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Colbert writes Maureen Dowd's column


Result: For a change, it's interesting and funny. :)

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interesting and funny but...

The linked articles on "Undergarments as Outerwear" and "Video: A Discussion of Baseball, Politics and God" and bombs, bestsellers, war and gardening make me wonder if the Times isn't planting a tiny seed endorsing Mitt Romney.

I'm actually serious. Sometimes I wonder how much of Steven Colbert's humor is satire. His joke candidacy kind of says, "These are scary times. You voted an idiot into office. Wouldn't you really like a nice middle-aged alpha male? SOME of these candidates are CRAZY."

So, weirdo Mitt doesn't seem so crazy then. Even though he was raised in Mexico by polygamists, tortured his family dog and obviously dislikes gays, women and minorities.

In that case, Colbert has a point. Mitt Romney seeming normal is a return to a simpler time before forks that meant eating raw meat off the sharp, pointed end of a stick.

Canada Loves Ron Paul

Canada Loves Ron Paul

That was funny. thanks

That was funny. thanks

Appalachian Catfish Wrestler

Thanks for sharing.