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What is missing form this poll?


I stumbled upon this while searching for straw poll results. I don't know who is running this site, but it seems odd that the man who has been kicking more straw poll fanny than anyone else is absent from the list of choices at gopstrawpolls dot freaking com!

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I took the poll and clicked unacceptable for all the candidates and finished the other questions. If you look at the result % it has (NONE) as one result. I think the more that one fills up they will get the message.

They have a link for RP's website there, but he does not show up on the poll choices. I think RP is more popular than some of us really realize!

fill it out...

I completed this poll

all candidates are unacceptable and the rest of the survey if great

That's weird

I could swear I voted for Ron Paul in this poll a while back. Maybe they took his name off the list.

Thats why I voted...

Them all unacceptable..