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"Fiat Empire" DVD now available-- featuring Ron Paul

Thought you would be interested in this new DVD, just released, featuring our guy, Ron.


Great for education and recruiting!!!

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Any way to order copies of this DVD w/o buying in bulk?

Fiat dvd

You might think of throwing a few of these up on eBay and selling them for a nominal fee + shipping. See what happens, can't hurt.


Is there a place to review the DVD, maybe even watch it before I place an order?

FIAT money dvd

I just watched this. It is an excellent video, I learn something new from this site everyday.

I'll be ordering several copies to loan out.

Thanks for this important info!

Awesome video...

Excellent DVD....its the best laid out, to the point, no holds barred, explanation on our monetary system and the Federal Reserve I've seen...and I've watched them all!!