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Paul Scores High With African-American Voters


ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA-Public opinion service Rasmussen Reports recently released data indicating that Texas congressman Ron Paul is the top Republican presidential candidate among African-American voters.

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Scoring well in Philly for sure

In our Ron Paul Philadelphia Meetup 972, we have found overwhelming acceptance of Dr. Paul by African-Americans. Look, he's against the death penalty and the extraordinarily ineffective War on Drugs which both weigh heavily on African-American communities. They are also attuned to the issue of illegal immigration. I have to say that I personally enjoy so much talking to African-Americans about Dr. Paul's candidacy.

By the way, all Ron Paul supporters should also talk at every opportunity to law enforcement officers. No War on Drugs = fewer bullets shot at them. This really resonates. Most of them have families.

Yours very truly,


Hip Hop RP

I liked that!

I sent it to my daughters, they like Hip Hop and RP.


Is this intended double entendre?

Or am I just reading it the wrong way?

He is

scoring high.

Scoring high with me.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

hip hop

I moved this comment from another post...

we need to spread the message to the online hip hop community! The freedom of speach, antiwar, anti-tax, end the war on drugs message should resonate well.

We should start contacting the editors of The Source, etc...

Before you know it, artists will be shouting out "Ron Paul"!

Ron Paul Hip-Hop Videos

Two Ron Paul Hip-Hop youtube videos from a HipHop/Libertarianism blog