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MSM and Cable

"Comcast Corp.... investors focused on dents in the company's ability to add new customers.

"The country's largest cable operator said stiffer competition and softness in the economy led to disappointing growth in most subscriber categories."... SHOULD have said, "we are losing Ron Paul supporters at an alarming rate... they are canceling their subscriptions because of the way Fox is treating their candidate..." This could well be the case in Q4. I hope so.

Comcast: $7 billion decline in market capitalization today... this industry (cable and content (MSM)), does not do well when subscriber numbers are poor. The best way to get your own back on FOX et al is to cancel your cable subscription and send the money you save to the campaign... give yourself a six month break from cable... MSM will be chasing Ron Paul all over the country to try and win you back.

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No Cable here

Cancelled cable TV but still have broadband- so have to deal with the cable co. there. Anyway- we are getting some channels that our TV tunes in for us- so I am keeping DH happy enough with that and our Blockbuster mail subscription.
I really hate all the cable companies....and MSM....
Cancel cable ya'll!

MSM and Cable

Is it possible for us to contact Fox, etc. AND their sponsors?,
especially the ones affiliated with any RP appearance?
A simple contact saying we're buying/not buying your product
may be helpful. Oh yeah, even Hannity too!
Just an idea.

Also the fact that they are

Also the fact that they are profiting a 1000 bucks a pop to let the administration spy on us doesn't help. I'm dependent on a high speed internet to make living but I don't need to spend the 140 bucks for cable, I should cancel and give that to Ron.

The power of 1,200

Comcast's market capitalization is $65.8 billion. It has approximately 23.4 million subscribers. In other words, the market places a value of $2,800 on each subscriber. If they lose subscribers because customers complain about the poor content (not enough Ron Paul), they will either put pressure on the MSM (Fox, CNN, etc.) to correct the situation, or they will try and extract some sort of compensation. Part of your cable bill goes towards programming costs, i.e., paying the content providers. They might also reduce the content provider's (e.g. FOX) share of your subscription dollar. They won't take the loss of a cable subscriber lying down. It costs them big bucks to win you back.

Assume 1,200 Paul supporters decide they can make do with You Tube and more frequent visits to the local library for the next six months. If they cancel their cable subscription and pass the $140 per month saving to the campaign, it will bring in $1,008,000.

Plano TX