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RP schmoozing with the Hollywood crowd.

Check out the invite for the Hollywood fundraiser!


RP might be getting some face time with some stars in some of the Hollywood mags! There's gotta be plenty of starpower out there that is loving RP for his get us out of Iraq plan. Check out the address on the invitation, Mullholland Dr., pretty fancy digs there. I wonder who the private residence is?

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Hey gronga

Thanks for the belly laugh. Yes, please not Tom Cruise.

RP in Hollywood

There are some pretty hardcore anti-war folks out there in Hollywood with a lot of clout. You know how Americans treat Hollywood stars like royalty. The Clintons were smart in exploiting their relationships with some of the Hollywood elite. Hilly still does it, but many are on to her bs. With the new Iraq war numbers being put out last night by msm, the anti-war stance is probably on peoples minds right now more than anything.

We keep seeing these trillion and billion dollar money figures thrown around so blatantly that many folks just glaze over, but when they said last night that it'll cost the equivelant of $8000 for every man, woman and child in America, I am sure it got more attention than usual.

I think RP is going to do well out there.

Hey MashTheGas, Just

Hey MashTheGas,

Just curious, who are you talking about? Just wondering which Hollywood Big-Hitters you were referring to because besides the John Mayer youTube video I haven't heard of anyone speaking up about it. Well, Charlie Sheen. I don't have a TV though so maybe msm covered some things I never heard about.



I have seen many anti-war Hollywood types and activists that get pretty vocal.

Susan Serandon, Tim Roberts, Sean Penn, Steven Spielberg, Bill Maher, etc. I am not really plugged into a lot of Hollywood info, but I see the names pop up when they're in their activist roles.

I did not mean they were specifically for RP. I said hardcore ant-war. I think the John Mayer video is a stretch, he was drunk and it looked kinda staged. Mayer didn't OPENLY endorse RP, he was caught babbling after coming out of a bar. I could be wrong.


No, no - you are right about John Mayer. He maybe or become a RP supporter but that video didn't prove it. I knew what you meant I was just wondering what you'd heard about anti-war types. I'm fairly plugged in to Hollywood happenings but you know just like politics there is so much going on it is impossible to keep up with everything. Kelsey Grammer's yacht is in front of my apartment (we live about 20 or 30 feet from the water and can see boats from our apartment window). We've (us and our neighbors) seen him out there a few times and are hoping to catch him one day while wearing RP hats and T-shirts to say "Hey". Love for him to take me for a spin on his Azimut...I'll be testing the "Law of Attraction" on that one. lol.

Ha, ha, ha!!! Sorry, I'm in

Ha, ha, ha!!! Sorry, I'm in a silly mood so don't take offense. I had a different impression of certain areas until I moved here (well, actually I was born in Downey, grew up outside of Palm Springs then moved to Reno for thirteen years and now I'm back in So. Cal and very happy about it). I love living here but some things just boggled my mind when I first started exploring the area and now they make me laugh. Like Beverly Hills has some of the worst potholes you can imagine - weird, right?

If the RP campaign is plugged in enough to arrange this I am sure they are plugged in enough to handle the PR. I don't know about the stars showing up cuz so many of them are linked to Hillary but we'll see I'm hoping they'll surprise me. If some big names are there I'm sure the paparazzi will be on top of that so no need to worry. A friend of mine lives on the same street as Paris Hilton when the whole carting Paris off to jail thing happened and the traffic completely plugged up the street. The helicopters were really noisy-he said it was horrible, such a circus. They KNOW where the stars are trust me.

Should we tip off the celebrity mags?

Should we tip off the celebrity mags? Interest and endorsements from famous people are very influential and some attendees may welcome publicity about their proud association with Dr.Paul. On the other hand some may value their privacy highly and we shoudn't disrespect them.

Ideas? Maybe the official campaign should handle.

I'm for...

Not telling the mags. All their BS. Think they'll do a serious article, about Liberty or anything. I may be being 'tight assed', as name recognition is what he needs most. Just I don't feel like name recognition is going to be gained much from celeb mags. Don't they usually trash celebs? RP is above all this.

Oh please...

not Tom Cruise.....

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