HitWise Numbers In - Ron Paul Swamps Other Republicans with 45% Market Share

Hitwise.com, an Experian company, just released figures for week ending 10-20-2007 on presidential candidate web traffic. Ron Paul is number one in all categories. The significance here is that this is a huge sampling over 10,000,000 web users (one heck of a poll).

Top Republican Candidate 2008 Websites

Rank Website Market Share
1. www.ronpaul2008.com 45.48%
2. www.mikehuckabee.com 15.53%
3. www.joinrudy2008.com 11.32%
4. www.fred08.com 10.9%
5. www.mittromney.com 7.65%
6. www.johnmccain.com 5.22%
7. www.gohunter08.com 3.9%

Top Presidential Candidate 2008 Websites

Rank Website Market Share
1. www.ronpaul2008.com 23.94%
2. www.barackobama.com 18.61%
3. www.hillaryclinton.com 12.29%
4. www.mikehuckabee.com 8.18%
5. www.joinrudy2008.com 5.96%
6. www.fred08.com 5.74%
7. www.johnedwards.com 5.6%
8. www.mittromney.com 4.03%
9. www.joebiden.com 3.21%
10. www.dennis4president.com 2.96%
11. www.johnmccain.com 2.75%
12. www.chrisdodd.com 2.23%
13. www.gohunter08.com 2.06%
14. www.richardsonforpresiden... 1.62%
15. www.gravel2008.us 0.83%

Top 10 Presidential Candidate 2008 Search Terms

Rank Search Term Volume
1. ron paul 10.45%
2. hillary clinton 4.86%
3. barack obama 4.25%
4. joe biden 4.19%
5. fred thompson 3.27%
6. ron paul 2008 2.73%
7. mitt romney 2.40%
8. john edwards 2.34%
9. mike huckabee 1.97%
10. obama 1.85%

We all know that these figures don't translate necessarily into votes. It does show us though that the American people are shopping for a leader. And seems they're walking the aisle at Ron-Mart a wee bit more than all the other candidates.

Maybe they're realizing that it's cheaper to elect a president that'll follow the Constitution and rule of law in our land, than to accept more of the same old out-dated and unpopular crap we've tolerated for WAY TO LONG!

Find all the details here:
Bookmark this as they don't offer a link from their home page at this point to this information.

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Great Ron Paul Video

Great Ron Paul Video - Ought to win over even more people!


Huckabee Web Results

What is funny is that Huckabee probably thinks he is doing great with second place. What he doesn't realize is that Ron Paul supporters were going over to his website to see the small amount of money he was raising. He is ninth in searches, but second in Republican market share. This is because people were directed to his site from ronpaulforums.com. It looks like the Paulites inadvertantly spammed the Huckster.