republicans, are willing to sell our country and our constitutional rights to the globalists.

WAKE UP AMERICA! Your government and its policies are being manipulated by the CFR and other unelected elitist groups and their goal is a “new world order”. They are not enacting the will of the American people rather the will of the global bankers and corporations. Admiral Chester Ward, former CFR member and Judge Advocate General of the U.S. Navy said this about the CFR; "The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of U.S. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government." Interesting, so ask why are your elected officials CFR members? Richard N. Haass, current president of the CFR wrote this “Globalization thus implies that sovereignty is not only becoming weaker in reality, but that it needs to become weaker. States would be wise to weaken sovereignty in order to protect themselves” Sounds like a veiled threat to me. The mainstream media will continue to keep the public ignorant of the power, influence and goals of the CFR. Seek out varied sources of information and challenge yourself to discover the truth.

Look into: The NAFTA super highway AKA Trans-Texas Corridor. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), which is the organization that is leading us towards the creation of the North American Union (NAU) and ultimately the “Amero” currency without consulting Congress or the American People. Do you want to be integrated into Canada and Mexico without a vote? The current Bush administration has been secretly making agreements to this end. That is multinational corporate socialism at its best with no regard to the will of the American people. Take the time to learn about the Federal Reserve: how it was formed in 1913 and by whom and what they actually do. They print money we pay interest! It is truly unbelievable how the whole thing works.

You are loosing your most sacred constitutional liberties and freedoms faster than at any time in the history of our country. Most egregious, On October 17, 2006, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 was signed, which suspended habeas corpus allowing the president to declare any American citizen an “enemy combatant” and end your rights to seek legal or judicial relief from unlawful imprisonment. Do remember when you were a kid and you would hear about Turkish prisons and how they could lock you up and through away the key. How you could be proud because you lived in a just country where one was innocent until proven guilty, not anymore. The founding fathers are rolling in their graves over this tyranny. WAKE UP AMERICA!

If you: are a patriot be it left, middle or right, want the war in Iraq to end, want America to stop medaling in other nations affairs, want secure borders and controlled immigration, are tired of the use of fear to promote failed policies that strip our liberties as in the war on poverty, drugs, terrorism or the next Saddam. If you believe military force is justified only in self-defense and aggression is the realm of dictators. If you believe government should balance their budget as you have to. If you believe in the requirement that law enforcement obtain a warrant before searching as one of the essential protections against abuse of government power. If you believe the monetary policies of your government and the privately owned Federal Reserve contributed to the housing and .com bubbles. Finally, if you believe The Constitution of the United States is the REAL contract with America, then register as a Republican, I had to, and vote for Ron Paul in the Republican Primary.

Ron Paul is not a member of the CFR or a poll-sniffing politician. His message is clear, he doesn’t waver in his convictions and his voting record is 99.9% consistent. He will respect, protect and restore your rights, liberties and the Constitution! I don’t agree with all of his views yet he has clearly identified the core underling issues our country is facing, he has given me back a sense of hope and patriotism. You owe it to yourself and your country to listen to this man for a moment. His speech on the House Floor about patriotism is a real eye opener!

Join the Revolution.

google Ron Paul!

Paul T

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Save Away

Thanks, it went to the local MSM paper first but they said it was conspiratorial and wouldn’t print it so I sent it to the weekly alternative paper.


Paul T

Great Letter!

I find myself wanting to grab everyone by the shoulders and shake them and give them this message myself as well, but you DO know there are plenty of people who won't do the research you suggest and just brush you off a conspiracy theorist, don't you? I prefer the approach of getting to know what concerns each individual and tailoring Ron Paul's message to them. Almost everyone can find something they like about him.

I also understand that you're sending this to a publication so you can't tailor it to individuals. Does the publication you're sending this to have a following open to such a letter? Let me know how it goes...

You guessed it

Got this from the MSM editor,

Thanks for your submission. However, we can't use it. We try to stick with legitimate public policy debate - and avoid conspiracy theories - on the editorial page.

It is noted that the letter I posted here is slightly different than the one I sent to the MSM paper.


Paul T

Letter to the editor

Good letter!

Where are you sending that? I'm gonna save it, if you don't mind.