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Michael Badnarik's Constitution Class

Sorry if this sort of thing is frowned upon, but I was hoping everyone would go digg this, so as many people as possible can be educated. I think if more people actually understood the facts, more people would be on board with Ron Paul, and perhaps more importantly, they'd elect proper local officials and really turn this nation around.

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I've watched this. It's a

I've watched this. It's a great class, gets you thinking. Thanks for posting it.

I can't imagine why this

I can't imagine why this type of thing would ever be frowned upon here. I dugg it and so should everyone else. After all, we are all every one of us here Constitutional advocates and are certainly in favor of anything that would enlighten those who are not. Nice post, phoobar. Michael Bednarik is a true patriot who ran for President on the Libertarian ticket, and when Dr. Paul is elected he is one of those who will no doubt be elected to the Senate or posted to a high cabinet post in the new administration.

I just meant that maybe it's

I just meant that maybe it's uncouth to ask for diggs on something I originally dugg, in case it looks like I'm trying to gain rep on there or something. I should have know everyone here would know better, thanks. :-)

I wish there was a way to really spam this thing. This lecture could be a life changing experience for a lot of people. It was for me. I literally became a different person after seeing it. It's a lot to ask someone to sit still for 7 hours, so I'm considering maybe condensing the most vital points into consumable bytes for YouTube. Not sure about the legality though.

If I were fabulously wealthy, I'd buy an hour of prime-time TV on all 3 networks at the same time and pay Badnarik to give the "cliff notes" version of this, so people without cable would basically have to watch it. LOL.


I definetly saved this page. I am going to watch some of it tonight.


I can digg it...

Everyone should digg this article! It is a good way to get the right type of message out to the people. Even though it is not directly related to Ron Paul, this is these are the things people need to see. Winning this election requires education. This is educational.

- kipload

- kipload