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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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you said you would like a bread oven, here is a pic of mine, anyone could make one. http://i302.photobucket.com/albums/nn92/hopefulfilled/041108...

Thank you!

Thanks hopefilled! Followed your link to get info on oven and ran into something I've been looking for. Searched for months trying to find someone who put a garden underground [unused foundation for basement], with greenhouse top. Not only found out how to build the oven [Thank you!] But on the web search page found underground greenhouses! The roof will be more than I can handle but the oven? Think I can do that one!.
Tell more about it, That's so cool. Do you use it to bake bread? Does the cool off while in progress affect the bread rising?


Wow, cool..

.. looks like a keebler elf house. ;)

What is the top part made of? Adobe? Do you know where any instructions on building one can be found?

sort of,

just clay/sand soil from our yard, and straw. then we covered it with lime with dye added to keep it from disappearing when it rains. Here is a google page.

It is like a southwestern horno, although the smoke goes out the door on mine, but in a horno, there is a hole in the top for the smoke to go out.

Cool =)

"Earth oven". Thanks for all the info and I'm going to add one of these to my future planning.

My biggest challenge will be getting the rocks since south missippi is fairly rockless...



Hi Kim...

Do you have a garden going?

Thanks for the bump!


to all who gave great suggestions for gardening in the desert....a change of attitude is in order for me :) I need to take advantage of the abundant sunshine and warm climate. Thanks~can't wait to get started!

I'm not an expert, but I

I'm not an expert, but I believe cantaloupe and honeydews thrive in the desert on low maintenance. Or so I have read.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


.. cantaloupes and many other melons originate from the deserts of the Middle East and most cantaloupes in the US are grown in the desert regions of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.



.. I cut bamboo for about five hours today and when I got done I sat down in the shade to survey everything and wiped the sweat off my face with my shirt and now my eyes are burning and my nose is running. Must have got some weird plant stuffs on it. Just took some benadryl and I'll be all zonkered in a bit.

Grrrr... ;(

hey Fart

you know I love you....but the thread I am going to start tomorrow is going to beat you out on "time served" I think we are going to make CNN with it. I hope you contribute.

I do love ya man!

" Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of they day; but a series of oppresssions...pursued unalterably, through every change of ministers, too plainly proove delibrate, systematical plan of reducing us to slavery..."

What happened..

.. to the CNN "worthy" post? =P


.. a mystery post tomorrow. ;)

Haa haa MF... your work

Haa haa MF... your work today reminded me of


Thanks for the blast from the past that brought a smile to my face!


.. I haven't seen that dance skit in probably 20 years.

Got the taters today. Gonna try and plant them tomorrow.

The posters are really really cool. My son has already given two of them to his friends. =)

: )

Or this one, 54 seconds into the video



Peg, Are you referring the


Are you referring the the bad guys wife when she throws her pink top at Swayze?

Are you saying MFer wears shiny pink tops??? LOL

Your funny Howard...

No... the sweaty no shirt six pack Swayze part.
You sure can distort a perfectly good day dream, MF wearing a shiny pink top…I would never say that…maybe plaid.


I'm allergic to plaid...

.. it was a black tank top. =P

I'm currently in a black and "field jacket green" phase...

How many Ron Paul congressional candidates are out there?

Anyone have a list of RP Republicans/Libertarians who are running for US Congress? I'm thinking of both those who are still in the primary process and those who have passed out of the process and are gearing up for the general election.

Good sites

Thanks for posting them



you're welcome

you can put that tiller away now, mart. : )

Never! (putting the tiller away)

I am tilling 4 new garden plots in prep for my winter crops.

In my active plots I till between rows every couple of weeks and my inactive plots I till in compost about every month.

From now on I'm probably gonna be tilling until I die or become disabled, whichever comes first. The rewards are just too great. =)

I have another part of my land I may do the "forest garden" thing on. Near where I'm gonna grow mushrooms...


Thought you might be a potential convert. All that gas & oil, noise and labor! Never had a tiller on my gardens (acre & 1/2) in 12 years. Little to no weeding, top dress w/ homemade compost and salvaged mulch. No fertilizers or pesticides.
Sure wish I was close enough to you to take some of those bamboo poles off your hands. You have plans for using/selling them?


.. I am working on researching and designing a forest garden area like your links show.

Also, I don't use any synthetic or petroleum based fertilizer, only compost I make and find in the forest and I haven't used any pesticide so far on my garden. I have used pesticide on fire ant beds that aren't in my gardens.

What length and diameter bamboo are you looking for? The culms on my bamboo range from 1 inch to 6 inch in diameter and some of it is 30ft high. I could send you some for just the price of shipping, which is MUCH cheaper than the prices of bamboo poles I've seen online. Although, the canes do need to cure with the leaves still on for a few weeks or they get brittle in a year or so. Generally, if you use bamboo outside it doesn't last very long no matter how well you preserve it.

I do have plans for trying to make some furniture or nic nac type items out the bamboo but the bamboo grows faster then I could ever make stuff out of it, or even just cut it down to get rid of it. =P

I have been battling the bamboo for four years just trying to keep it contained. I have like an acre of the stuff....

Fire Ants!

Bleh. Nasty buggars. Ever try D.E.? Seems to work on most anything, but I've never tried it on ants. And bamboo, too? Wow, there's a lesson in perseverance. Goats maybe? You could sure sell a ton of it up here. I didn't know that about curing it with the leaves on, good to know. Thanks. I'll email about shipping the bamboo. : )

I counted...

... 14 fire ant mounds the other day in my quarter-acre field across the street from my house. They built a mound around one of my watermelon plants and I cooked down the peels of about 10 tangerines and a few oranges and poured it on the mound and it seems to have run them off... hopefully.

They key to bamboo management is to cut back the bamboo to where you want it and then keep mowing down the baby bamboo that pops up sometimes 50ft from the perimeter of the "forest". Until the bamboo gets 10-15ft high (which it can do in two or three weeks) it is very tender and easy to cut or kick over. Just have to stay on top of it. Several of my garden plots are near the bamboo forest so goats would probably eat my garden plants too. ;)