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Where did this 200k plus come from????

That a look at lady liberty below, then take a look at the ronpaul2008 site, it looks like they must have updated that number with offline contributions!!!

Now we are at up to around 2.22 million, with almost a full week to go. Is it time to pour on the magic and shoot for the 4 million goal? I'm personally up to just over a grand given so far and this has me thing I might go for $500 sometime this week, if I can somehow scape it together (I'll still do the November 5 and 11 ones too)

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Need a marker on the graph

The graph needs a marker/dot with explanation, like "offline contributions added", that would really clear up the totals graph.

But look at this amazing progress. Last couple of day's have been slow, but they will pick up again. Important thing is campaign has some serious money to mount an radio, newspaper and TV offensive, that is the most important thing of all.

We're in great shape. Lets get that 10%-11% name recognition up to 60%. (40% of American's can't name a single candidate running for president this election, can you believe that.)

Off-line donations were added

Off-line donations were added by the campaign just after midnight EST. I believe it was around $432,000.00 in off-line donations added. See the explanation here: http://ronpaulgraphs.blogspot.com/2007/10/about-massive-spik...

I think we need to get this

I think we need to get this up to 2.5 million today.

Can we do it????

Its early and I just got

Its early and I just got up... but what was I thinking??? Its closer to half a million more!

Hollywood Fund Raiser...

REM: After the Tonight Show, Ron Paul will be at a Hollywood Hills, LA residence... 100 guests at $2,300? Or more? I see that ticker hitting $2.5_Mil *this* weekend. AND with the Leno effect --Nothing but good things will happen. It's nothing short of a REVOLUTION!

The Rich Sage

The Rich Sage

this was on another string

This was discussed on a different string earlier:


And this one:


oh ok. Its strange then that

oh ok. Its strange then that the counter on here is still showing the lower number. At any rate it gave me a boost when I saw it. I don't think that either of those message threads are showing up on top, and most of us don't have time to read everything on here. So perhaps one of these could be kept on top until that counter is fixed.

Yeah, me too. I was away

Yeah, me too. I was away from my computer for a while and kind of freaked out. Took screen shots of both and was ready to start a forum when I picked up on the other ones and was like, "Oh, okay, nothing is wrong with my computer."

Different numbers - yeah they talked about that too. I guess it was added to the flash total but not the stream coming in so as to not mess with the numbers on the graphs or something. Although nothing official from RP HQ.

I guess there is no easy way

I guess there is no easy way to do it. I really respect the work that's been done with the graph website though and I suppose there will have to be a work around on it. I for one really enjoy looking over that stuff.

oh, yeah, me too! Love

oh, yeah, me too! Love those graphs. I haven't read any comments from Chowda lately. Hope he's not overworked putting those graphs together.