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Our recent polls show that Fed credibility has been lost.

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94% of our participants said Ben Bernanke will absolutely get a highly paid job at JPMorgan upon leaving the Fed. Only 3% said no, because Bernanke has principles. And only 3% said no, because JPMorgan has principles.

95% of our participants also said the Fed has gone too far. Only 3% said the Fed is doing the right amount. And 3% said the Fed is not doing enough.

These polls clearly show how little faith people today have in the Fed. As a friend said recently: "I went out to lunch with a guy who knows nothing about finance, and it was clear even to him how the system is rigged and taking money away from the average person."

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Ewww, a poll....

"The casualty of partisanship is objectivity."

Fed = Bush

To the majority of Americans the FED has everything to do with Bush and the GOP and that is why the GOP is having problems and Ron Paul has problems getting the message out. Americans have heard Bush for 7 years and they don't want to hear a GOP message because to them that's the FED. That's why this campaign is where it is...had it gone Indy instead of claiming to be a rEVOLution and then showing its self to be nothing but a band aid for the GOP/'re right...people don't like the feds and unfortunately, worse than thet, people think of the fed as Bush = GOP.


Sorry, but this is way off. The majority of Americans don't even have a clue what the Fed IS, let alone have an opinion that it is evil and/or associated with George Bush.

Abolishing the FED

would do more good than electing RP. I used to think we lived in a free country that had won its independence from England, but after watching "Money Masters" I know realize these people are controlling the world through debt, where they create imaginary money out of thin air! If enough American every find out about what is going on, it will be riot.


I would have to disagree that the majority of Americans would ever consider a riot or true revolution in the streets no matter how informed they become. Enough has happened in the last 7 years during the Bush administration to warrant people taking to the streets, but those days are gone. Americans are too complacent anymore and only care about their own comfort, greed and wealth. If I could sum up what our nation has become in one word, it would have to be materialistic. Unfortunately, I think another Great Depression is what this country needs to really get everyone's attention.

More than polls

It will definitely take more than a poll to get rid of the Fed. How long have we been hearing that 70% of Americans want us out of the war now? That percentage may be even higher now, but has it brought the troops home? It ought to be quite obvious to anyone that this administration and our elected representatives (excluding Ron Paul) could care less what the American people think or want anymore. That could probably be proven will a poll also, but what good would it do? Nothing...

The average American will gladly use a poll to voice their displeasure with a given situation, take George W. Bush's approval poll. Has that brought about his impeachment? When those same average Americans are asked to make a real sacrifice to bring about change, what will they do? Nothing... They'll go out and shop.