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Ron Paul at 7.4 percent in New Hampshire


A new poll conducted by St. Anselm College's New Hampshire Institute of Politics shows Hillary Clinton and Mitt Romney leading their respective fields.

The survey of 1, 514 likely primary voters also has Ron Paul beating Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee. The Texas Congressman recently began airing radio ads.

Here are the poll results:


Clinton: 42.6%
Obama: 21.5%
John Edwards: 13.9%


Romney: 32.4%
Giuliani: 21.8%
McCain: 15.2%
Paul 7.4%

The survey conducted by SRBI Research finds that 41% of undeclared voters play to vote in the Democratic primary, while 19% say they will vote in the Republican primary. For those interested the poll also shows Clinton leading among men, women, Protestants, liberals, Catholics, moderates and conservatives who plan on voting in the Democratic primary.

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Get everyone you can to

Get everyone you can to vote. But the main thing is to go to the Precinct meeting as a group after you all vote and hopefully have enough numbers to elect delegates for Dr. Paul. to the County convention, then the State convention and finally the National Convention. DELEGATES are who choose the parties candidate for President. Start planning now to go to your precinct meeting after you vote.

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wow only 19% ?

this could actually be good for us as we know us rabid ron paul fans will all be there at least 90% of us! if romney guiliani and mccain voters only show at 19 % we could definately win this thing in NH !

Very true!

So 19% of Ghouliny's 32% = 6.08% actual turn out. So we could beat his as it stands today. In a few weeks after the campaign does its work, it would be a peace of cake.

Likely Voters

Rudy's 32% and Ron's 7% are likely voters. The poll has already factored out people who are unlikely to vote. Keep working! This is possible but its NOT going to be a piece of cake.

Associated Press Article about NH poll slights Paul

They specifically try to lump him in the bottom and boost Fred T. It would have taken less words to finish the actual percentages. This will now be picked up around the country without giving Paul credit for his upward climb.

It is just so upsetting to see this. I just don't want to believe these things are done purposely to screen him out. But how can you not believe that when you see something like this.

excerpt from Assoc. Press Report...
"Clinton posts 43% support, with Barack Obama at 22% and John Edwards at 14%. Bill Richardson attracted 6% support.

Among Republicans, Romney leads with 32%, followed by Rudy Giuliani at 22% and John McCain at 15%. Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee and Fred Thompson are clustered at about 6% support each."


The Associated Press is a joke.

But useful to read when examining the pulse of controlled media. It's not news; it's a summary report on the opinions you are supposed to have.

among my friends

my Ron Paul-supporting friends are most vocal about their support for their candidate.

the rest of the bunch don't care and go, "Oh brother, here comes Oliver and his Ron Paul lecture..."

That said, I think that likely voters are Ron Paul supporters and unlikely voters are people who think going to the polls to vote for indistinguishable, pro-war candidates is a nuisance.

New Poll

Don't get too excited about 1 poll. Most polls still have RP around 3%. Check out www.realclearpolitics.com Most of these polls try to adjust for people who aren't likely to vote so don't count on his final number being dramatically different than his final poll number.

This should make you angry..

First it was about money — oh if you don't have enough you can't be counted. That is, unless, there is someone they want to put ahead of you.


Ron Paul is 2nd in fundraising and 4th in NH in the polling of JUST GOPers with 7.4%

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I'm not angry

Why should an opinion make me angry? RP finsihed 4th in 1 NH poll. Most polls have the top 5 as Rudy, Fred, Mitt, John and Huck. Ron is usually 6th. Win converts so RP will do better in the polls, better poll numbers mean more $, which mean better poll#s which will lead to winning the primaries and the nomination. There will always be people who don't see what you see but don't let that make you angry. Just work hard and prove them wrong.

Don't trust them either

Have you actually clicked on the details for those polls? Half of them (especially the ones that Ron Paul listed very low), do not even include him when they ask people to choose their candidate. Further, they tend to poll only those who voted in the last primary which had the lowest turnout ever for a Republican primary (6.6%).

Take a look at the Insider Advantage polls (under the state polls) to get an analysis of the age groups polled, and you will see that voters under the age of 45 are vastly under represented in the polls as well.

Senior Citizens Vote

Voters under the age of 45 are "under represented" because historically they vote less than older voters. Every election a campaign says that they'll change that pattern, but it never changes.. Senior citizens vote in greater numbers than any other age group, you can count on it.


I think if Ron Paul is polling 15% the day of the primary he will win the primary. I think their is enough support for Paul from people who are not included in the polls, such as the youth, (no land lines) and people who have never or haven't recently voted. Perhaps even 10% would be enough. This poll is good news.

Plus alot of people that are for the big names

and make their poll numbers high may not vote.

This is why we'll have to

This is why we'll have to stress voter turnout greatly! Of course, naturally RP fanatics are going to be more likely to go vote, but for those who like him but are not 'crazy' like most of us...hehe:)...we'll need to do everything we can to help and encourage them to get to the polls! For instance, reminding people, offering rides, etc.


Yes, you need to be making a list and checking it twice, seeing who is going to be naughty and nice.

The key it to make sure all your nice people get registered and then get them to the voting booth. I know I have my list started and will be making sure all of them are registered to vote in Jan, then calling them all up to make sure they vote early or on TX voting day March 4th.