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$2,300 now, or $16,000 later. You decide.

If you are an American between the ages of 15-64, the Iraq and Afghanistan wars have already cost you roughly $4,000. But don’t expect to get off that easy. The Congressional Budget Office currently puts the direct costs of the war at $1.6 Trillion, plus an additional $705 Billion in interest due since the entire war is being funded using borrowed money, but they are forecasting additional expenses to bring the total with interest to $2.4 Trillion. That’s only a measly 4,800% increase over the original estimates in 2003 of $50-60 Billion.

But what does that mean to YOU?

On the low end, every working American can expect to pay $11,881 for the simple pleasure of destroying two third world countries in aggressive wars. In reality, that bill will be much, much higher as the work-force is less than 80% of the population in that age bracket. So it would be safe to round up to an even $16,000.

Still think $2,300 is a lot of money to potentially buy your way out of this sort of fiasco? Contributing the maximum possible to Ron Paul is the cheapest insurance against theft by war profiteers you’ll ever find. Hate to say it, but this is the only time I would actually recommend to a person---if you can afford the bills, put the entire amount on a credit card. If your contribution succeeds, you’ll get a windfall of $8,000 in saved future taxes to pay off that portion of the war Ron Paul would spare the world of (oh you know, that bit between now and at least 2013).

Let's remind people that they have a choice; we can give voluntarily to something we believe in. Or we can have it taken from you by force for something we are opposed to.

Wish all decisions could be so simple.

San Dimas High School Football Rules!

(that last bit was in keeping with Ron's reminder to Have Fun).

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Seattle Gets It

A friend pointed out to me that Iraq accounts for 80% of the total bill, and that predictions for Iran are such that its costs will be equal to or greater than that of Iraq should we attack.

That would bring the total cost for each working person to $28,000+

I feel this information is useful in providing context for all our donations. In a world where we all have hundreds of competing desires, all begging for our money, it can be hard to pony up for something that doesn't give us an immediate tangible benefit. Giving to a campaign just doesn't satisfy that impulsive nature quite as much as stepping up to a 50" plasma screen might.

But if anybody else can show me a $2,300 investment that will return at least $16,000 and potentially $28,000 or more over the next 8 years-----I promise, I'll be able to find much, much more than $2300 to invest.

is there any way we can find

is there any way we can find out exactly how many ron paul supporters there are? and for the november the 5th site?

Not even considering Iran...

Those CBO estimates were for the next 10 years totalling $2.4 trillion. That's JUST for Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now Bush wants to invade Iran. Just imagine how much that would cost us, not to callously forget the cost in human lives and further destruction of America's reputation.

Why can't the American people wake up to the fact that this country is going to go broke if this continues. Hell, the CBO Director himself said that the current rate of spending and borrowing "is unsustainable, and significant tax increases or spending cuts to offset the borrowing will be a necessity".

Iran/Iraq "war"

Most of this money is from China.

AmeriKa is going in debt to a communist country to fight a misled war. Why do you think China is so eager to "loan" the USA this money?

Think about it.

Why is most everything you and I buy now is made in China, increasing their obscenly vast profits never seen before in a country's growth?

Think about it?

China is one of the worst countries in the world as far as human rights violations, yet we encourage and deal with them in the billions and billions of dollars and pay only lip service to their treatment of their own people?

Think about it.

actually the saddest part

actually the saddest part is... It isn't really costing us all that much. It is being paid for by bonds and such that we will have to repay in 30 or so years. Even scarier... Foreign countries like china are being lots of them...

Helping America understand why freedom matters.
support it!

Helping America understand why freedom matters.
support it!

You're right. It will cost us MORE.

The statement about bonds is misleading. Not all bonds are 30 years. In fact the bulk of US Bonds are Treasury Bills, which are short maturity. But that misses the point entirely.

The point is, working Americans WILL HAVE TO PAY IT ALL BACK. Those of us working today send our money to the IRS simply to pay the interest on previous scams and scandalous actions. And some of us (who are 35 and younger) will certainly be stuck paying for the entire damn thing.


Enough of this insanity! I've seen enough, this needs to be cleaned up and pronto!! War, debt, fiat, deficits, it's all so sad and such a poor way to live in the world. We need a change NOW.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity