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VERY IMPORTANT: We need to remind people to change their registration

There are an astounding number of people who don't know that they must be registered Republican to vote for Dr. Paul. We need to do what we can to remind people of this as registration deadlines are fast approaching (or already passed).

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Here is the link


This site gives a chart with the party change deadlines. This is only necessary if your state holds closed primaries, which this site will tell you.

i need advice!!!

I recently convinced my sister to vote for Dr Paul in the Newhampshire primary. I know you have to register republican so I asked her if she had ever voted republican. She gave me a would I ever vote for Bush look and then told me she voted for clinton in college. Can she still vote in the primary for Ron Paul?...if yes then there is an added problem....she will be overseas during the primary ....so can she somehow cast a vote before?...dunno sounds impossible but i really worked on that vote and i dont want to let it go...HELP!!!

Ok, first: In NH you can

Ok, first: In NH you can vote in the Republican party if you are registered Republican OR as an Independant. Since she's not registered Republican, ask her if she's registered Independant. The registration deadline for NH is passed so if she's not it's too late. Ask her to check because if she WAS registered Independant and then voted Dem, sometimes the registration get changed to Dem (because techincally Independants can't vote in the NH primary...they just "re-register" right before they vote, if that makes any sense).

As far as being out of town, tell her to call her local gov't and get an absantee ballot.

And one last thing. If you're a Ron Paul supporter and you don't live in NH, you should come join the fun!! (see below)

"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out...and if you like it, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul


"I am a friend of the Free State Project. Check it out, join and continue the effort!" -- Rep. Ron Paul