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Dr. Paul should call Bill Bennet

I just heard a caller call into the Bill Bennet show asking him for his thoughts on Ron Paul. The caller claimed that up in the Cleveland area there isn't much news on him. Bill Bennet when on to say that although he likes Dr. Paul he didn't agree with him because he is an isolationist.

Bill takes calls from the other candidates. I think Dr. Paul should call into the show to clarify this issue. Bill Bennet has something like 3 million listeners.

If anyone is in contact with Dr. Pauls people please pass this on.

bennetmornings.com or 1-866-680-6464

Semper Fi,


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Forget Bill

Bill Bennet = Oligarch Shill. End of story.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Bennett's government record

Includes Secretary of Education (you know, the department Reagan promised would be gone?) and "Drug Czar" (nobody has explained to me why an ostensibly-free country has a "czar" or needs one). I'm sure he talks about small government in ways that please some conservatives on his radio show, but Bill's pro-big-government IMO. He won't change his stripes, for Ron Paul or anyone else.

Plus Bill's listening audience is literally minute. No other way to describe it.

You can't talk to a vegetable

Of course we all know Ron Paul is not an isolationist, but assume that pumpkin on the radio can't be persuaded otherwise, the alternative to isolationism is 3,900 dead US soldiers, 30,000 wounded soldiers, a million dead Iraq civilians, two million Iraqi refugees, total destruction of one economy and the partial destruction of another, a weak dollar, rising inflation and nation-building related debt of $2.4 trillion. You have to be seriously mentally impaired to accept this alternative to "isolationism."

Plano TX