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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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Your discription of snail habitats

sound like my vision of troll habitats--maybe we can trap them in the same way. They live all over my property, and in a way I have always thought they may have a positive use. I have seen them eat through anything and everything, making mulch out of any piece of paper left out. What would happen if you put thousands of them in the local landfill, they would probably decimate all of the garbage in no time at all, just a thought.

I bet..

.. onevoiceoftreason lives with the snails...



the snails would be the higher tier.

One option, which does solve

One option, which does solve the problem but involves a lot of work setting up, is to make a frog pond. The frogs eat the snails and you can grow edible water plants.

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I have a lot of frogs

and will be the first female that admits to loving frogs, I also love the sound of crickets---to me to hear these two things at night makes for a peaceful sleep. Do not see them being any threat to my snail population though so far.

I don't mind..

.. frog noises but the crickets drive me nuts. I live in the South in the heart of cricket country...


So are you saying

the crickets are too loud to tolerate--they are supposed to be good luck.

The crickets down here..

.. get REALLY loud. Sounds like there is 8 billion of them. After awhile I begin to feel like im in some cheesy 70's horror movie like "Frogs".

I've been lucky listening to them but not THAT lucky...



of course they hate salt (i'm melting) but bad for your garden, you could make a line around it.
I alway's would rake up the sweet gum balls and mulch they hate spikey things. Sharp egg shells...or diatomaceous earth.

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Thank you so much

I will try the diatomaceous earth, wow what a name. By the way, I just read somewhere it is good for people to take this substance as is supposed to detox. I guess they have been using it in India forever, calling it "white earth". Anybody know anything about that?

diatomaceous earth...

it is the stuff in kitty litter and oil dry. it is super absorbant, made of dead diatoms (tiny sea creatures). the biggest us mine of it is in California. it is basically fossilized diatoms that were made during the flood of Noah. Sounds crazy right? but then explain to me how miles of this stuff is found in the mines in California with whale and other fossilized animals buried in them. for normally it takes hundreds if not thousands of years for the regular dying diatoms to create 1 inch of these on the sea floor. i would not consume it to cleanse my body...for it will radically dehydrate you in the process. just use clean unflouridated water to flush the impurities out of your body...and of course fasting.

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I thought you may want to try this...

It's from Garden's Alive! I love their site.

They slug control product is called "Escar-GO!" rofl.


Thanks for the info

which brings me to the question, could I export these snails to France to eat as escargo to make a little money on the side? Just kidding of course.


You may want to try growing tomatoes in hanging baskets. Other veggies can be grown in baskets also - peppers, cukes, etc.

let us know

how that works OUT for you, victory

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Diatomaceous earth is useful

for insect control. I put it in my grain buckets, etc. It will kill the insects by puncturing the larva's skin, and yet it is edible for humans. Also, we are building our home where we have black widows, so when we frame our windows in, we put it in under the wood, so it will kill them. It works great.

I am sitting here watching it snow sideways!

No kidding!! Must be global warming--Hmmm?


... global temperature measuring systems put into place in the 90's are showing that the last 10 years has been a COOLING trend...

getr done

potatoes planted last week, cauliflower, broc, two weeks from now, tomatoes sqaush, peppers, cucumbers, cantaloupe.

cant wait)))))) run paul run

we need to put this sight on here


... does good in the summer?


In our area (Virginia), we plan broccoli in the spring and fall. It likes cooler weather.

I've been planning on

I've been planning on broccoli this fall in addition to collard's and turnips...

I have my organic garden going STRONGLY down here in FL.....

I finally came to the conclusion that the Amish won't be accepting my family's application to join them anytime soon, so I figured I had better learn to SOMEwhat feed my family without relying on Wal-Mart or Kroger.

I purchased heirloom seeds from the Power Hour last Fall and now have a thriving organic garden down here in Central Florida.

The only big problem I've had is ants on the sweet corn.....and I refuse to use pesticides, so I'm having to experiment.

I can feel a huge ripple coming along with the economy, and this garden probably won't save my butt, but it's a start.

Now I need to figure out how to get a well dug without the county knowing about it. They'll slap a GPS on that sucker faster than you can say "KBR/Halliburton".

Patrick G.
Polk County, Florida



This may sound weird...

.. but put little mounds of corn meal at the base of your corn plants (the kind you make cornbread with from the grocery store). The ants will eat it and then it swells inside them and kills them.

Defend your corn with... **drumroll**... corn.

I've heard this also works with dry cream of wheat...



cream of wheat works real good on ants. I am looking for confirmation of using a stick of spearment chewing gum to get rid of gophers. I wonder if this works.

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I'm in..

.. Missippi and one of my friends had a gopher for a pet years ago (ornery critter that liked to get up inside the sofa and the back of the refrigerator)

It was perhaps the only gopher in Missippi before or since...



So no spearmint huh...turn them into pets instead. I am from PA and we played with the racoons and chipmunks. But here in AZ the gophers are a huge problem. I think mcain gave them amnesty.

"If humanity can grasp the basic concept of 'Infinite Diversity In Infinite Combinations', and then accept it for what it is, then there may yet be hope. If not, then the destruction of mankind, at it's own hand, is inevitable." - Anonymous


I've got one kind of mint

I've got one kind of mint growing in a bed with partial shade. Spearmint is on my list though. =)

I love chipmunks but so does my cat. =|

I've got this image of a gopher chewing on a stick of gum in my head and it won't go away...

LOL...imagine bubble gum : )

I was told long ago that if you put a stick of spearmint chewing gum in a gopher hole it would get rid of them...I do not know if they eat it and bite it, or if it is like garlic and repels them.
They are driving my beagle nuts, he howls/bays at them and then body slams the golfer hole and rolls around whining. My yellow lab (Happy) used to pick all the green tomatoes and line them up in a row. I thought that was odd. Anyway the gofers have to go... this is the first time I have planted a garden on this property and I am sure they intend to cause some damage.



... here is some dried fox pee powder that is supposed to run them off..



This site recommends sinking some metal fencing two feet deep around your garden..