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Could the november 5th be hurting

Could the November the 5th be hurting daily donations? not trying to be negative, but at this rate we wont even make it to 3 million this month, the 400K they added last night was to get us back on track, but things seem to be going...so slow.... guess is time to make more noise....

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Stop undermining the 5th....



Where is our focus?

I know the campaign needs money, and I am a big believer in giving to this campaign (never did it before Ron Paul came along...). But, if we keep these short term donation drives up all of the time (and keep stressing their importance), people are just going to see us asking for money at every turn, like a half baked TV Evangelist or (God forbid) a politician.

I know you guys all remember the coup we pulled off in the last 5 days of last quarter...1.2 million dollars! And I sincerely believe that we WILL do it again.

Let's keep our eyes on the big goal - 12 million by December. Short term goals are fun, but don't take them as serious as the long term goal...

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve

Until the Election is Won!
Chaplain Steve
Ron Paul - Lion of the Constitution

I've been lurking around for quite a while...

But this Nov. 5th thing is just the reason I needed to start donating. I am normally a tight fisted sonza...I only wish our politicians were like me. How else can I expect Ron Paul to compete with the likes of Hillary who has 91 million dollars. It makes me sick, so count me in for 100+ on Nov. 5th.

"It does not take a majority to prevail. But rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." ~Samuel Adams while plotting the Boston Tea Party.


What does it matter?

So what if people hold their donations through October if we're getting all that money on Nov 5th?

I think we're being a little short sighted with the fundraising. There really is no point inferring things on a daily basis. There is so much info that people are over analysing.

December 7th anyone?

Has anyone thought about a money bomb for December 7th, the day Pearl Harbor was bombed?

Looks like a lousy date to me

Looks like a lousy date to me. You can't be serious, are you?

It will hurt the October

It will hurt the October count, but it won't hurt the November count. It's impossible to know whether or not it hurts total contributions or not. But given the publicity that it has received, I am guessing it will HELP overall.

Either way, I don't think anyone should be against the Nov. 5th idea altogether. You can personally choose to donate today and not on the 5th. Or do both, or whatever...this is a freedom movement, and you can't change people's sentiments. Our leagues have 9/11 truthers and downright anarchists, as much as they do Reaganites. WHO CARES?! We are supposed to be united in our support of Ron Paul, not argumentative about certain emotional appeals and fund raising methods.

I have donated all I can this month.. sorry

I barely can buy grocries right now.. They will have to wait for my 200.00 on Nov 5th.

I give as much as I can

I know that personally I give as much as I can....I'm already pledged for Nov. 5th but I still try to give more...but like most Americans, it's a struggle to have a lot of extra money.



Peace out!


Don't be so pessimistic

So the campaign wants to raise $4 million a month. Think about it, they didn't say they only want to raise $4 million ONLINE... they said they want to raise $4 million a month, and that's from all contributions.

Fundraising was going slow for the most part, right? Then they came out with the radio ad donation drive. Fundraising went up, right? Weren't we all saying that once they did the $12 million for the 4th Q drive that we needed smaller goals within the larger goal, to make it easier to achieve the end result? We came very close to meeting the $430,000 goal. We raised money at a faster rate than we had been doing for a while.

Now look at the Nov 5th goal. The campaign may not have set it up, but it is still a goal. Goals like this give us more of a reason to stay focused on NOW and raising money. $100 per person is NOT that much money. It's not going to break the bank for each person to the point where they cannot donate again during the month. But in one day, we will raise probably over $1 million easily, with plenty of room to spare for donations the rest of the month.

Be glad that someone thought of the Nov 5th. I can tell you that the reason people are wanting to donate on this day is due to the movie V and the message it sends about fighting for freedom. We may not be "fighting", but we are standing up finally and we are going to raise a lot of money in one day. We need this goal, and we need this inspiration. Whatever it takes to motivate us to donate, should be done.

I wouldn't have seriously

I wouldn't have seriously considered donating, if it wasn't for the 5th of November campaign. When I saw the Youtube videos and thought of the social impact I get very excited.

Now I just need to find out some way to donate as I am not USian.

There are other ways...

There are other ways people from around the world can contribute.
FEC rules apply to donating directly to the campaign...
but what about paying for advertising?
Can someone from overseas donate whatever they want to a advertising cause for Ron Paul, as long as he didn't know about it?
A Doctor in Michigan donated $150k by purchasing TV Ad time for Ron Paul, why can't we?

Let's find out if this is a possibility, and if it is, maybe we should make a special section just for those that have reached their $2,300 limit or those overseas that want to donate. Like a project page or something...
does that make sense?

While it is possible, even

While it is possible, even likely, that people are holding off donating until November 5, it is also true that each week has shown a rise in donations and it looks like we are definitely on a pace to beat the last quarter even WITHOUT the bombs. This is REALLY GOOD news. But I agree with what others have said here the absolute number one priority is to get the word to others. Our people are our one big advantage that we have over every other candidate Democrat OR Republican and is the reason for the success so far.

best thing to do

I think the best thing to do is this.. the more people who come to know Ron Paul, the more donations you will get.. I am taken back by how many people who I bring Ron Pauls name up to and they do not even know who he is.. I email them the videos etc, especially the one from eliberty, and people are hooked.. more important than anything else is talking to friends, business associates, etc to get them to look into him. once they see his clear message they Jump all over him thats where your donations are going to come from. the economy absolutly sucks.. in my business i was running 25 employees, I'm now down to 7.. people are hurting and 100 or even 25 bucks is hard to come up with when gas, food and everything else is going up in price. I just purchased some of those Ron Paul cards and am going to start sending them out in my bills, putting them on cars at the mall etc. when my wife and I go to eat i will leave 1 on every car as I walk in. The donations are important but we need more people coming into the campaign..! that is where we will meet our 12 million dollar donation goal! Actually as we sit here with over 2 million in 1 month i'm very happy.. If we can say only get 8 million for the 4th quarter I think thats huge! but remember.. when you tell someone and they jump on they will tell someone and on it goes.. that banner at the races that the granny warriors did at the nascar races was huge! look at the name recognition and publicity and future donars that Ron Paul will get and it didn't cost the campaign a dime! this is where Ron Paul is separate from all other candidates. We actually Love Ron Paul the other candidates don't have that following! KEEP UP THE GOOD FIGHT! WERE GONNA WIN THIS THING! RON PAUL IN 08!

Nov. 5th

I'm as interested as anyone in our 4th quarter fund raising. I've got the firefox add-on to keep me informed and it does appear we're going to miss our October goal. That being said...
A successful Nov 5th money bomb… (to me success would be even just 2million) will be worth so much more to the campaign than if that 2mil were donated across several weeks. The media attention it should garner will quadruple or more the value of our actual donation. Heck of a lot more bang for our buck. The campaign has plenty of money to do what it needs to do right now.
Now having been watching this site for a couple months now and seeing the discussion more and more focus on campaign donations I’m starting to get worried. Please remember… the rEVOLution was taken much more seriously when we took it to the streets and when we raised $1.2mil in one week. Signs, slimjims, dvd’s… the campaign needs us to do our online thing but they need us to make a bigger presence outside cyberspace. I saw more signs on my daily commute two months ago than I do now. Why is that? Are we focusing too much on squeezing more donations out of the same people every day maybe?
So no... I think Nov 5th has the potential to help tremendously, but just as important, is the new revolutionary army effecting greater Ron Paul name recognition and understanding of his policies in each and every one of our communities. Let's keep expanding our base folks! :)

Sorry if this bugs some of you… but I felt it should be said.

Nah, I agree totally with what you said..

"A successful Nov 5th money bomb… (to me success would be even just 2million) will be worth so much more to the campaign than if that 2mil were donated across several weeks. The media attention it should garner will quadruple or more the value of our actual donation. Heck of a lot more bang for our buck."

Just a side note though; I'm going to have to sigh & laugh, if it doesn't end up getting the MsM coverage it deserves.. it's just going to infuriate us supporters more, who will then take to the streets.. Lol. Maybe we get that damn coverage though!

Risk of Nov 5th

I hear ya... our money bomb could kind of blow up in our faces. Of course the campaign still gets the flat money boost. But given the success of our $1.2mil week I'm glad we're giving it a try. The campaign says they've beefed up their servers in anticipation of our money bombs. They're looking forward to it. After the Nov 5th bomb is away the next day, Tuesday, phase two will be to carpet bomb our media outlets with the press release.
12 days to go...

No.. I think these events do more good!

If you think about it over the long term, these type of events help more than they will ever hurt. Take a look at last money bomb of ronpaulgraphs.com. Even after the official bomb ended donations kept pouring in. These events act as a reminder for those who do not follow the campaign on a daily basis. This also encourages people to donate period! It also allows those of us who are fighting day in and day out to grasp onto a sense of accomplishment. I know some of you may not think it looks good for lady liberty right now. However, we should be concentrating on the end of the quarter numbers, and focusing our attention on gaining supporters to make up for our shortfalls.

- kipload

- kipload


I think the operative term is Nov5 is "working" obviously. If the people who are complaining about lower totals would just go ahead and donate now, I think they'd feel a lot better and move on. Enough already !

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Remain optimistic

I just got a commitment from my DEMOCRATIC roomie to give $100 on November 5th. He truly likes Ron, even though 'currently' he plans to vote for someone on the "other side" (lol). Still, he has committed to $100 on November 5th.

My mom, who first introduced me to this campaign, has never been online, but she is calling in her $100.

One of my co-workers also plans to donate $100 on November 5th, but he's a single dad who has limited funds for on-going contributions. Still, he's onboard for November 5th.

I think many can relay these stories of those we are recruiting for the November 5th drive, but whose names you will not see on here or the November 5th special website.

Remain optimistic :-)

Remember to Have Fun

I believe they are just asking for $100 donation. You can donate up to $2300, so I don't think that would in itself prohibit someone from donating more right now. We don't have any risk of the campaign not being around in November just because the October goals were not met.

The fund raising numbers are only reported each quarter. The fund raising "lady liberty" and all those are just fun ways to raise them. As Dr. Paul says "remember to have fun".

Fun quote

do you remember where that Dr. Paul quote came from, or what the full quote was? I saw it on here a while ago, and would love to post it for my meetup group, but I can't find it again... Thanks!

Daily donations mean nothing, until.....

The press isn't watching our daily donations. It's not interesting to them.

Now, when a one day hauls in $10 million like the November 5 thing is hoping to do, that becomes a story and the campaign alerts the press and they WILL report on it. How could they not?

Bottom line, even that isn't as big of a story as the 4th quarter report will be. That's what they'll look at without having to be alerted by the press.

So, the whole, "oh my gosh, we only raised $25,000 today and yesterday we had $64,000!" talk needs to end and the focus needs to be on only two (maybe three) amounts:
1) The amount raised on Nov 5th.
2) Possibly the amount raised on Nov 11th.
3) The ending 4th quarter totals.


I think it's quite true that these donation bombs and such cannibalize donations that would be coming in from elsewhere. We need to find some way not just to spread the message for votes, but get a larger monetary support base.

Caveat: It seems like it would be easier to get people to vote for you than it would be to get them to give you money. I'd be willing to (and have been) pick up slack from other non-voters. Intensity of support and willingness to donate is going to have to be where we beat the others. We aren't as numerous in support as the others right now, so we'll have to match them with greater intensity

Yes, it could be hurting...

Yes, it could be hurting... That is precisely why I have donated and additional $225.00 to the campaign.. Anyone care the match even 1/3 of that?

In the MILITARY? Join my Meet-Up group

Is it hurting - Nope.

Not according to ronpaulgraphs.com which shows giving is up this week from last. The money bomb is in addition to any regular giving and I think based on the graphs most people look at it that way. Also what this does is give a voice to peoples donations many that may not have donates or were on the fence will now because it makes a Loud statement.

According to the subscriptions to thisnovember5th.com is up around the 9000 mark and the point of subscribing to this is to show your commitment to the bomb. This puts it on track for at least 1m particularly considering not everyone that is giving bothered to subscribe.

The additional importance is the significance of the date that was chosen and I believe the reason it was chosen was because of the movie V for vendetta. Remember Remember the fifth of November. If you haven't seen this film you should. V was the icon and rallying point that united a nation against an oppressive government.

Getting more people to join

Getting more people to join is the best way to go about fundraising, while donating what you can afford yourself.

Our number one goal should be to spread the word, and get more people to participate. This will provide BOTH: a) increasing donations and b) more votes!

Get out and canvass your own neighborhoods, leaving slimjims or other literature for everyone you can. It is all about name recognition right now.

If it is too scary to knock on neighbor's doors, just leave a slimjim in on their door, or take someone with you. IT IS EASY, and once you get started you will find it is fun, too.