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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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I am not saying I am lazy or anything

but you have no idea how I have my hands full right now. I love this whole gardening thing, and always have. If someone could come up with a complete kit--raised box, soil, bug control, heirloom seeds, or plants, instructions on planting and mantenance, ready to go I would buy it in a second. Maybe a good enterprize for somewhere out there soon.

They already exist.

Check out Gardeners Supply Company, Gardens Alive, and your local nursery/garden center.

I placed an order..

.. with Gardener's Supply on Monday...


You mean

like this?


like I said...I just love that site and everything being natural and organic just makes it all the better!

That could work

will have to take a closer look at it, thanks.

For bad soils..

.. trench gardening is MUCH easier and uses much less water.

Dig a "V" trench about a foot deep and fill it with good soil.

Raised bed framing and the soil you have to buy is EXPENSIVE. A raised bed frame and the soil to fill it for ONE tomato plant can cost you $200

SO are you referring to Lasagne gardening?

Is it expensive to do the Lasagne method?

Depends on if you can get

mulch materials free or cheap or not. This is what I used:
sawdust from local saw mill: they load it into pickup= 5.00 lasts me at least a year.(I have alkaline soil, so it helps it, but if you have acid soil, it may not).
straw bales, I bought 20 bales at 2.00 bale. enough for year, in garden, for making container for putting cabbages in over winter, and bedding for the chickens.
Pine needles raked from around trees: free
3.4 cu. ft. bales of peat moss. I use two or 3 a year, for lasagna gardening and for starting seeds in my sun room, about 15.00 each.
You could beg neighbors for grass clippings, or get them at the dump., beg for leaf rakings, etc.
Go into woods near you and rake for mulch.

Good ideas..

.. i'm going to contact some of the local sawmills...


.. never heard of Lasagne gardening before.

With trench gardening you just dig a trench in the dirt and fill it with good soil materials.

I suspect in "lasagne gardening" you would do layers of different kinds of soil materials?


Yes. .It is easier I guess I

Yes. .It is easier I guess I heard it today....when you have to cover grass...and your not good with a shovel and pick! Using Mulch, Manure..etc..

-Liberty Girl

They have...

... "sheet mulch" now. Just ordered some for my tomatoes. $10 for 8 3'x'3' squares. No weeding!

Tilling is hard work but the person I bought my house from left a 1960's Gravely tiller and my friend got it up and running. No shovel's needed.


LETS keep this going forever I love it.

Anyone planting at higher elevations?

And does anyone know how to build a pond for edible fish in a colder climate.


I downloaded a couple

I downloaded a couple documentaries on a guy that built a series of self regulating commercial fish ponds on a mountain in Austria. I haven't uploaded them to Google video yet, but that will be done when I finish my permaculture report.

Jump on BitTorrent (I used mininova as a search engine) and download:
Farming with Nature - A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture.avi
Permaculture - Sepp Holzer - Aquaculture - Synergy of Land and Water.avi

They both are about the same farm and are relatively short. One of the cool things he did was to place rocks, pulled out tree roots and intentional shallow areas in the pond system. The rocks collect heat and warm the water. The tree roots and shallow areas give feeder fish and frogs a safe place to breed. Its actually a very cool system since it doesn't require any significant upkeep and produces well.

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This is so cool!! But how do

This is so cool!! But how do I find a reader for the file?

MicroTorrent (uTorrent) is

MicroTorrent (uTorrent) is the best client.


"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

Average cost of a fish pond

Average cost of a fish pond is upwards of $1500 for a small pond. If you need a liner it costs more...

How cold? What zone?

Ah..not sure what

Ah..not sure what zone.....high desert plains 5500 feet. zone 5 I think.


.. are the easiest to raise. Not sure how they would do in your climate though.

trout. I don't know of any

trout. I don't know of any catfish up here in the high country.


the native catfish up where you are at are really inedible. The channel catfish we have in the South and corn feed in ponds are really meaty with much less bones...

Crappie do well

in colder climates.

Crappie is my fave eating

Crappie is my fave eating fish. Pronounced "croppie" for those scratching their heads...


my not have the freedom to have your garden with all the water rights being taken away!!

Write congress tell them you want your freedoms, with freedom comes responsibility and you better not let your water run down the street.

Found this great

site on rainwater collection: If you want to do that, it is well worth the listen. http://db.georgegordon.com/view_prog.php?prog=281


.. I live out in the country in Missippi and my county voted 10% for Ron Paul. We have lots and lots of guns and four-wheelers down here. Not sure they wanna mess with us...


These posts on gardens are great!

does anyone have any solutions on snails. I grew beautiful tomatoes a couple of years ago, and the snails, after of course waited for them ripen, I guess they don't like green tomatoes, polished them off over night.

Beer for snails

save the lids from jars or any shallow container , place around plants, fill with beer, add fresh brew after rain..... :) hope this helps

I'm guessing that react the

I'm guessing that react the same way to salt as slugs do. Maybe try a rocksalt barracade around your tomatoes?

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Do you have any snail

Do you have any snail habitats with 50-70ft from your plants?

Snails like to hang out in dark damp places close to the soil. Any bricks, or boards, or upside down flower pots nearby? Check under stuff.

Some people set out things like I mentioned as traps to attract them then you round them up and dispose of them prior to planting...

Find out where they're living...