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New spin on Ron Paul

Right now Ron Paul stands at about 10-11% name recognition in the US. The interesting thing is that 40% of Americans can't name a single candidate running for presidency, that is, well pretty pathetic, but that's not what this post is about.

Why would so many American's not give a you know what to care absolutely nothing about any of the candidates. Its not the minorities that are oblivious, at least I don't think. His current greatest support, percentage wise, comes from Blacks. He even beat out Hillary (33% to 31% among blacks in NH.) Hispanics certainly know of him because of his stance on illegal immigration, not all but most want the amnesty. We're facing major issues, monetary, the war, loss of liberties, etc, etc..

I think we need a different spin on the message to shake up that 40%. My preference would be to come up with something that stresses the fact that there would be no taxes. Double your paycheck. Buy that car you've always wanted. Take that vacation trip. Buy a house. etc, etc.. Making people realize that all this is whats ahead for us if we elect Dr. Paul.

I guess weed would be another. I bring weed up because apparently I've made quiet a few stoner friends on digg. Most of the recent "Shouts" I've received are all about weed this, Ron Paul on weed that, but hey thats freedom. I don't smoke or do drugs, but I do drink socially. So I suppose if I lived in the days of alcohol prohibition, I would be excited about being able to have a legal drink too.

What do you guys think?

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Ron Paul should stay away from the so-called "weed" debate. Most conservatives are very much against controlled substances and it would only HURT Ron Paul's chances. Besides, who is more likely to vote for Ron Paul? Potheads or politically active republican voters??? Come on!

The focus should absolutely be on his foreign policy and monetary policies. Those are the two things that he stands out in front of the crowd with. None of the other Republicans are willing to take the stance Ron Paul has always taken on these two issues...so why aren't we pounding them home???

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.


Dumbing down of America

It seems that the Powers that Be for the last few decades have been doing just fine in their campaign to dumb down America. I hope a Ron Paul "revolution" can reverse this trend and start the country down the right path again. It's incredible that so few know what's going on, and that their very future is at risk because of their ignorance. I do see a glimmer of hope in the youngsters that are giving Doctor Paul's campaign vigor and are increasing his chances of victory.

This comment...

The interesting thing is that 40% of Americans can't name a single candidate running for presidency, that is, well pretty pathetic, but that's not what this post is about.

That is very disturbing if it's true.

Your tax web page

I recall for one of the elections they had a web site where you could input your income and various other things and it would show you your taxes based on each of the candidate's plan for the income tax.

This wouldn't be as easy since most candidates are now in the "I'll lower taxes" stage as opposed to coming out with anything concrete.

Might be a good thing to check into though.


...gets the point across. So does Main Street arguments. Many view the GOP as the party of the Wall Street fat cats and corporate robber barons. Dr. Paul can counter that quite easily by tailoring his message by showing how his Administration would benefit Main Street and everyone living and working on it, the little guy, the average Joe like you and me. When it's broken down to that level people get it! Note he did that in the PBS debate on the WoD topic and social justice and the audience understood it.


Sorry, got double-posted by accident!

Freedom is the best

To customize or not to customize the message? That is the question.

Of course, all the politicians do that. That Ron Paul does not, is one of the reasons we trust him, even when we don't agree on an issue.

And, since he doesn't want to win in order to have power over us, we stand to gain freedom.

Your best approach, one-on-one, is to ask the prospect what issues they care about most. Ask them what they think the solution is, and then whether they want to try and drag or force the rest of us to come along, or would prefer to solve the issue locally. Point out how Paul's policies would help.

Even those worried about chaos in Iraq if we left might see the value of sending in the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity or some other organization, instead.


What do you think? http://consequeries.com/


seen it

ive seen that first clip, its pathetic. the host was an asshole saying he spits on ron paul... cmon. that video is pointless. its alright to watch if youve never seen it before but its a waste of time.


We have to remember, Ron Paul does not push smoking weed as something that is good. he simply states that people are thrown in jail for 20 years or more for not hurting anyone. Then we have the murder or the rapist who is out of jail in 5 years. I personally see no difference in alcohol or weed. why should 1 be banned and the other be legal??
it comes down to personal responcibility. like Ron says.. you should be able to do what you like as long as you do not harm anyone else or their property. The Government has no right to tell us what is right or wrong and tell us what we can and cannot do as long as we are not hurting our fellow countrymen. The Kennedy family made thier fortune by selling whiskey right when prohibition ended.. that dork kennedy knew the law was going to be gone from inside info from the government and he had huge ships full of whiskey sitting of the coast! as for weed you never hear of people on weed killing people behind the wheel. I don't use drugs and I may drink 2 beers a year. so I'm not advocating these things because its what I like to do. I'm simply stating that freedom and liberty need to be in every aspect of out lives. Financial,social etc. RON PAUL IN 08!

The true irony

(And yes, I've said this before, but everyone's so "citified" it bears repeating...) is that legal industrial hemp would literally be a waking nightmare for recreational pot growers, whether recreational pot remained expensively-illegal or not. The very word "sinsemilla" is just Spanish for "without seed" and guess what? Male pollen blown all over the USA would make that THC-goal a lot harder to achieve.

Further, and don't ask how I know this, seeds make your joints explode! The hate is palpable, but the agricultural ignorance trumps the hate. :) It's almost funny that conservatives so-oppose the legal hemp industry's nascent capitalism while claiming to be pro-capitalist and principled. Ha!!

Ask your friend to look........

at their next paycheck stub. Take note of the part that says "Federal Withholding Tax". How would you like to hang on to that? Then vote for Ron Paul. They don't even call income tax. That's been the biggest scam ever pulled off in America. First they create the Federal Reserve so Congress can go off 'a spendin', then initiate a collection system to make you pay for it - blunders and all. And then comes the IRS to be the long arm of the law to make sure you pay for it. And when that's not enough, they write IOU's to China in your name, and keep on going. Absolutely UN- American. Here's our chance to upset the applecart!

alan laney

hip hop (moved)

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Regarding No Income Taxes (therefore abolish the IRS)

Most people, while not liking income taxes, falsely believe all these "essential" government programs would become defunct, social security and medicare recipients wouldn't get their checks and the poor would be devastated. Then, of course, the Dems would claim its just another Republican, right-wing attempt to buy votes and campaign contributions from the rich while ignoring the plight of the poor.

Ron has already countered this nonsense - but it needs continual emphasis - that the government brings in sufficient funds from other sources that it could operate without income taxes by limiting its spending to the amount ir spent in the year 2000. How many people could honestly say the government couldn't function on its year 2000 budget? If people realized this I'd say we'd be swamped by more converts.



re Regarding No Income Taxes

This position is difficult to explain in debates with the 30 second soundbyte format. It is worth elaborating on for two reasons.

The low-information voter is scared by the "no IRS" implied abandonment of benevolent government social programs. The cynical and neoliberal voter is leary that the "small government, privatization and free market solutions" are half truths that sound good until the underlying meaning is revealed. That is a grossly disproportionate representation of the wealthy and non-human corp entities. If Ron Paul is to influence corporate corruption, he will have to do it through representative government power.

The presidency is not really a managerial position in the traditional sense. The job of the president is to negotiate agreements with foreign entities, command the military, and badger the congress into passing the legislation he wants. Executive experience is preferred over legislative experience. This is my intelligence report, for what it's worth.

Although VP is not an executive position, presumably a Veep would learn quite a bit about governing from working with the President. Most voters consider VP to be sufficient background to qualify as a possible President.

In recent elections, voters seem to prefer candidates with executive (or VP) experience. Bush 43, Clinton, Bush 41, Reagan, Carter, Nixon and Johnson all had such experience when they were elected. Kerry, Gore, Dole and Goldwater did not. You have to go all the way back to JFK to find someone with only legislative experience elected President.

Ron Paul's presence on Capitol Hill for over two decades in the Republican party that hosted these neocon traitors is fodder for these detractors, They demand to know where he was these past years and in 2004, in particular.

Then, on the other hand, is the libertarian issue with his "Dr. No" nickname. There is a deliberate portrayal of Ron Paul as someone who tells voters what they want to hear, the system is screwed up, but his past record, even his present promises, show no actual, workable change.

Lack of regulation is lawlessness, lawlessness is anarchy, anarchy gives rise to sociopaths taking over, the majority want order which is promised through a dictatorial savior. This is the appeal of Giuliani to some voters. He seems like he can manage a crisis.

Mind you, I lived in New York City during the Giuliani years, and I think this country is already too dangerously close to fascism. Rudy could very well use his police experience to push law enforcement / regulation to extremes.

Ron Paul could promote his experience and leadership more. I have seen it lately in his interviews and debate appearances, and this is good. He seems calmer, more poised and relaxed, friendlier and confident. He faced an uphill battle - and still does - with his foreign policy views and Iraq war criticism.

The establishment is slowly warming up to these views. CNN's Jack Cafferty did some nice interviews suggesting more diplomacy with Iran. The reason I brought up Giuliani is because he is the current GOP frontrunner despite a vocal opposition from traditional conservatives. Richard Cohen writing for the Washington Post had a great editorial calling Rudy "a loudmouth" and all but quoted Ron Paul in the last two paragraphs. This is encouraging!

I think if Ron Paul elaborated more on his economic experience, perhaps his difference from Reagan on economic policy but similarities in foreign policy minus the CIA, he might just follow the Gipper's historic example and prove to be the Dark Horse winner of the 2008 Presidential race.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

re Regarding No Income Taxes

sorry, double post

I will just add that his foreign policy stance in debates is brilliant. His famous early debate with Rudy where he mentioned blowback and recommended Rudy read the 911 Commission Report was brilliant. A "fair and balanced" media, in my opinion, would point out that Rudy skipped the Iraq studies group to cash in on lucrative speaking engagements, too. It probably needs no direct mention. It couldn't hurt to referrence it subtly, either. Challenging the "frontrunners" might get Ron Paul more face time in debates.

Other Ron Paul stand out moments were when he talked about "nation building" as a mercantilist, neocolonial approach. "This need to secure supply routes" is the kind of talk that calmed an anxious public, especially the housewives afraid of the terrorists or "Islamofascists" getting all that oil. This is the neocon's fear tactic: our fascists are stronger than their fascists.

When Ron Paul spoke about Reagan's leadership throughout the Cold War and recommended talking to people and trading with people, it accomplished two things. It gave him crediblity by proving he is a leader. It opened him up to Reagan comparisons good and bad. People are afraid of picking someone who could potentially damage an already weak middle class. Reagan brings to mind defecit spending, trickle down economics and deregulated corporate government. I think it is worthwhile for Ron Paul to address this.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Yeah I got that a lot when

Yeah I got that a lot when we had the RP sign wave here in Houston. That was probably the most common thing I had to explain to people. Most people were very receptive once they understood.

Head Shops

Maybe a little off topic, BUT LOL We're going to be hitting our local head shop and traveling to Oklahoma City and Tulsa to hit the many head shops with flyers/slim jims designed for those specific persons. It shouldn't be hard to get head shop owner/operators to see things our way, and then start putting slim jims/flyers/cards or something in the bag when people check out. There's a huge "underground" of people that will get the message through there, and as you know, where's there's one stoner there's 20.

BTW..not all "stoners" look like Wayne and Garth as you know. There are Dr.s, Lawyers, Pharmacist, you name it and they all need "toys", not to mention the stores usually keep a good supply of good tobacco, cigars, and such. It would be a good way to reach those who spend a lot of recreational time sitting around shooting the crap with friends...and oh yeah watching a crapload of "adult swim". Which I still think we need to get some short bump like commercials on during Family Guy, Futurama, and Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

Make sure when you are

Make sure when you are mention no taxes you are saying no income taxes, not just taxes, that is false. Its sad, but most people hear that " no taxes" and automatically figure Ron is a fringe candidate, it makes me sad. They have been conditioned for so long.

NO "income" tax...

could be a definite selling point. But don't state he will get into office and immediately abolsih the IRS. We still have that pesky national debt we have to pay down, remember. I know it's easy to foget about it since none of the leading candidates EVER mentions it.

The best thing to say to someone in this regard is that he would cut spending tremendously which would immediately lower our tax burden, and everntually he could abolish the IRS and end the income tax altogether.

I believe NO taxes is stating his views a little strong

My talking points are generally decreased tax burden, limited government interference, no more unneccessary foreign wars, restore value to the dollar