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Bush administration announced sweeping new sanctions against Iran

I'm not sure how the Bush administration can just do this. Wouldn't approval from congress be necessary first? This just make me cringe. Sanctions typically are precursors to war.


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This could be stategy

Let's face it, the game plan for these clowns is not about Iran, it's about keeping Ron Paul out of the oval office. That's the real fear. And the Democrats share the same fear. Ron Paul is the only guy that will pull their snouts out of the public trough. The others will be "business as usual". They (the powers that be) danced out old Fred Thompson, hoping he would push Ron Paul's recognition even lower, but that has backfired. The "blowback" is catapulting Ron. Now watch the stategy, and remember, it's not just the Republican Party that's trying to strongarm Ron Paul. Watch as they pull the strings on their next puppet: Mike Huckabee. Watch all the media coverage he gets. It's all planned to push Ron Paul down. But it ain't working. Now, let's get real serious, and forget the silly political games. They intend to crank up the old WAR machine again (uggh!). They will engage in some more war tactics to keep control - be it a Democrat or Republican, it doesn't really matter to the elitists global banksters. They'll work with anybody that will work with them! Anybody that supports war, war and more war. This too, will "blowback" on them. Americans are tired of this same old dribble. Go Ron Paul! Go America! Let the sounds of Freedom ring, not the war drums.

alan laney


GW Bush and his pack WANT a war! The Dems have not done a thing to reel this fool in! Bush and Cheney are the ones that are "certifiably insane"!

I hear NO ONE else trying to stop this before it gets to an all out war in Iran. Bush just keeps playing dictator!

I hope we can even make it till next November. Bush is pulling this crap knowing full well that over 70% of Americans are AGAINST this! I have not figured out the total political reasons for doing this yet, but I am sure there are! We will definetly be in the fray with Russia too on this one!

This is not good....

Here we go...

This is absolutely terrible. Imposing sanctions on Iran is not going to yield the results this administration supposedly wants. This is simply a "See? We tried..." gesture before launching yet another ridiculous war. And if Russia gets involved in this, I'm honestly afraid of what the outcome will be.