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The Repaulican Party Logo

Here's a Repaulican Party Logo. It's supposed to illustrate the taking control back of politics.

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his right hand could hold

his right hand could hold the constitution.. just a parchment with "We the People.." would get the idea across. This would be consistent with Ron's central message and method.


..Without the truth we have nothing

I like it!

I saw a rein and not a whip, but if it's causing so much controversy maybe it could be deleted. I don't think that would detract from the message.

RP logo

Good job!

I like the whip. Made me think that RP is taking back control of the Republican party and riding back in for liberty!

yeah, but...

...you don't need a whip if you lead with wisdom

It's supposed to be a rein,

It's supposed to be a rein, not a whip.

"Might does not make right"

yeah, but...

unfortunately, it looks very much like a whip.

besides, aesthetically speaking, the image doesn't need it. it's distracting.

that's all i'm sayin.

very cool

i dig it.

i'd change the color of the "paul" in "Re-paul-ican" to red.

...and i'd lose the whip.


That's agood idea! I'll

That's agood idea! I'll change it to red. But that is not a whip, it's supposed to be a rein.

"Might does not make right"