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Patrick Ewing donates to Ron paul

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I'm waiting for a donation from Charles Oakley.

Or John Starks or, better yet, Rolando Blackmon.

"Freedom Is A Road Seldom Traveled By The Multitude." - Frederick Douglass

Its not the basketball player.

Both of Patrick Ewing's sons played high school basketball in georgia. Patrick Ewing used to live in white plains New York, not brooklyn.


We can't be sure it's actually the basketball player, and not someone who shares his name. But if it is, great.

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The Most Famous Name I Have Seen On The Ticker

is Darrell Vienna a trainer of race horses.

He had made a donation and it is unusual name. It said from Sierra Madre CA, which is five minutes from Santa Anita. Then I looked on Wikipedia and he lives in Sierra Madre.

Vienna has trained many big race horses that have won me some money.

Barry Manilow gave to Ron Paul too....

He talked about it on an interview....mb w/Tucker?


I have wondered if the name exposure on the RP donor ticker has stopped some name recognizable folks from giving to the campaign?

Just a thot.

Donor Ticker

When you donate you have the option of whether or not you want your name displayed.

I doubt it

Your name only appears for a few seconds at a time, and it's just a name and town. Nobody would be able to identify you specifically unless they are from the campaign. And I'm sure they aren't giving that information to anyone but the FEC.

Joe's in Atlanta?

I did see Joe Montana, but I don't think he lives in Georgia. He has a home in the California wine country.

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This guy isn't even a member

This guy isn't even a member of a Ron Paul meetup group. There is no reason to assume he's the one that donated. And there's no reason to assume it was the basketball player either.


Agreed. But not a New York Knick!! :)

OTOH, maybe this is somehow an opportunity to reach out to the "real" Patrick Ewing. I've heard Nolan Ryan supports Dr. Paul, or at least did in past congressional races. It would be nice if we had a few sports-stars, if only to make further fun of pinkstate.com's caricature. Not that those censorious desk-jockies seem like the greatest athletes themselves!!

Do we know

If this is the famous one? I sure hope so.

Doppelgangers & Namesakes

I had a similar experience when I saw Rebecca Townsend's name, thinking it was my former family doctor whose practice I had left behind me when I moved from the Big Island of Hawaii. Turns out it was a different Ms Townsend in Arizona or New Mexico. My point: let's not make too much of familiar looking names. There are some three hundred millions of us in the Union, so far, and not many parents are as creative as Frank Zappa.

Also, who is Patrick Ewing?

Viva Agora!

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West of 89
a novel of another america

He's one of my heroes

He's one of the best basketball players in history. Center for the New York Knicks in the 90s.

Gotta love Zappa... I'm a

Gotta love Zappa... I'm a huge fan.

All I know is what you see

All I know is what you see in the screenshot...