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Have We Hit Bottom Yet?

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There is also more content: Paul Volcker's 2005 piece predicting the crash, what is the Fed is really doing, why it's time to rethink the Greenspan doctrine, and much, much more!

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I'm FED UP! Are you?

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Nice Site

I bookmarked it but LOL have we hit bottom.........

Ever hear the song?

We've only just begun. Look at what is happening to retail stores, some going bankrupt (Linen and Things just announced) and others like Home Depot cutting back on anticipated new stores in half. Others closing stores to save money. Everything will fall like a house of cards because the Fed, Wallstreet, big bankers and our wonderful government is scrambling to get as much as they can before the poop hits the fan.

There is nothing wrong with getting your house and finances in order now because "if" by some miracle the economy doesn't crash they what have you lost? I'm storing food and rotating it as I use it, planting a garden, paying off my credit cards, my IRA is in money market funds NOT stocks and mutual funds and I have 10% if my savings in silver. You don't have to have alot of money to be prepared, just give up the non-necessities for awhile and buy food to store and when you use the older beans, canned food etc, replace it with fresh as you use it. It's very simple and may be extremely important when all hell breaks loose. I bought a 5 gallon can with a filtration system at Uncle Sam's for $40. It will even purify lake or creek water and will purify up to 200 gallons. I'm out only $40 to have the peace of mind of having drinking water.

The only candidate that could possibly have a chance of fixing the complex problems that we face today is Ron Paul. If he doesn't get elected then plan on the worst because the other candidates will go down with the ship.

No freedom, what your

No freedom,
what your doing is great, except!---- those dollars sitting in your mutual fund are becoming worthless.. as the price of gas and food go parabolic, those dollars buy less and less! best to put it all in silver! you will be glad you did!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD


"Have we hit bottom yet?"

OK, I know NOT funny. But it is not even time to ask the question little alone speculate that we are anywhere near the bottom. I am afraid we have just begun our nose dive into a deep depression we likely have years to go.

I was at a conference in Chicago last May when several senior banking executives predicted the current financial collapse. They had 40 plus years each is banking and simply knew the numbers and where doing the math. Based on what they said we have atleast 18 to 24 months left before the "bottom" and they said that is just an estimate that know one knows for sure.

We're in for a bumpy ride. Payoff your debts, by storeable food, put up some fuel, and get ready. Not sure how bad things can get or if civil society will have breakdowns as a result but better to be prepared.

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your right! only the outer

your right! only the outer fringes are starting to unravel.. the 700 TRILLION world wide derivatives market collapse will be the final nail in the coffin! the bear staerns fiasco was the first derivatives to go belly up! we still have a way to go but once it starts hold on to your well you know!

as for me and my home, we shall worship the LORD

czentay please change your title about "hit bottom yet"

Nothing wrong with the question itself, but when I saw your title on the right side of my DP web browser window, I assumed it was referring to the r3VOLution.

Please consider what message your title, seen without the post itself, sends; many will see the title and not take the time to click the link and see what you actually were talking about.

And yes, I'm FED up; have been for 10 years (since I discovered the issue). It sure is great to have so much new company!!

Get active NOW to put Ron in the general election. ronpaul.meetup.com

What is begun in anger, ends in shame.