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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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Sure, glad to give out ideas on this stuff

And the wife comment was in reference to tehcniques and knowledge. :)

Another idea.

Try planting fruit trees in your yard instead of crab apples that you cannot eat and require just as much work. Also if you have a yard, eliminate some of that lawn that requires you to cut and throw the cuttings in the garbage, instead there are some varieties of grass that are great for juice or plant it all with beans and then winter wheat. This of course is more for the hard core gardeners. Have to of course check if your city government allows you to do so.

I have an advantage on the trees

as I live in the citrus belt of SoCal.

We have 3 1/2 vintage grove orange trees, a grapefruit tree, a hyperactive lemon tree, and we've added a 4-variety graft apple tree, 2 peach trees, and a guava tree. They all produce.

As for the rest, iehuvihs sounds like my wife, but that's great. :)

What are you referring to as the citrus belt

just out of curiousity, as I also have a lot of citrus trees?

Riverside County

Where citrus in SoCal was born, and where it still survives (unlike neighboring Orange County which no longer has any orange groves!).

i give...

http://ronpauldonatetoday.blogspot.com/ and vote in the polls only 285 have done this!

write congress at www.congress.org and oppose the REAL ID, it will contain all your privacy information, it only takes a couple of minutes to write them and call them and let them know.

Dr. Steve Parent on www.rprradio.com between 4-6 today to explain the way delegates and roberts rules work.

I love tomatoes right off the vine. ;0)

Does anybody

know about how to keep lemon juice or other vegetables that can't be frozen...My mom squeezes dozens of lemons into a gallon jug...but this would go bad after a while if it's unused...I drink lemon water everyday so this is kinda inportant to know how to preserve it for the long run,

We have our own trees

and we dehydrate them with a sugar mix, then rehydrate later as needed, We use an Excalibur 9-try dehydrator and it works well for most vegetables and fruits and some herbs.

But freezing the juice is the best bet, and you can do it with all kinds of juicer fruits like citrus and apples. You can freeze sliced apples as well if you dip them in Fruit Fresh first. I wouldn't recommend freezing lemon wedges or orange slices as that doesn't seem to work very well.

A Seal-a-meal works great for freezing, but without that, freezer ziplocs work just fine. Of course, we use actual containers for the juices, not bags. :)

personally I would cut out the sugar

as it leaches nutrients from the body and is high in the glycemic index.

It preserves the deyhdration properly when you powder it up.

otherwise it causes the chopper to clog up.

Besides, the sugar goes in the lemonade.

I bought bottles of lemon juice for storage

its not perfect but its available

We are experimenting with drying vegetables..
getting used to oven times as we have no special equipment to dehydrate them Use lowest only heat, turn it off and on to keep temp around 130-140F finish off a room temp
sliced thin, carrots and zuccini are good; onions and garlic are perfect
we all know about tomatoes, yum..
buy dried mushrooms at chinese groceries, inexpensive
celery has me worried
not sure what you can't freeze...

I will be sprouting for fresh veges BION, alfalfa sprouts if fresh are nice


Actually, Kat, if you use

Actually, Kat, if you use lots of lemons for their juice, freezing them is the BEST thing you can do! They will last for years, and once thawed, you will get more out of them than you would have otherwise, due to all the cell walls having been burst during the freezing. And the quality of the juice after freezing is just as good as it would have been fresh.

I buy 5 lb bags of limes from Costco (I like limes better), and freeze them just as they are --- no blanching or other preparation required. You might just want to put them in a plastic bag, to keep them from getting excessively freezer-burned if they will be there for months.

You can also jsut freeze the juice in ice-cube trays and then put those juice cubes into plastic bags, but I like freezing the whole fruits better.

May the wind always be to your back!

I didn't know you could freeze lemons! Where the heck have I been? I guess since I didn't see them in our frozen food section I assumed it couldn't be done...

Now what about potatoes?

Don't freeze potatoes, and

Don't freeze potatoes, and don't store them near apples. Its actually a good idea to keep apples in a completely separate storage area since they give off a gas that screws many other things up.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero

Potatoes, frozen? UGH?

Potatoes, frozen? UGH? NOT! I tried this once, and believe me, you do NOT want to waste them that way! One CAN freeze them after cooking them, and they are perfectly edible that way, but still don't come out the same after defrosting.

Another option is to get a home dehydrator --- they work well for many things, fruits and vegetables and herbs and mushrooms. I love dried bananas! Just slice them up and dry, no treatment of any kind required. They have been a backpacking staple of mine for 20 years.


I have to have my potatoes...Irish blood needs these to survive you know! ;)

Can Potatoes

You can can potatoes! You can mix them with green beans or just the potatoes...good for frying later or for stews!

P.S. I love all you guysand gals...wish we were in same ( sane )community!

"I think we are living in a world of lies: lies that don't even know they are lies, because they are the children and grandchildren of lies." ~ Chris Floyd

Another important forum....having fun yet...LOL

OPPOSE the REAL ID & more, very important to bump!!
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Posted March 17th, 2008 by 4Constitution
Dr. Steve Parent to be on www.rprradio.com TODAY from 4-6 EST for 2 hours to explain the delegate process and rules of order. March 26, 2008

Very important info, please read and follow all steps, thanks. Pass to your local meet ups at www.meetup.com

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2) Visualize Ron Paul's name on the ballot (kind of like the hundredth monkey syndrome) and then do the work to get him there. join or start a meet up in your area www.meetup.com for Ron Paul or for our Liberties.

3) Write congress at www.congress.org to tell your representatives that you want the paper ballot back and you oppose the REAL ID. become informed about laws going into effect, that affect our Freedoms.

4) Sign the petition, RFIDpetition@gmail.com (this ID will have medical records, financial records, you will not be able to enter a Federal building or be on a plane without it) http://action.downsizedc....

5) Go to your local GOP office and find out the rules for becoming a delegate, attending the conventions, or getting a list of delegates to plant seeds for our candidate or http://www3.webng.com/ron...

6) Sign up as a precinct leader, call for Paul, and watch training vids at www.ronpaul2008.com

7) Go to www.senate.gov, www.usbc.org, and http://votesmart.org/
to become more inormed about voting records of other candidates. (then you can ask others what issues are important to them and you will be informed on how the candidate they are leaning toward has voted on those issues)

We are all working hard to get Paul's name on the ballot this Nov. & I believe it could happen. Supporters of other candidates are still searching and we can keep growing our #'s with these forums because we ARE committed to our candidate and they are not always so sure of theirs. We know his voting record and they do not necessarily know the others, just what the MSM is telling us. We have close to 1,700 meet up groups at meetup.com across this nation and this should go to each one of them, I can only do 12 per day. Thanks for the assist.

I'm visualizing..

.. fresh tomatoes, crowder peas, sweet corn all cooked with fresh herbs on my plate. Oh, and with fresh hot buttered corn bread and a big pitcher of my secret formula sweet tea.

I need all that fresh healthy homegrown food to keep my energy and health up to fight for Dr. Paul.


Very Important info thanks.

Dr. PAUL Satisfies Ballot Requirements Nationwide...bump please.
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Posted March 26th, 2008 by 4Constitution
Do you understand our Election process?

Ron Paul Satisfies Ballot Requirements Nationwide

March 21, 2008
ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA – Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul has satisfied the ballot requirements for all U.S. states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico as of yesterday, March 20, 2008.
“Dr. Paul’s message of peace, freedom and prosperity has broad appeal” said campaign chairman Kent Snyder. “Well-organized and determined volunteers throughout America made this possible.”

Now volunteers please do the following:
1) Go to http://www.gop.com/images... to see a State by State summary for delegate selection for the National Convention.

2) See list of ACTUAL pledged delegates here http://www.thegreenpapers...

3) BECOME A DELEGATE please go to http://www3.webng.com/ron....

4) Volunteer in St. Paul, MN to help Ron Paul win here: http://msp2008.com/volunt...

5)Get your hands on Robert’s Rules of Order, before the convention, (they have a nice four page laminate you can order), or watch the training videos at www.ronpaul2008.com.

Do your research you will find that some states are not bound to vote for anyone. Go to your local GOP office ask for a list of rules, a list of delegates and plant those seeds. The Main stream media uses words to conveniently avoid the citizens in knowing these delegates that McCain supposedly has are “predicted” or ‘forecasted”. You must remember those delegates are not all pledged to the candidate. We have our conventions to attend.

The person who gave us most of the above information was an administrator for the Democratic party for more than 6 years. This person quit to support Ron Paul. Please email them at newspaper4paul@hotmail.com if you wish to help keep this info posted and shared to other supporters.

Gardening is very important, but

I cannot believe you guys are commenting more on gardening right now than Paul Satisfies Ballot Requirements Nationwide and Oppose the REAL ID, amazing, we need this information to be passed on now, I am sure that if we do not get this done than the real ID will assure that we cannot purchase as much food as we would like and we will need our garden.

COSTA RICA...Fresh food from YOUR garden & pure air / water...

These are just a few of the major health benefits derived from our unique lifestyle here in the beautiful mountainous Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

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Discover Costa Rica

and mad crazy neighbors who

and mad crazy neighbors who in a economic downturn will invade and take everything! does costa rica have an army>> and are you allowed to keep and bare arms???

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


Here we sit on Computers talking about Gardening. LOL.

But in all reality is this not Funny?

But Hey I'm not one to talk as I'm am getting a shipment of dirt where I live from the nearby river because the soil is so poor in our back yard.
Thanks for all the good info everyone.

We can all say what needs to be done, but who here lead by example today?

Find out if you have a local militia - http://www.uaff.us/

Real Patriots for 9/11 truth -- http://patriotsquestion911.com/

Look into composting, worms

Look into composting, worms and legumes to keep the soil you are bringing in from going bad over time. These are key to making the soil better and better every year. In time you won't even need fertilizer from an outside source since you can make your own nettle fertilizer for perennials and use the "worm pee" for the intensive stuff like corn.

"Freedom suppressed and again regained bites with keener fangs than freedom never endangered." -- Cicero


"Worms eat my garbage" discusses vermiculture.

Compost tea is outstanding fertilizer, and so is the compost. You need to dilute down the tea as the concentrate is too much for the plants.

Small space gardeners

Probably your best bet is to plant herbs. These are very easy to take care of and there are thousands of varieties. The best thing to do is to find a gardening group close to you. Many times you can exchange ideas and also produce when it comes time to harvest. Another idea is to go out to the country if you aren't too far and talk to local landowners. Many times they will lease a small area for planting a garden, it helps them and it helps you.


.. are also good for companion planting with other garden plants. They run off bad insect, attract good ones and improve the flavor of certain plants.

I'm planting marigolds and cukes with my peas/beans and basil, mint, and bee balm with my 'maters.


Urban farmscaping

Everything in our yard save our limited lawn is either an herb or spice, a medicinal plant, a fruit tree, or a vegetable plant, or a companion to help them thrive. They all have a purpose.

One house in Pasadena does this and they get 500#+ of edibles out of their yard each year, and they are on a 5000 sq-ft lot.

It can be done.

For survival in the coming econoic collapse, it *must* be done.

garden web community


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!