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Anybody getting their gardens ready?

I've been tilling my gardens most of the day.

Getting ready to plant several kinds of beans/peas, tomatoes, peppers, some herbs, sunflowers, radishes, cucumbers, watermelons, muscadines...


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sheet compost

over the grass for the summer before putting in the strawberries in the fall. The grass won't have a chance. (unless it's bermuda, that stuff never dies!)

I know a little about gardens, but nothing about computers. Can we/ will we be able to post personal garden photos here? I have a digital camera & can get the photos onto my compy, but dont have a clue how to post them.
It would be very cool to see the gardens of the posters in this thread.

DailyPaul isn't set up to

DailyPaul isn't set up to show photo's. You can put the pics somewhere else like Photobucket.com or whatever and then post the link to the pic. I need to post some pics for advice... look near the top of this topic and you'll see what I am talking about.


.. allows you to upload pics.


I tried to trim off the

I tried to trim off the suckers from my tomato plants last year and many branches turned brown. There were plenty of tomatoes, but I think I did something wrong. are you supposed to trim off branches from tomatoes? The branches that looked like the suckers had a ton of blossoms on them, so I'm so confused. and have you ever tried soap to get rid of the bugs? I don't want to spray chemicals this year.

suckers? what are suckers?

Suckers? What are suckers and where are they? Boy, am I "green" to gardening!! I had monster tomato plants last year but the fruit had spots on some and yucky black bottoms on others. Huge plants with small (yucky) fruits was not what I invisioned :(
As a teen, (that was too many years ago) I helped my granny in her garden every year and loved it. Last year was the first time I could actually have one of my own. Seems I have forgotten some of the small details for success! Anyone got a pic of suckers? LOL!!!!!


.. I'm not sure why they call them "suckers" but suckers are new branches that start growing right where an existing branch meets a stem or the main stem.

If you pinch the new suckers off you end up with less vine branches and larger but fewer fruits (generally).

The "black bottoms" are "blossom-end rot" and is caused by lack of calcium which can be solved by adding fertilizer or soil conditioner containing calcium. Also, they have sprays you can apply directly to the blossoms. Both can be found at any garden supply place.

Illustration of a sucker:


martfuncher, you're

martfuncher, you're my hero!! Wish I had neighbors like you!!
Maybe this year with a pinch here and there, plus a dose of calcium, I will have great tomatos! THANK YOU!!


.. I have some anti-social neighbors that need replacing. ;)


.. with your fingers. Don't cut them as the neat cut doesn't heal as fast and whatever cutter you are using spreads diseases from plant to plant.

If you use a cage or enclosing trellis you can just leave the suckers on only pinching the suckers to train the vines in whatever pattern you want them to develop.

I am pretty much leaving all the suckers on this year except I am pinching all branches about 1ft from the ground so the only branches remaining are the ones that will be trained up into the trellising I built out of bamboo...

Smokers Beware

If you use tobacco products, always wash your hands thoroughly before handling your tomato plants, especially when 'suckering'. Tobacco mosiac virus is ugly, it spreads, and will reduce yields!

I would love to train the

I would love to train the branches, but can only get to my garden (1 hour away at my parents) twice a week. the plant grows too fast for me. they always get too heavy for the wire cage, so I'm going to try something I saw at Montecello. They had a tall 6ft stake by each plant, and wrapped bailer twine around the first and last stake in the row, enclosing the plants or kind of sandwiching them. I liked it. How do I keep the big green worms away?

Lazy gardener here.....

I just let my tomato plants do what they do naturally....Sprawl all over the place. For years I spent way to much time trying to make those tomato plants (vines, actually) grow upright; last year I just gave up. And it worked!

Fortunately, space is not a problem for me so I'm just letting 'em run. So far so good.

I like my..

.. bamboo trellises but they take a bit of work to cut the bamboo and tie everything together with string.

Wire cages really don't work too well and the wind can knock them over pretty easily. Next year I'm trying "tomato ladders" from Gardener's Supply. Lots and lots of good reviews from customers:


And at 6' tall and only $6 each they are much cheaper than cages.

Twice a week should be often enough to train the vines. Just need some experience with how they respond.

Luckily, I've never had big green worms on my tomato plants. =P They are most likely "hornworms". Read this for more info:


It depends what you want.

If you want huge tomatoes trim the suckers off, but if you want smaller ones, but added up to more actual pounds of tomatoes, leave them on.

Good advice..


My garden is blooming

I have snap peas already and they are yummy, already tasted my radishes and I'll be planting more. My yukon gold potatoes are growing taller, the leaves sprouted out of the ground about two weeks ago. I can't wait to taste them. My green arrow peas are finally blooming so I should have some of them soon as well. My squash and melon plants are all blooming and should have fruit in the couple of weeks. It is really enjoyable to know that I've actually managed to grow some food for my family :)

Is this your first year?

Sounds pretty impressive even if you are a rookie. ;)

My watermelons are being slooooo... =|


it is my first time :) I'm inpressed I could do it! (My mom is even impressed!) I only managed to kill a few of them at the begining, but I remember what I did wrong and moving forward. I have some sprouted seedlings to replace what I lost, but I have to wait until they are stronger and I get a better solution for the shade. Heat and direct sun is an issue here in Arizona.

This is my third year...

... and I haven't done any sprouting yet, just planting seeds in tilled soil and transplanting plants from the garden center. Hopefully next year I will have a south-facing room setup with some grow lights to do some sprouting.

Sounds like you got it going on! Maybe you can drag your mom out in the garden too. =P

I didn't have any grow lights

I bought a seed starter kit from Lowe's and plunked the little seeds in and then I left them in our Arizona room (enclosed patio, except ours is fully encolsed and part of the house) I check them for water daily, let them dry out a little bit, and open the blinds during the day for sunshine. My mom is actually supposed to be helping me with the garden, however, it has been difficult for her to come over lately. I'll still share the veggies though :)

I bought my seeds through a seed company because I wanted to make sure my plants weren't modified and pretreated with chemicals. I found a seed company that operates off the grid, and I'm very happy with them so far, and I like their business structure. I wasn't sure if I would be able to propogate the plants I would get from a nursery and I really wanted to know the whole process and that is why I decided to sprout them myself.

The only one I didn't have a seed for was the potatoes. I like the yukon gold ones, so I bought a potato from Sprouts grocery store, cut it up, let it dry out, and then planted it eyes down straight in the dirt. I was real happy to see the leaves sprouting out of the gound as I didn't think it would work :)

I recently looked up information on peanut plants for my son because he wanted to know about them. I decided to buy raw peanuts so he could grow a peanut plant. Now I just have to find out about roasting them because the raw ones taste funny :)

I even have a compost pile started.


Who is this "off the grid" place you got your seeds. Can you email me so I can purchase seeds from them? I am trying to learn to grow my own food so my wife and I can eat when the excrement hits the rotary oscillating air circulation device.

JL Hudson

The website is www.jlhudsonseeds.net They have a catalog on line, but you can also request a catalog sent to you.

I'm gonna...

.. check out the Lowe's seed starter kits. :)

I try to do only organic seeds and when I buy plants at the store I look for only heirloom ones. Although I'm sure the growers probably do bad things to them.

Hehe, taters try to grow even if you don't plant them (which often happens to the ones I buy at the grocery store)

As far as raw peanuts, I guess it's an acquired taste. I've been eating them raw and roasted since I was a little kid and like them both ways sometimes. :)

Yes I do

have that problem with taters from the store as well :) As for the seeds check out JL Hudson Seedsman. I think you will find them to be a good source for good seeds. I think you might be right about the raw peanuts being an acquired taste :) I'll keep tyring them to see if my tastes change :)

Here is the link..

.. for everyone's clicking pleasure:



I am eating fresh picked zucchini and squash from my garden this evening as I type. So yummy!

I picked my first strawberry today -

I have them in hanging baskets. Also my peach tree is loaded but we've never gotten any peaches - the squirrels get them first. They eat them when they're tiny and green.

Did you eat the strawberry yet? ;)

I have one peach tree that I got about 10 peaches off of last year. It's a small tree I cut totally to the ground three years ago and it grew back.

The evil squirrels haven't bothered it.. yet...

I had hundreds of peaches

I had hundreds of peaches last summer, but the squirrels got them all. :(


How many squirrels you got? =P