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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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Square Foot Gardening

Glad so many others are getting ready to do something down to earth too. My husband and I are starting a Square foot Garden right now. The cost for us has been in peat moss and vermiculite. We found a construction site that was tossing 2x6s and lathe and we got enough for about 30 boxes. We put an ad for ourselves on craigslist to "farm" on someone else's land and found just what we wanted. By the way, even boefore learning this method, I have been "training" my tomatoes in much the same way for years. Evne saw a website for a fellow who grows 800 tomato plants a year and he pulls all the leaves off until they get to about 6 feet and he still has sufficient yield to have a business. The advantages are many in this method, grow the equivalent of a 20 x 40 garden in only 160 square feet and you can eat for half the year. Plus the compact size means you can build lids of clear plastic and grow many veggies into the dead of winter. Good luck everyone.

Better make sure..

.. the lumber is not treated. Can make you and the plants sick...


Lumber? Use the recycled plastic 2x6s

Termite-proof, fade-proof, crack-proof, and look a lot better, no warping either.

Those are..

.. expensive aren't they?

Where can

you find these? I'm new to gardening this year.

You can get them

.. at Home Depot/Lowes, etc.

Here is one of the plastic timbers 5.5 ft long 5.5 inches wide for $12.


Instead of nailing them together you have to get the special connectors made for it.

Just the plastic "wood" for a 5'x5' frame (without connectors) is going to be $50. Cheaper than most pre-made ones I've seen around. But still not as cheap tilling up some dirt if you have good dirt.

If you have poor dirt you could spend the $50 on soil components and make a much bigger than 5x5 patch of poor soil better.

Raised beds ARE better for colder climates because the soil gets warmer quicker and stays warmer longer... but you have to water more often.

Nah, don't need the connectors. Never use nails.

Just use Loctite Power Grab Adhesive (works in a caulking gun) and wood screws or nuts and carriage bolts and you'll be fine.

For connecting....

.. plastic lumber comprised of two hollow rectangular tubes stacked on top of each other?

How do you connect them with wood screws?

Take a look at this pic...


So...Clay alkaline soil in

So...Clay alkaline soil in the high desert.

Will this work in the Lasagne Method?

Will the grass and newspaper decompose fast enough? Do I need to put something on the grass first?

Also can you plant food in pots?

I do lasagna gardening in alkaline

high desert soil. As long as it is kept moist, it will decompose fast enough, and you will get earthworms, too. It is the only easy way to garden here, as if you don't, you will be watering constantly, at least where we are, in a drought. No, you don't need to put anything on the grass, just wet it very well, and begin with your wet newspapers and layers of mulch. Your clay soil will eventually turn into nice loam.


I would defiantly try trench method mentioned in an earlier post.
Because of its density Clay soil needs a lot of organic matter for roots to grow. Clay is not bad, nutrient wise, in fact very good and holds moisture, just dense.
Adding good,rich soil and organic matter would allow you to plant after your
freeze date depending on your zone and 'soften your soil gradually.

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Dig a "V" trench in your

Dig a "V" trench in your poor soil and fill it would good stuff. You need something that promotes drainage like vermiculate then a good soil with compost..

It's called "trench" gardening....

ha ha

double post. I was talking about your post earlier Martfuncher

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

I will try to find the

I will try to find the trench post...Do I need a good tool for that? I am not overly strong..

We must be..

.. on the same wavelength.

I don't have anything against the other methods being mentioned just that the materials for them can be expensive and there are other drawbacks like limited depth and the need for extra watering...


Why bother with a garden?

If you're planting a garden, you'd better be ready to defend it 24/7, because starving people will be desperate to steal, and starving armed people will think nothing of burying you in your garden.

Rather than (or including) that, maybe you should just stock 3-4 years worth of ramen noodles...wait until a sale of 10 or 12 for 1$, and enough propane to cook them and heat your home. Now you only have to defend your house, which is much easier than a garden.

You can spend the extra time the others are wasting on getting food and you can figure out how to get your family out of this mess to a better place. I guess it also should go without saying that you should be decently armed by this point.


They'll be starving after your GMO crops failed from superbugs!

3-4 years of MSG Ramen noodles? That's just silly! Besides, it's been known for almost 40 years that MSG is a leading contributor to food addiction and obesity. Don't touch that excitotoxin with a 10-foot pole!

Besides, if you do it right, you barter labor for food, and everyone wins.

You're afraid of MSG?

My definition of excitotoxin...something which causes harm when it's introduced to lab rats at quantities that are wholly unrealistic for a natural amount of human consumption. Check the studies, you're talking about 4g/kg consumption every day for weeks to get the problematic effects.

That's equivilent to an average person consuming almost a pound of pure MSG every day. Consuming a pound of almost anything will give you some bad effects.

MSG...it's sodium and glutamate.

Sure, sodium in excess probably isn't real good for you, but sodium is something your body absolutely needs.

Glutamate is a naturally occuring amino acid. It's in most things you eat. There is 8 times as much glutamate in an 8oz glass of grape juice compared to 1 tablespoon of soy sauce.

MSG, GMO, are these really the things we need to be concerned about? Or should we call them distractions meant to make freedom loving people seem like conspiracy theorists and thus marginalizes us in the eyes of the general public

Some other things that are "excitotoxins"

I'm allergic to it, you dumbass!

And you are obivously nothing more than an ignorant moron. There is a far cry from the glutamate that occurs in the body naturally and the artificial stuff that is laced into foods unnecessarily. If you actually knew anything about the food industry you would know that.

You probably have no idea what names MSG hides under in ingredient lists, either...or how it screws with neural transmitters.

Breathe in slow and deep...

... then exhale slowly...using your diaphragm

*repeat as necessary*



You don't know how even your body works, let alone this broad knowledge you're claiming about the food industry.

First of all, no, the MSG that is "laced" into food is chemically identical to many forms of MSG found in nature, and once consumed, it forms glutamic acid which is present in large quantities in every cell in your body. Yes, much of the glutamate found in nature is tied up in a protein chain, but the kind found in grape juice is ionically bonded free glutamate and thus is the exact same thing as MSG.

Second of all...you are not allergic to MSG. It is not possible in any way shape or form. It will, however, allow an increased histamine response to an already occuring allergic reaction. It "screws with" neurotransmitters? That's a blanket statement that shows you have no idea what effect it has on your body. It stimulates your neurotransmitters, which is why it has such a profound effect on taste. I know you want to demonize the food industry (probably along with every industry) for adding a naturally occuring compound to food to make it taste better, but I appreciate all of the work they've done finding such an additive.

Lastly, don't blame MSG for weight gain and obesity. The Japanese are very large consumers of MSG and have very little problem with obesity. The cause of the massive amount of obesity in this country is a culture obesessed with overconsumption and a very seditary lifestyle.

You are the worst kind of uneducated person. You think you're educated because you've read books that try to prove a linkage between the evil corporations and every problem that we face. You're part of the blame culture and are clouding our movement to suit your own crusades. Have you ever read a book or article critical of the movements you champion? Have you taken the time to critically study the science behind what you're talking about? Or have you simply taken all of your views from a narrow line of books that point the finger of blame away from the true source and to one that's easier to demonize.

And yes, I know quite well what names MSG "hides" in ingredient lists. It is not the result normally of trying to "hide" the addition, rather, it's because it was added by a third party as a spice blend. It is absolutely federal law to list monosodium glutamate as an additive, so what more do you want Uncle Sam to protect you from? I'm sure you're envisioning an army of MSG police that patrol every food packaging plant, testing samples and measuring the amount added to ensure full compliance. What you don't consider is the extra cost of regulation of this magnitude and the fact that the market doesn't desire it.

There's only a small packet of people like you in this country, who think it's government's job to police the food. We should all give up our money in pity of people like you who are allergic to everything. Most people just use common sense, and realize that buying a bag of potato chips or a Twinkie is just not a very healty thing to do, and try to limit how much we do it.

Isn't it funny that when you donate a bunch of grains to starving people in the third world...they never ask for a gluten free version or about the preservatives used in the food? The reason is that people in this country have too much time and energy on their hands.

Tannim...worry about your own health and well-being and don't waste the time of people who are trying to get meaningful change accomplished just so you can feed your own psychosis.

How about...

.. a garden PLUS a huge stash of ramen? Ramen tastes WAY better with fresh garden veggies in it.


No offense, but that's a

No offense, but that's a ludicrous survivalist fantasy, mostly inspired by Walter Mittys who want an excuse to spend $1500 on a Big Black Semi-Automatic rifle instead of a six month supply of food.

Hungry people do not form looting mobs and kill other people who harbor food. Hungry people are typically lethargic and stay in one spot waiting for handouts. In the aftermath of Katrina, there were no roaming violent mobs of distressed people who pillaged the countryside of Baton Rouge.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

None taken...but

I'm never a proponent of spending that kind of money on firearms. I'm all about quantity over quality. Buy them used, and buy lots of them.

Hungry people do not form looting mobs...or at least have rarely done so in the history of this country. They'll stay lethargic and hungry until they realize that it isn't working. In the aftermath of Katrina, yes, it took forever for a federal response...but it came. If we had been talking about a few weeks, how many of the people would have starved to death in the Superdome? Probably very few, because they would have gotten desperate and went looking for food.

If we had some type of cataclismic collapse of society (which probably won't happen in my lifetime, despite what many think) people would know that no handout is coming, and WILL get desperate. Don't think people will remain in the inner city once the place is looted beyond recognition. They will invade the suburbs, and then the rural areas.

All i'm saying is if the stuff really hits the fan, be ready to be self reliant for a few years. Ramen noodles is what I suggested for sake of brevity because they have a long shelf life and are very cheap. It goes without saying that you should also have some vitamins, some Ensure, some gatorade, canned food, etc.

I would estimate that out of 300 million Americans...maybe 1% of them can be self reliant. That leaves approximately 297,000,000 hungry mouths for someone to feed. I'm prepared to feed 3 people for 2 years, and the rest should be ready to dodge some .206 slugs if they want my Twinkies.

After Katrina I remember

After Katrina I remember reading about and seeing pictures of the looting, but it was people looting stores rather than stealing from other people (afaik). I saw photos of food stores that were broken into with people taking what food and water they could get their hands on. Even police officers were looting the food stores in some instances. But the worst is when I saw photos of the people who were looting out of greed instead of need. One pic showed a guy with a cart full of Nike sneakers... I recall him having a pretty big smile.


I agree with you...

.. 99%.

Where I'm at after Katrina we had hungry people looting in town and the national guard was called in (with manned 50mm turrets on the vehicles!).

Nothing out in the country where I'm at though. Moral here is to get out of the city in my opinion...


Right. You'll have looting

Right. You'll have looting with distressed people in the city, but it'll probably be within 5 miles of where they are distressed. If you're far from the city, people aren't going to come attack you in order to steal your tomatoes and ears of corn. In the country, on farmland, growing as much as you can, is the safest place you can be.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States

I live...

.. in a rural community and in my "neighborhood" each house has anywhere from 3 to 10 acres. I know most of them and because of the firearm population being greater than the number of people I don't think anybody will be messing with our gardens!

I'm up for some target practice. Oh, and several people around here have rottweillers...


In rural communities most

In rural communities most residents are well-armed, including the elderly.
The octagenarian gentleman who lives across the road from me in Hill County has a fully-stocked gun safe in his garage, and he and his wife go elk hunting every year.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Support the Constitution of the United States


.. yeah. I know old people that NOBODY better get near their property. I can't tell you how many times around here eldery ladies who live alone have pulled shotguns on people.

"Who the hell are you and why are you on my property?!"